How to Login and Pay Your Neiman Marcus Credit Card Bill Online

The Neiman Marcus Credit Card provides financing options for purchases at Neiman Marcus stores and online Managing your account online allows you to easily pay your bill, check your balance, view statements, and more This guide covers how to login to your Neiman Marcus Credit Card account, make online payments, set up autopay, go paperless, and use the mobile app.

Overview of Neiman Marcus Credit Cards

Neiman Marcus offers two different credit cards—the Neiman Marcus Credit Card and the Neiman Marcus Visa Card. Both cards are issued by Capital One and can be used to finance purchases interest-free at Neiman Marcus boutiques online, or through the app.

As a cardholder, you receive monthly statements outlining your balance, minimum payment, due date, and activity. You have the option to pay your bill online, by phone, mail, or in stores. Online and mobile access makes bill management quick and convenient.

Benefits of Paying Your Bill Online

Paying your Neiman Marcus Credit Card bill online via the account portal provides many benefits including:

  • Pay anytime, anywhere with an internet connection
  • Setup automatic payments for hands-free billing
  • Go paperless and reduce clutter
  • View payment history and statements digitally
  • Change payment method, address and account settings
  • Receive payment reminders and balance alerts
  • Access via web or mobile app on-the-go

Online bill pay gives you flexibility and makes sure your bill is paid on time.

How to Login to Your Online Account

You can easily login to manage your Neiman Marcus Credit Card account online:

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Login” in top right corner

  3. Enter your username and password

  4. Click “Login” to enter your account

If you haven’t registered, click “Enroll” to set up online access with your account number, SSN, and other details.

Making One-Time Payments

Once logged in, here is how you can make one-time online payments:

  1. Select “Make Payment” from top menu

  2. Enter payment amount and select a payment method

  3. Fill in details and submit payment

  4. Review confirmation message upon completion

One-time payments typically process within 1-2 business days. You can pay multiple times per month if needed.

Setting Up Automatic Payments

For hands-free billing, you can enroll in autopay:

  1. Click on “Auto Pay” under Account Services

  2. Select “Turn on Auto Pay”

  3. Enter your preferred card or bank account

  4. Pick the date and amount for automatic payments

  5. Review and confirm auto pay enrollment

Your bill will now be paid automatically each month on the date selected. You can edit or cancel autopay at any time.

Going Paperless with Online Statements

You can stop receiving mailed paper statements by enabling paperless billing:

  1. Go to “Statements” under Account Services

  2. Click on “Go Paperless”

  3. Enter email address to receive eStatements

  4. Review and agree to Terms & Conditions

You will get an email each month to view and download your new eStatement. No more clutter from paper bills.

Downloading the Mobile App

Neiman Marcus offers a mobile app so you can manage your account on-the-go. Download the app for iOS or Android and login with your account credentials. Through the app you can check your balance, make payments, view activity, receive notifications and more.

Helpful Bill Payment Tips

Keep these tips in mind when managing your account online:

  • One-time debit payments credit faster than mailed checks

  • Set calendar reminders for bill due dates

  • Contact customer service if your card is lost or stolen

  • Check your balance frequently to avoid overspending

  • Enroll in paperless and autopay to simplify billing

Following these tips will help you stay on top of your Neiman Marcus Credit Card payment and account management. Paying online is the easiest way to ensure on-time worry-free bill payment each month.

The Neiman Marcus online account portal and mobile app make it simple to securely manage your credit card account. Login online to pay your bill, activate autopay, go paperless, view activity, update details, and more. Online bill pay provides convenience and flexibility. Use this guide to start logging in and simplify your monthly Neiman Marcus Credit Card payment process today!

Neiman Marcus Online Bill Pay Login

Neiman Marcus Credit Card Login | Login Neiman Marcus Credit Card Account | Neiman Marcus Payment

How do I make a Neiman Marcus credit card payment?

After logging into your Neiman Marcus account, click or tap View Account to see a detailed view of your account details. You will see “Make a payment” in the upper right corner, and you will have to follow the instructions until your account is credited. You can make your Neiman Marcus credit card payment over the phone, just call 1-800-685-6695.

How do I pay my Neiman Marcus Credit Card (Capital One) bill?

See our FAQ pages to learn more about doxo. Pay your Neiman Marcus Credit Card (Capital One) bill online with doxo, Pay with a credit card, debit card, or direct from your bank account. doxo is the simple, protected way to pay your bills with a single account and accomplish your financial goals.

Is Neiman Marcus a credit card?

This is a store rewards card issued by Capital One. If you’re wondering whether Neiman Marcus credit card is the right card for you, read on. 0% APR on new purchases. New cardholders receive an introductory 0% APR rate on new purchases for up to 12 months. Signup bonus.

Does Neiman Marcus have an annual fee?

No annual fee. Cardholders can earn rewards on their purchases. Neiman Marcus Credit Card reports to multiple credit bureaus. Higher than average purchase APRs. You need good credit to qualify. You don’t earn rewards on every purchase.

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