Conveniently Managing Your New Jersey American Water Account Online

As a New Jersey American Water customer, paying your water bill quickly and easily online through the MyWater portal is a great way to save time and hassle. With paperless billing, autopay, account management and more at your fingertips, this online tool provides value and convenience.

In this comprehensive guide we’ll walk through how to take advantage of the many features of the MyWater customer portal. Read on to learn how this online system can make your life easier as a NJ American Water user.

Getting Started with MyWater

To start enjoying the benefits of managing your account online, the first step is signing up for MyWater. This secure portal allows you to take control of your New Jersey American Water services.

Registration only takes a few minutes. Simply visit and click “Register” in the top right corner. You’ll need your account number and an email address.

Once registered, you can log in anytime to access your account dashboard. I recommend bookmarking the MyWater login page for quick access later.

The portal works great on desktop, tablets and smartphones so you can manage your account anywhere. The intuitive interface makes navigating simple and straightforward.

Reviewing Your Bill and Usage

One of the key features of MyWater is the ability to view and analyze your current and past water bills. Under the “Billing & Usage” tab you can see PDF copies of your monthly statements going back up to two years.

This allows you to:

  • Review charges to ensure accuracy
  • Compare usage month-to-month
  • Have easy access to past statements
  • Identify trends in your consumption
  • Double check billing dates and due dates

You can also view charts showing your daily usage compared to previous periods. This visualization makes spikes and dips easy to identify so you can understand your household patterns.

Paying Your Bill Online

The convenient online bill pay through MyWater allows you to avoid stamps, paper checks and trips to a payment center. You can pay right from your account dashboard in just a few clicks.

Payment options include:

  • Bank account – Free ACH payments directly from your checking or savings account

  • Credit/debit card – Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express accepted for a $1.95 transaction fee

  • AutoPay – Set up recurring payments from a bank account or credit card on your bill’s due date

To complete a one-time payment, select “Pay Bill” and enter your info. The money transfers instantly. You’ll receive a confirmation email with details and a receipt number. Payments made before 10 pm Eastern apply same day.

And with AutoPay, you never have to worry about missing a bill. Set it and forget it!

Going Paperless

If you want to reduce clutter and be more eco-friendly, MyWater gives you the option to go paperless and receive electronic billing statements.

Under “Paperless Settings”, you can opt into email notifications each month when your new statement is ready to view. You’ll get a reminder before the due date as well.

Paperless billing means:

  • No more sorting physical mail
  • Instant access to current and past statements
  • Reducing paper waste and environmental impact
  • Added security against mail fraud or theft

You can switch back to paper statements at any time if you change your mind. But I bet once you go paperless, you’ll never look back!

Managing Automatic Payments

The AutoPay feature for effortless recurring payments is easily controlled through your online account. Under the “AutoPay” tab, you can set up scheduled withdrawals from a bank account or recurring charges to a credit card.

AutoPay helps avoid late fees and service disruptions from forgotten bills. Choose the payment date that aligns best with when you get paid. Many customers select their due date for deductions right when the bill generates.

Within AutoPay, you can:

  • Turn AutoPay on or off
  • Change the payment source
  • Edit the payment date
  • View upcoming scheduled payments

Be sure to update your payment method if your credit card expires or deactivate any old card. Managing AutoPay through MyWater takes just minutes.

Receiving Account Alerts

Staying up-to-date on your account is simple with customizable alerts available through the MyWater portal. You can opt into notifications about:

  • Payment reminders
  • Past due notices
  • Usage thresholds
  • Outages in your area
  • Boil water advisories
  • And more!

Choose to receive alerts by email, text message or both. Set the frequency that works best for you. These notifications help you monitor account activity closely and act quickly when needed.

Updating Your Account Information

MyWater also allows you to conveniently manage all of your account details online in one place.

Under “My Profile”, you can:

  • Change your mailing address
  • Add authorized users
  • Update your email and phone number
  • Edit your preferences and settings
  • View basic account details and history

Keeping your info current ensures accurate billing and proper notifications. Submit any changes to your profile through the portal as needed.

Protecting Account Security

Of course with any online account, it’s really important to keep your login credentials safe and secure. MyWater has robust encryption and technology to protect your data.

Steps you can take include:

  • Using a strong password
  • Not sharing your username or password
  • Logging out fully after each session
  • Avoiding public WiFi for payments
  • Calling customer service if any suspicious activity

The portal offers a range of security controls like two-factor authentication for added protection. Take advantage of these features to avoid potential fraud or access issues.

Getting Help When Needed

If any questions or problems come up as you’re managing your account through MyWater, New Jersey American Water has an excellent customer service team ready to assist you.

Contact them anytime between 7am and 7pm Monday through Friday by:

  • Calling 1-800-272-1325
  • Initiating a live chat from your account
  • Submitting an email support request

The team can walk you through portal use, account details, payments and any other needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Having your critical water account details available through the MyWater online portal provides true 24/7 account management. You can review, analyze, pay, schedule, update and monitor anytime, anywhere.

I highly recommend New Jersey American Water customers register and start taking advantage of this valuable online tool. It makes staying on top of your account easy and efficient.

The days of mailing paper checks, waiting on hold and tracking down statements are over. Modern convenience through the MyWater dashboard allows you to take control of your account management on your schedule.

Nj American Water Bill Pay Online

Virtual Bill Paying Assistance Information Session, November 22, 2021

How do I get my New Jersey American water bill?

Visit MyWater today! Customers can request to receive their New Jersey American Water bill in Braille, large print or as an audio file by contacting our Customer Service Center. Please note, customers requesting an alternate format will continue to receive their regular print format or paperless bill on time.

Where can I Find my New Jersey American Water Account Number?

Be sure to have your 10-digit account number handy. This is located on the upper right corner of your current bill. Browse our available openings. New Jersey American Water is pleased to support the communities we serve through a variety of volunteer efforts, charitable donations, and grants. Learn more under Community Involvement.

How do I qualify for a New Jersey American Water Grant?

Customers must also fulfill at least 50 percent of the payment terms. For additional qualification requirements, customers can contact New Jersey SHARES, New Jersey American Water’s program administrator. NOTE: Grants are available to qualifying customers once every three years for indoor water use only.

How can I contribute to the New Jersey American water program?

If you wish to contribute to the program, you can do so by adding a donation to your monthly New Jersey American Water bill. You can be assured that 100 percent of your donation and our matching funds go directly to qualifying customers.

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