Paying Your Orange County Utilities Bill Online: A Complete Guide

As an Orange County resident paying your utilities bill is an essential monthly task. While you can pay by mail or in person the convenient option is paying your Orange County Utilities bill online. Online payments save time, offer flexibility, and allow you to easily manage your account.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about paying your Orange County Utilities bill online. We’ll walk through the process step-by-step and provide tips for a smooth payment experience.

Benefits of Paying Your Bill Online

Paying online with Orange County Utilities provides many perks over mailing a check or paying in person

  • It’s fast and easy – takes just a few minutes to complete the payment process online.

  • Available 24/7 – make payments anytime, day or night. You’re not limited to office hours.

  • Automatic payments – set up recurring payments to ensure your bill gets paid on time each month.

  • Paperless billing – reduce clutter and waste by going paperless and viewing bills electronically.

  • Payment history – log in to your account anytime to view past statements and payment details.

  • Account management – update your information and payment methods conveniently online.

  • No fees – online payments and autopay are free. No convenience fees applied.

Paying online is the ideal option if you want to save time while managing your utility account.

How to Pay Your Bill Online

Paying your Orange County Utilities bill through the online payment portal is fast and easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Visit the Payment Website

Go to or navigate from the Orange County homepage.

2. Log In or Register

If paying for the first time, click “Register” to create an online profile. Otherwise, log in with your username and password.

3. Enter Your Account Number

Your account number is printed on your paper bill. Be sure to enter the full number including dashes.

4. Select Pay Now

Choose “Pay Now” to make a one-time payment. Or pick “Pay Now/Sign Up” to create an automatic payment plan.

5. Confirm Account Details

Verify your account details like amount due and service address. Enter any additional info if prompted.

6. Choose Payment Method

Select whether to pay by credit/debit card, electronic check, or other method. Enter your payment details.

7. Review and Submit

Carefully review all information to ensure accuracy before submitting the payment.

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation page and email. Payments take 1-2 business days to process.

Payment Tips & Reminders

Keep these tips in mind for a smooth online payment process:

  • Have your account number and paper bill available for reference
  • Double check all entered payment information before submitting
  • Pick an earlier payment date if paying close to the due date
  • Avoid fees by using electronic checking or autopay payments
  • Contact customer service if you have any questions

Paying by electronic check from your bank account is the quickest and cheapest online option. Credit/debit payments will incur a small processing fee disclosed during checkout.

Enrolling in Automatic Payments

For maximum convenience, enroll in automatic payments to have your utility bill paid automatically each month. Here’s how to set up autopay:

  1. Register for an online account if you haven’t already
  2. Choose a payment method like credit card or checking account
  3. Check the autopay box when making a one-time payment
  4. Specify the frequency for payments (monthly recommended)

Once enrolled, your bill will be paid on the due date each month using your selected autopay method. You’ll get email confirmations for each processed payment. You can cancel or change autopay anytime by logging into your account.

Autopay ensures your utilities stay on by preventing late payments. Just be sure to review each bill and have sufficient funds in your autopay account.

Going Paperless with Online Billing

You can reduce paper waste and clutter by enrolling in paperless billing. With paperless billing:

  • You’ll receive email notifications when new statements are ready to view online.

  • You can view and pay bills electronically through your online account.

  • No more paper bills arriving in your mailbox each month.

To go paperless:

  1. Log into your Orange County Utilities online account
  2. Click on paperless options
  3. Select “Go Paperless” and verify your email
  4. Accept the terms and conditions

Remember to keep your email up-to-date so you continue receiving eBill notifications. You can always return back to paper billing if needed.

Payment Locations and Options

If you prefer not to pay online, Orange County Utilities offers these other payment options:

  • By phone – Use the automated payment system at 407-836-5515. Takes credit/debit cards and e-checks.

  • By mail – Mail your check or money order with the payment stub to the address on your bill.

  • In person – Pay by cash, check, credit/debit card, or money order at one of the Orange County Utilities offices.

  • Night drop box – Drop off check/money order payments after hours at a drop box location.

  • Third parties – Pay at retailers like Walmart, Amscot, and Western Union. Extra fees may apply.

Paying online is usually the quickest and most convenient option. But alternatives are available if needed.

Getting Payment Assistance

If you’re having difficulty paying your Orange County Utilities bill on time, contact customer service to ask about possible assistance programs or payment arrangements. Options may include:

  • Payment plans – Set up a monthly payment plan for past due balances.

  • Bill adjustments – One-time adjustment for high bills due to unusual circumstances.

  • Discounts – Potential 25%-50% discount for qualifying low income residents.

  • Conservation – Get help reducing water usage and lowering monthly bills.

Be proactive in explaining payment challenges to customer service. They’ll work to find arrangements that make paying your utility bills more affordable.

Contacting Customer Service

If you have any questions or issues related to your Orange County Utilities account or online payments, contact customer service through:

  • Phone: Call 407-836-5515 Monday-Friday 8am-6:30pm. Automated account info also available 24/7.

  • Email: Send a message to [email protected]. Include your account number.

  • In person: Visit one of the Orange County Utilities offices. Located at 9150 Curry Ford Rd and other addresses.

  • Website: Access the contact page at

Orange County Utilities provides stellar customer service. Don’t hesitate to reach out by phone, email, or in person for any questions or help with payments.

Paying Online Is the Best Option

Paying your Orange County Utilities bill online through the payment portal is the ideal option. It’s fast, easy, secure, and lets you manage your utility account completely online. You’ll enjoy conveniences like automatic payments and paperless billing.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to pay online in just minutes. Consider enrolling in autopay or going paperless to maximize benefits. And utilize available payment assistance if you ever have trouble paying on time. Paying your utility bill is an important responsibility – but paying online makes it quick and convenient.

Orange County Utilities Online Bill Pay

Pay Now as a Guest

If you have your utility account number, you can make a one-time payment now without creating a profile.

Para más información, por favor llame al Departamento de Servicios Públicos del Condado de Orange y pida hablar con un representante en español al teléfono 407-836-5515.

Report an Issue Please contact the Utilities Emergency Dispatch Team at 407-836-2777 for guidance on reporting the issue.

If you have your utility account number, you can make a one-time payment now without creating a profile.

Lawrence Utilities Online Bill Pay Tutorial

Can Orange County utilities take payments over the phone?

Although Orange County Utilities staff is not able to take payments over the phone, please remember that our customer service representatives and their supervisors are more than happy to review your account and situation with you to see how we are able to assist. My services were disconnected for nonpayment.

How do I pay my Orange County utility bill?

Payment must be in the form of a check or money order (no cash). Please understand that each merchant charges extra fees and that Orange County Utilities may not receive your payment for up to 3 days. Western Union® – Click “Find Locations” and enter a zip code in the “Search” field. Check “Convenience Pay” and click “Go.”

Do I need my Orange County Utilities account number?

For all options, you will also need your Orange County Utilities account number. If you do not have your account number handy, please call from the phone number associated with your account so the system can access that information. I’m having difficulty using your new phone system. Can you help me?

What does Orange County utilities do?

Orange County Utilities provides water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and solid waste services to enrich the lives of the citizens and guests of Orange County, Florida. For more details about job openings at Orange County Utilities, visit the Utilities Jobs Dashboard page.

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