Paying Your Northwell Health Physician’s Office Bill: A Step-by-Step Guide

Visiting your doctor at a Northwell Health facility provides essential care for maintaining your health. However, managing the billing and payments can seem confusing. If you recently had an appointment at a Northwell Health physician’s office, you may be wondering – how do I pay this medical bill?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the various ways to pay your Northwell Health physician’s office bill conveniently. Whether you have insurance or are paying the balance yourself, read on to learn about online payments, automated payments, financial assistance, and more.

Overview of Paying Northwell Physician Bills

Northwell Health offers multiple options to pay your doctor’s office bill including

  • Pay online via credit/debit card or eCheck,

  • Set up automated payments from a bank account,

  • Pay in-person at a Northwell facility.

  • Enroll in a payment plan for installments.

  • Apply for financial assistance based on income.

  • Submit bill to your health insurance provider.

Let’s explore each of these Northwell Health physician bill payment methods in more detail.

Pay Northwell Physician Bill Online

The fastest and most convenient way to pay your Northwell Health doctor’s office bill is online via MyNorthwell Portal. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and log into your secure patient portal.

  2. Click on ‘Pay Bill’ and select your Northwell physician office bill.

  3. Choose your payment amount and enter your credit/debit card or checking account details.

  4. Complete payment and get an instant emailed receipt.

Online bill pay is available 24/7 and payments post quickly to your Northwell account.

Set Up Automated Payments

For hands-free bill payment, you can enroll in automated monthly payments from your bank account to pay your Northwell physician bill.

  1. Download the credit card or bank account authorization form.

  2. Fill out your details and select automated monthly payment option.

  3. Attach a voided check and submit the completed form to Northwell.

  4. Your physician bill will be automatically paid from your account monthly.

Automated payments save time once set up. Just ensure funds are available in your account on the payment date.

Pay Northwell Bill In-Person

To pay your Northwell Health physician’s bill in-person, you can:

  • Visit the billing department at your doctor’s office.

  • Go to the cashier at any Northwell hospital facility.

  • Pay at the Patient Financial Services office.

In-person payments can be made via cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card. Ensure you have your bill or account number handy.

Enroll in a Northwell Payment Plan

If unable to pay your full physician’s bill upfront, Northwell offers payment plans to pay the balance in installments over time.

  1. Call the number on your bill to speak with a representative.

  2. Request to make partial payments on an agreed schedule, usually over 6-12 months.

  3. A contract will be created mapping your payment plan terms and installments.

  4. Make sure to pay each scheduled installment on time.

Payment plans make large healthcare bills more manageable for your budget.

Apply for Northwell Financial Assistance

Northwell Health offers financial assistance programs to patients based on financial hardship, income level, and other criteria.

  1. Contact their financial services department and request an application.

  2. Submit details on your household finances, income, expenses.

  3. If approved, your physician bill may be discounted or waived based on your situation.

Non-profit financial aid can significantly lower medical bills for qualifying applicants.

Use Health Insurance for Northwell Bills

If you have active health insurance, your Northwell Health physician visits and bills may be covered under your plan’s benefits.

  1. Provide your insurance card details to the doctor’s office to have on file.

  2. Northwell will submit your medical claim and bill directly to the insurance provider.

  3. The insurance will apply discounts, adjustments, and payments based on your policy.

  4. You only pay any remaining copays, deductibles, or coinsurance.

Leveraging health insurance will save you money on healthcare costs. Just be sure to get pre-approvals and referrals if your plan requires them.

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Shawna & Bill’s Story

Can I pay my Northwell bill online?

Yes, you can pay your Northwell bill without creating an online account. However, you won’t have access to additional billing features. You’ll also need your account or invoice number, which can be found on your paper bill. How do I create a payment plan? Automated monthly payment plans can be created online or by phone for qualifying bills.

How do I get an itemized bill from Northwell Health?

You can request an itemized bill for most facilities online here , or by calling (888) 214-4066 and using the automated self-service system. You’ll need your account number, which can be found on your paper bill. I received a bill from Northwell Health, but I am uninsured or underinsured and can’t afford to pay it. How can Northwell help me?

How do I book an appointment at Northwell Health?

Make a secure online payment. Book an appointment by calling (888) 321-DOCS. At Northwell Health, we’re making our world-class care even more convenient. Now you can book and manage appointments, pay bills, find doctors, see a care provider virtually, access medical records and manage your online profile—all from your smartphone or computer.

How do I contact Northwell Health If I need More medical care?

If you need more medical care, please contact the Financial Assistance Unit at (800) 995-5727 so that your prior application can be re-evaluated. For any billing-related questions, check out Northwell Health’s dedicated billing help & FAQ section. You’ll find top questions and answers.

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