How to Pay Your Tampa Water Department Bill: A Step-by-Step Guide

The City of Tampa Water Department provides water services to residents and businesses in Tampa, Florida. Like all utility services, you are billed monthly for your water usage and service. The city offers several convenient options to view and pay your water bill online, by phone, by mail or in person.

Receiving Your Monthly Tampa Water Bill

  • The Tampa Water Department bills customers monthly and sends bills out at the beginning of each month.

  • Review your bill carefully for accuracy – check the account number, service address, billing dates, meter readings, and usage charges.

  • Bills include charges for water service, sewer service, recycling, and any applicable taxes or fees. Rates vary based on meter size and monthly consumption.

  • If you find any discrepancies on your bill, contact the Tampa Water Department right away to dispute errors.

Payment Due Dates for Tampa Water Bills

  • Payment for your Tampa water bill is due by the listed due date on your monthly statement, typically 3-4 weeks after the bill generation date.

  • Late fees apply if payment is not received by the due date. Fee amounts depend on how late payment is received.

  • If your bill remains unpaid for multiple months, the city will issue notices threatening service disconnection for non-payment.

Paying Your Water Bill via the Online Customer Portal

  • The easiest way to pay your Tampa water bill is through the online Customer Self Service (CSS) portal.

  • First, register your account on the CSS website using your account number.

  • Once registered, log in anytime to view your live balance and payment history.

  • Select “Make Payment” to pay by e-check, credit/debit card or electronic funds transfer.

  • You can also set up convenient autopay through the CSS portal to have payments processed automatically each month.

Paying Your Water Bill by Phone

  • Call the Tampa Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811, Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm to pay by phone.

  • Have your account number ready and inform the agent you wish to make a payment.

  • Payments can be made by credit/debit card, electronic check or electronic funds transfer.

  • Phone payments let you easily pay on the go or avoid online portal registration.

Paying Your Water Bill by Mail

  • If you prefer to mail payments, send your check or money order to:

    City of Tampa Utilities
    PO Box 30191
    Tampa, FL 33630

  • Write your Tampa Water Department account number clearly on the payment to ensure proper crediting.

  • Allow 7-10 days for mailed payments to reach and be processed to avoid late fees.

Paying Your Water Bill in Person

  • You can pay your water bill in-person at the City of Tampa Municipal Services Building:

    306 E Jackson St
    Tampa, FL 33602

  • They accept cash, check, money order and credit/debit cards for walk-in payments.

  • Wait times are typically shortest first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Payment Assistance Programs for Tampa Water Bills

If you are struggling to pay your water bill, the Tampa Water Department offers programs that may be able to help, including:

  • Payment arrangements – Set up a payment plan tailored to your financial situation.

  • Payment extensions – Get an extended due date if you just need a little extra time.

  • Bill Round Up Program – Round bill amounts up to help provide assistance to others.

  • Project Share – Contribute funds to help neighbors in need pay their water bills.

  • Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) – Federal grant program providing aid for water bills.

Avoid Late Fees and Service Shutoffs

  • Pay your water bill on time each month to avoid penalties. Set calendar reminders to help remember.

  • Contact the city immediately if you will have difficulty paying on time. They can often work with you on alternate arrangements.

  • Partial payments can help avoid complete service suspension. Keep communicating with the billing department.

  • Update your contact info so you receive shutoff notices if payments fall behind. Maintain open dialogue.

  • If service is disconnected, full past due payment or payment arrangements will be required for reconnection.

Paying your monthly water bill to the Tampa Water Department is fast and straightforward when you use their convenient online portal or contact their customer service team for assistance. Maintaining open communication on any payment issues can help avoid disruption to your essential water services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paying Tampa Water Bills

Below are answers to some common questions on paying City of Tampa water bills:

What are the different fees I might see on my Tampa water bill?

Your bill includes water usage fees, sewer fees, recycling fees, and taxes. One-time fees like connection fees or late fees may also appear periodically.

What forms of payment does the Tampa Water Department accept?

You can pay your Tampa water bill by credit/debit card, check, money order, electronic check, electronic funds transfer or cash in-person.

Can I pay my Tampa water bill over the phone?

Yes, you can call the City of Tampa Utility Call Center at (813) 274-8811 and pay your water bill over the phone using an accepted payment method.

When is my water bill due each month?

Your monthly Tampa water bill must be paid by the due date listed on your statement, typically 3-4 weeks after the bill generation date, to avoid late fees.

What happens if I don’t pay my Tampa water bill?

If your bill remains unpaid for multiple billing cycles, the city will issue notices threatening service disconnection for non-payment.

Where is my Tampa water account number located?

Your account number can be found on the top right corner of your monthly water bill statement for easy reference when paying.

How can I check the balance on my Tampa water account?

Registering on the online CSS portal allows you to log in and view your live balance and payment history at any time.

Handing bills promptly is an important responsibility. Fortunately, the Tampa Water Department offers convenient payment options to fit any schedule or preference. Just be sure to pay on time each month to avoid unwanted fees or service impacts.

Tampa Water Department Bill Pay

Pay online, in-person, by phone, or by mail

What you need to know to pay or view your bill online. You can also pay by phone, mail or in-person.

  • If you received a two-month bill or a discontinue notice, please use our 24/7 automated pay-by-phone or online service
  • If your account is interrupted for non-payment, services will not be restored until the next working day after your full payment is received
  • All payments that post after the due date on the bill may require additional collection processes and result in a deposit increase review
  • Do not pay water restriction violations online or by phone
  • To pay water restriction violations, use the envelope provided with the citation, or pay in person at our Brandon Customer Service Center
  • View your bill by logging into your online account
    • Login ID is your account number
    • To create a password and set up a secured online access profile, we recommend that you review our User Help Guide to more accurately and easily view or pay your water/wastewater bill
  • Payment methods:
    • Credit/debit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express)
    • ACH one time withdrawal
  • Sign up for recurring autopay services
  • Available 24/7
  • Call (813) 307-1000
  • Payment methods:
    • Credit/debit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express)
    • ACH one time withdrawal
  • Available 24/7

Brandon Customer Service Center – 332 N. Falkenburg Rd. in Tampa

  • Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Payment Drop Box: Available 24/7

Northdale Customer Service Center (Drop box only) – 15610 Premiere Dr. in Tampa

  • Payment Drop Box: Available 24/7
  • Office is closed to the public. Payments picked-up daily Monday-Friday but will not be posted the same business day.

Jimmie B. Keel Library – 2902 W. Bearss Ave. in Tampa

  • Bill pay kiosk in the front of the building in the drive-up book return area

Pay at any Florida Amscot location

  • Payments made by 8 PM will post to your account at 8 AM the next business day
  • Payment method:
    • Cash
  • Only Florida AMSCOT locations are authorized payment locations outside of the “Pay in Person” centers listed above. Payments dropped off at any other locations are not processed or posted to your account immediately and may result in payment posting delays and/or cause interruption of services.

Send payment to: Hillsborough County Water Resources Department P.O. Box 89637 Tampa, FL 33689

  • Payment methods:
    • Check
    • Money order
  • To avoid late fees, please send 5 to 10 days prior to the due date to allow enough time for processing

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