Simplifying Bill Payments with AEP PSO Oklahoma

Paying utility bills can be a tedious task, especially if you need to juggle multiple accounts. AEP PSO Oklahoma offers various convenient payment options to make managing your electric bill easier In this article, we’ll explore the different ways AEP PSO customers in Oklahoma can view and pay their bills online or through other channels.

Overview of AEP PSO Oklahoma

AEP PSO is a subsidiary of American Electric Power providing electricity to customers in eastern and southwestern Oklahoma They serve over 550,000 customers in the state

Some key facts about AEP PSO Oklahoma

  • They have over 9,100 miles of transmission lines across their service territory.

  • Their system peak load is 7,115 megawatts.

  • They have 26 generation plants capable of producing 5,052 megawatts.

  • Their service territory covers around 23,000 square miles.

  • Their headquarters are in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • They employ around 1,900 people in Oklahoma.

Ways to Pay Your AEP PSO Bill

Paying your electric bill with AEP PSO Oklahoma is simple with various online, phone, mail and in-person options. Here are some of the most popular ways AEP PSO customers pay their bills:

Pay Online

The easiest way for most AEP PSO customers to pay their bill is online through their online account portal. You can either log in to your account or pay as a guest user.

To pay online, you’ll need your 10-digit account number and service address zip code. Debit/credit card payments are free, while e-check payments incur a $1.50 transaction fee.

The online portal allows you to:

  • View your current bill amount
  • Check your billing and payment history
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Enroll in autopay
  • Go paperless

Online payments are processed immediately, so you don’t have to worry about late fees.

Pay by Phone

If you prefer to speak to someone directly, you can pay your AEP PSO bill by phone at 1-800-611-0964. This automated phone payment system is available 24/7.

You’ll need to enter your 10-digit account number and zip code before choosing your payment method. Phone payments have a $2.50 service charge.

Some benefits of paying by phone include:

  • Immediate payment processing
  • Access your account anytime
  • Make one-time or recurring payments

Pay by Mail

Paying by mail is easy with the pre-printed payment coupon attached to your monthly paper bill. Simply write in the payment amount, enclose a check or money order, and mail it using the return envelope provided.

It takes 5-7 business days to process mailed payments, so make sure to send it at least a week before your due date. Payments received after the due date, even if mailed on time, will incur a late fee.

Pay in Person

You can make a cash, check, or money order payment in person at one of AEP PSO’s authorized payment locations. These include:

  • AEP PSO walk-in offices
  • Dollar General stores
  • Juanitas Supermercados
  • Ace Cash Express stores
  • CVS Pharmacy stores
  • Local payment kiosks

In-person payments allow you to pay your bill on your schedule. Just look up locations near you and head over during their business hours. Payment cards also let you pay at a self-service kiosk anytime.


For worry-free bill payment, enroll in AEP PSO’s AutoPay program. This automatically deducts your bill amount from your bank account each month.

With AutoPay, you avoid late fees, free up time, and qualify for a discounted AutoPay rate on your electric bill. Just make sure your bank account has sufficient funds on the due date.

Other Convenient Payment Options

Aside from the main payment methods, AEP PSO Oklahoma offers a few other convenient billing programs:

  • Paperless Billing – Go paperless to receive, view, and pay bills online. Reduces clutter and helps the environment.

  • Average Monthly Payment – Pay a fixed amount each month based on your annual usage. Avoid seasonally high bills.

  • Power Pay – A prepaid billing option where you add funds to your account in advance and draw from it daily.

  • Payment Arrangement – Set up a personalized payment plan to pay off your balance over time if you are struggling with bills.

  • Account Management – View billing history, update account details, set notifications, and more through your online account.

Managing Multiple AEP PSO Accounts

The AEP PSO online portal and mobile app make managing multiple accounts easy. You can add all your accounts under one login to track and pay bills for:

  • Home and business accounts
  • Rental properties
  • Friends’ or relatives’ accounts

To add accounts, just enter the service address and account number. The main account holder retains full control and visibility over all linked accounts.

Some benefits include:

  • A unified view of account details, usage, billing, etc.

  • Ability to switch between accounts easily

  • Pay multiple bills in one step

  • Customized notifications for each account

Getting Payment Assistance From AEP PSO

If you are struggling to pay your AEP PSO electric bill, several payment assistance programs are available:

  • LIHEAP – Provides bill payment assistance for qualifying low-income households.

  • CARE – Offers a discounted rate and bill credits for limited-income seniors and disabled customers.

  • DollarHelp – Allows AEP PSO customers to donate to assist others with energy bills.

  • Payment Arrangement – Set up a personalized payment plan with delayed due dates or installments.

  • Shut-off Protection – Prevents disconnection of service for qualifying customers during extreme weather.

Contact AEP PSO Oklahoma to determine if you qualify for any payment help programs. They also offer energy audits and tips to lower your power usage and bills.

AEP PSO Contact Information

If you have any questions about your electric bill, available payment options, or managing your account, AEP PSO Oklahoma’s customer service team can assist you:


  • For billing and payment questions: 1-888-216-3523

  • To report a power outage: 1-800-722-3820

Email[email protected]

Chat – Live chat available 7am-7pm CT on AEP PSO website

Mobile App – My PSO App to access your account anytime

In Person – Visit one of their local offices

Online – Account login portal, live chat, and contact forms on

Social Media – Facebook (@PSOklahoma) and Twitter (@PSOklahoma)

Mail – P.O. Box 201, Tulsa, OK 74102

Reaching out to an AEP PSO representative is the quickest way to address any bill-related concerns and learn about payment programs that you qualify for.

In Summary

AEP PSO Oklahoma offers its customers many convenient and easy ways to pay electric bills. The online account portal, mobile app, and automated phone line allow you to review your bill and make secure payments 24/7. You can also enroll in autopay, go paperless, or prepay your usage to simplify your billing. Plus, AEP PSO has bill assistance programs to help qualified customers manage their payments. Leverage these tools and options for an easy, stress-free billing experience.

Aep Pso Oklahoma Bill Pay

How Would You Like to Pay?

  • You can make a one-time payment using a credit online or over the phone 24/7 at 1-800-206-2300 (Electric & Water) 1-800-424-0427 (Gas), option 2. ATM Debit Card, Discover Card, Visa, Mastercard and now American Express are accepted. Pay My Bill
  • Options for paying with your checking account:
    • Mail your payment to usReturn the lower portion of your bill, along with a check or money order, in the envelope provided with your bill and mail it to:Liberty Utilities – AR PO Box 75652 Chicago IL 60675-5652Liberty Utilities – OK PO Box 661081 Grapevine TX 75266-1081Liberty Utilities – KS PO Box 75659 Chicago IL 60675-5659Liberty Utilities – MO PO Box 75660 Chicago IL 60675-5660No cash, staples or paper clips please.
  • Authorized Payment Agents Click the button below for a complete list of authorized payment locations near you. Please only use authorized payment agents. Paying using other services may result in delays in posting your payments. There is no fee for this service*. *Important: To locate authorized payment locations that do not charge a convenience fee, within the Biller Search box you must input Liberty Utilities and select your State from the dropdown menu. Find your local payment location
  • Many dual health plans from UnitedHealthcare include a Utility Bill Credit. This payment option can be used for in-person payments at Walmart stores. Please call the toll-free number printed on the back of your UnitedHealthcare card if you experience issues using the card to pay your Liberty bill.

PSO’s Power Pay Program

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