How to Pay Your OGE Bill by Phone

Paying your monthly OGE electric bill is a breeze with multiple options like online, by mail or over the phone For fast and secure automated payments, the OGE bill pay phone number is the way to go Read on to learn everything you need to efficiently handle your utility bill by phone.

Overview of OGE Bill Payment Choices

OGE offers residential and business customers several ways to take care of their regular utility bills:

  • Online through your MyOGEaccount portal
  • By calling the automated OGE bill pay phone number
  • Through the mail with a check or money order
  • At authorized walk-in payment locations
  • Enroll in AutoPay for automatic bank account withdrawals

The OGE bill pay phone number allows you to pay immediately at any time without having to sign into your online account. As long as you have your account number, paying by phone is quick and easy

OGE Bill Pay Phone Number and Steps

To make a payment by phone, simply dial the OGE bill pay number and follow the voice prompts:

OGE Bill Pay Phone Number: 1-877-306-9274

Here is what to expect when you call:

  1. Dial 1-877-306-9274. Select option 1 for residential or 2 for business.

  2. Enter your 10-digit OGE account number. Press # when done.

  3. Choose your payment amount by pressing 1 for full balance or 2 to enter a different amount.

  4. Select your payment method – 1 for credit/debit card or 2 for checking account.

  5. For card payments, enter your card number, expiration date and CVV security code.

  6. For checking payments, enter your 9-digit routing number and account number.

  7. Follow prompts to confirm payment details and submit.

Once you finish the automated steps, your OGE bill payment will be immediately processed!

Helpful Tips for Calling the OGE Bill Pay Number

Keep these tips in mind for smooth phone bill payments:

  • Have your account number handy before calling.

  • Double check payment info is entered correctly.

  • Save your payment method to skip re-entering details each time.

  • Pay a few days before your due date in case of processing delays.

  • Contact OGE if your payment isn’t credited or you see any errors.

  • Update your payment method right away if your credit card expires or is lost/stolen.

Benefits of Using the OGE Bill Pay Phone Number

Paying your OGE bill over the phone has lots of advantages:

It’s fast – The automated system takes just minutes to complete your payment.

Convenient access – Call 24/7 without logging into your online account.

Payment posts instantly – No waiting for checks to clear or processing lag time.

Avoid late fees – Phone payments credit your account right away.

Card rewards – Earn points, cash back or miles by paying with a rewards credit card.

Nothing to mail – Skip postage stamps and envelopes with phone payments.

No surprise bills – Resolve outstanding balances as soon as you get the due date notice.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While very convenient, a couple minor drawbacks exist with phoning in OGE bill payments:

  • Card fees – A small service fee applies to credit/debit card payments to offset costs.

  • Account security – Take steps to protect your payment account info from potential fraud.

  • Technical issues – The automated system could be temporarily unavailable. Have a backup payment plan.

  • No payment receipt – If you need a receipt, you’ll have to access it through your online account.

Overall the ease and quick processing of calling the OGE bill pay number outweigh the small downsides for most customers.

Other Ways to Take Care of Your OGE Bill

In addition to the phone number, OGE offers these other bill payment options if needed:

  • Online – Sign into your MyOGEaccount anytime to pay by credit/debit card or bank account.

  • AutoPay – Set up automatic monthly payments from your bank account around your due date.

  • By mail – Mail your payment stub and check/money order to OGE’s payment processing P.O. box.

  • Authorized pay stations – Visit local retailers and payment centers in your area to pay in person.

  • Budget billing – Enroll to have your payments evened out over the year for easier budgeting.

Just remember payments made online, by phone, or at pay stations process immediately while mailed payments take 7-10 days to post.

Get OGE Bill Pay Support from Customer Service

If you have any questions about the OGE bill pay phone number, payment options, managing your account, or energy assistance resources, OGE’s helpful customer service team is here to assist:

  • Call 1-800-272-9741 Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM.

  • Email questions to [email protected].

  • Chat online on your MyOGE account.

  • Message OGE on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Visit a local OGE office during business hours.

Facing financial hardship and worried about paying your bill on time? Talk to OGE as soon as possible about potential payment extensions, budget billing enrollment, and bill financial assistance programs before your account becomes past due.

With the convenient OGE bill pay phone number, online account access, and excellent customer service, managing your electric utility billing and payments is quick and stress-free. Pay your OGE bill in minutes over the phone or get personalized help achieving a balanced utility budget. Smart account management begins with understanding all your bill payment options.

Oge Bill Pay Phone Number

OG&E customers shocked by high electric bills

How do I pay my OG&E Bill?

Make a payment towards your bill or on behalf of an existing OG&E customer – all without signing in. All you need is the account number. You choose. Pay by mail, phone or online. Choose Auto Pay or Paperless Billing. Easily choose the right billing and payment options for your lifestyle.

Who can I contact about my OGE Energy Corp stock account?

Shareowners with questions concerning their OGE Energy Corp. stock accounts should contact Computershare, OGE Energy Corp.’s Transfer Agent, Registrar and Dividend Disbursing Agent: An Automatic Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan is offered to common shareowners of OGE on a voluntary basis.

How can I contact OG&E?

To contact OG&E, you can use the TTY to Voice device. Dial 711 or 800-722-0353 from the device to reach an operator who will relay your message to our customer support advocate. Our advocate will answer verbally as the operator types back to you.

How does OG&E’s Auto Pay work?

OG&E’s Auto Pay allows you to never worry about missing a payment with billing alerts and the ability to pay from anywhere with a simple text. It’s simple to choose the price plan that works for you through the Auto Pay feature. We offer energy-saving options, services, and incentives through our energy efficiency programs. Find quick and easy answers to common questions.

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