How to Pay Your Victorville Water and Trash Bill

Living in Victorville, California means being a customer of Victorville Water District and Burrtec Waste Industries for your water and trash services. As a resident, it’s important to know how to pay your utility bills on time each month to avoid any service disruptions. This article will provide a complete guide on how to pay Victorville water and trash bills through the various options available.

Overview of Victorville Water and Trash Bills

Victorville Water District provides water delivery and wastewater treatment services to over 90,000 residents in the city. Customers are billed monthly for water usage based on meter readings.

Burrtec is the contracted waste management company that handles trash, recycling, and green waste pickup for Victorville households. This service is billed quarterly as a flat fee regardless of usage.

So as a Victorville resident, you’ll receive two separate utility bills – one each month for water and one every three months for trash service.

When are Water and Trash Bills Due?

For your Victorville water bill the due date is typically around the 25th of each month. You’ll receive your statement in the mail at the beginning of the month with payment due by the date listed.

Trash bills from Burrtec are issued quarterly. The due dates are around January 25th, April 25th, July 25th, and October 25th. Again, you’ll receive the bill by mail with the exact due date specified.

To avoid late fees, it’s essential to pay both bills by the due dates every billing period Late fees are 10% of the outstanding balance

Ways to Pay Your Victorville Water and Trash Bill

The city offers several payment options to easily pay your water and trash bills on time:

Pay Online

The fastest and most convenient way to pay is through the online payment portal on the city website. You can pay with all major credit cards or electronic check.

  • Go to and click on “Pay Water/Trash Bill”.
  • Enter your 10 digit account number and 4 digit PIN.
  • Select whether you are paying for water or trash service.
  • Enter payment details and submit.

Pay by Phone

Call 1-844-783-8126 and use the automated phone system to make a payment by credit card or electronic check. Have your account number ready.

Pay by Mail

Detach the payment stub from your paper bill and write in the payment amount. Mail this stub along with a check or money order to the payment address printed on your statement.

Allow 5-7 days for mail payments to avoid late fees. Do not send cash in the mail.

Pay in Person

You can pay with cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card at the Utility Billing counter located at:

City of Victorville Finance Department
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville, CA 92392

In-person payments must be made before 4:30pm to be applied the same day.

Pay via Drive-Thru Kiosk

For non-cash payments, a 24/7 drive-thru payment kiosk is located in the parking lot behind City Hall at 14343 Civic Drive. Insert your bill stub and payment method to quickly pay on your schedule.

Recurring Auto-Pay

For the most hassle-free option, enroll in auto-pay to have payments automatically deducted from your bank account each billing period. Sign up at Victorville City Hall.

Financial Assistance Programs

If you are having difficulty affording your Victorville utility bills, there are programs available to help, including:

  • Low Income Payment Assistance – Offers discounted rates and credits for qualifying low income households.

  • Medical Hardship Program – Provides temporary discounted bills for households with medical emergencies.

  • Senior Citizen Discount – Seniors 65+ are eligible for a 5% discount on water bills.

Contact Victorville Water District for complete details and to determine eligibility for these financial assistance programs.

Avoid Late Payments and Service Disruption

To prevent late fees and any service interruptions, be sure to pay close attention to the due dates on your Victorville water and trash bills. Sign up for paperless billing to receive reminders as well.

If you will be unable to make a payment on time, contact customer service as soon as possible to make alternate arrangements. Communication is key to avoiding penalties.

Keep your account updated with your current mailing address and contact information so you never miss a bill statement.

By managing your water and trash bills responsibly through on-time payment, you can continue enjoying uninterrupted essential services as a Victorville resident.

Victorville Water And Trash Bill Pay

15521 4th Street, Victorville, CA 92395


How much is the water bill in Victorville, CA?

Consumptive rates per Hundred cubic foot
Tier 2 (7+ hcf)
All Other Customers:
Standard Domestic Water (Non SFR)
Construction Flow Meter / Intertie / Fire

How do you turn on the water in Victorville?

You must contact Customer Service at (760) 955-5001 to pay the appropriate fees and schedule an appointment to complete the process. All request to turn on require an appointment. The COV does offer a waiver or Hold Harmless Agreement for those customers that are not able to be at the property at the time of turn on.

Where can I pay my water bill in California?

You can pay in person by dropping payments off in a secure Cal Water office drop box or at a Western Union pay station in your community (there is normally a $1 service charge to pay through Western Union, but this fee has been temporarily suspended).

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