Pay Your AT&T Bill With Plenti Points

Paying your AT&T bill just got easier and more rewarding with Plenti points. The Plenti rewards program allows AT&T customers to use their earned points to pay their wireless bill quickly and easily. In this article we’ll explain everything you need to know about using Plenti points to pay your AT&T bill.

What is Plenti?

Plenti is a rewards program that allows you to earn points from participating businesses that you can then use for savings and discounts. AT&T is one of the major participating companies in Plenti. As an AT&T customer you can earn Plenti points and then use them to pay your AT&T wireless bill.

Plenti points can be earned in a variety of ways when you’re an AT&T customer:

  • You’ll receive 1000 Plenti points just for signing up.
  • You’ll receive 200 Plenti points each month just for being an AT&T wireless customer.
  • You’ll receive additional points for purchasing AT&T products and services.
  • You can earn points for shopping with Plenti’s other participating partners.

Once you’ve accumulated Plenti points, you can then use them to pay your AT&T bill quickly and easily either online or in AT&T stores.

How to Pay Your AT&T Bill with Plenti Points Online

Paying your AT&T wireless bill with Plenti points online is fast and simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and log in to your AT&T account.

  2. Click on “Make a Payment” and select “Pay Bill.”

  3. On the payment options screen, click “Redeem Points” under the Plenti Rewards Program section

  4. Enter the amount you want to pay with your Plenti points. You can pay all or just a portion of your bill with points.

  5. Confirm your order.

That’s it! The amount you paid with will be credited to your AT&T account immediately and your Plenti points will be deducted. You’ll see the Plenti payment reflected on your next AT&T bill.

Paying your bill with Plenti points online is fast, easy, and instant. You don’t have to wait on the phone or visit a store. Just log in, click redeem, and pay your bill!

How to Pay Your AT&T Bill with Plenti Points In Store

You can also pay your AT&T wireless bill with Plenti points by visiting an AT&T store. Here’s how it works:

  1. Locate an AT&T store near you. You can find locations at

  2. Bring your Plenti card or mobile app to the AT&T store. This contains your Plenti ID number needed to redeem points.

  3. Let the AT&T sales representative know you want to make a bill payment with Plenti points. Specify how much you want to pay.

  4. The sales rep will apply the Plenti points to your AT&T account for bill payment.

Paying your AT&T bill with Plenti points in an AT&T store is just as easy as online. Plus, the store rep can walk you through the process if you have any questions. Keep in mind there is a limit of $250 for bill payments with Plenti points in store.

Benefits of Paying Your AT&T Bill with Plenti Points

Using Plenti points to pay your AT&T wireless bill provides many great benefits:

  • It’s free to sign up for Plenti and start earning points – no credit card required.

  • You earn points just for being an AT&T customer – 200 points each month.

  • Plenti points don’t expire, so you can save them up to pay larger bills.

  • It’s fast, easy, and instant – no waiting for points to apply to your account.

  • You can pay all or just a portion of your bill with points.

  • It’s a great way to reduce your wireless bill each month.

  • Points can be redeemed online or in AT&T stores for convenience.

Paying with Plenti provides free rewards just for being an AT&T customer. It’s the easy and fast way to save on your monthly wireless bill!

Frequently Asked Questions About Paying Your AT&T Bill with Plenti Points

Here are answers to some common questions about using Plenti points for AT&T bill payment:

How many Plenti points do I need to make a bill payment?

  • 1000 Plenti points = $1 in savings on your AT&T bill. So if your bill is $100, you would need 100,000 points to pay it entirely with Plenti. You can also make a partial payment.

Can I use Plenti points to pay a combined AT&T bill?

  • Unfortunately, Plenti points cannot be used to pay a combined AT&T bill that includes multiple services like wireless, Internet, and TV. Points can only pay your AT&T wireless bill.

Do Plenti points expire?

  • No, one great benefit of Plenti points is that they do not expire. You can save them up as long as you want to make larger bill payments.

Can I pay my AT&T prepaid plan with Plenti?

  • No, Plenti points only work for monthly AT&T wireless postpaid bills. Prepaid plans are not eligible.

How soon after paying with Plenti will it credit my account?

  • The Plenti payment will credit your AT&T account immediately after the points are redeemed online or in store. You’ll see it on your next bill.

Are there any fees for redeeming points?

  • Nope, there are no fees at all! Redeeming Plenti points is always free.

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