How to Pay Your Mountaineer Gas Bill: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paying your monthly Mountaineer Gas bill is an important part of being a responsible homeowner or renter. However, with so many payment options available, it can get confusing trying to figure out the best way to pay your natural gas bill.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the various ways to pay your Mountaineer Gas bill, with step-by-step instructions for each method. Whether you prefer paying online, by phone, by mail or in person, I’ve got you covered!

Overview of Mountaineer Gas Payment Options

According to their website Mountaineer Gas offers several easy and convenient payment options

  • Online Bill Pay
  • Pay by Phone
  • Pay by Mail
  • Pay in Person
  • Automatic Bank Draft
  • Budget Billing

Below, I’ll go through each of these options in more detail, with actionable steps on how to pay your Mountaineer Gas bill through that method.

Pay Your Mountaineer Gas Bill Online

Paying your gas bill online through Mountaineer Gas’s website is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to pay. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to and click on “Pay Bill” at the top of the page.

  2. On the next page, click on “Pay Bill Online.”

  3. You’ll be redirected to Mountaineer Gas’s online payment portal. Enter your account number and 4-digit PIN.

  4. Select whether you want to pay the full balance or specify a payment amount.

  5. Enter your credit card or bank account information. Make sure all the details are correct.

  6. Review the payment details and click “Submit Payment” when you’re ready.

  7. You’ll see a confirmation page that your payment was successful. You can also opt to receive a confirmation email.

Paying online is fast, easy, and secure. You can schedule recurring payments or make one-time payments anytime. Just be sure to have your account number and PIN handy.

Pay Your Mountaineer Gas Bill by Phone

If you prefer to speak to a live representative, you can pay your Mountaineer Gas bill over the phone.

To pay by phone:

  1. Call Mountaineer Gas at 1-800-834-2070.

  2. When prompted, select the “Pay Bill” option.

  3. You’ll need to enter your 10-digit account number and 4-digit PIN when asked.

  4. Choose whether to pay the full balance or a partial payment amount.

  5. Have your credit card or bank account details handy to make the payment.

  6. Stay on the line to get confirmation that your payment was processed successfully.

  7. Make a note of the confirmation number for your records.

Paying over the phone is convenient if you have questions or need to discuss payment arrangements with a customer service rep. Just be prepared to wait on hold during busier times.

Pay Your Mountaineer Gas Bill by Mail

To pay your gas bill by mail, follow these steps:

  1. Write your 10-digit Mountaineer Gas account number on your check or money order.

  2. Make it payable to Mountaineer Gas.

  3. On the memo line, write the service address associated with your account.

  4. Mail your payment to:

Mountaineer Gas
PO Box 580211
Charlotte, NC 28258-0211

  1. Make sure to mail your payment several business days before the due date to ensure it arrives on time. Late payments may incur fees.

  2. Keep the mailing receipt or tracking number as proof that you sent the payment.

Mailing a check or money order is an old-school way to pay that avoids online banking and talking to customer service. Just make sure to account for mailing time so your payment isn’t late.

Pay Your Mountaineer Gas Bill in Person

If you want to hand-deliver your payment or pay in cash, you can pay your gas bill in person at an authorized payment location.

To find an in-person payment location near you:

  1. Visit the Mountaineer Gas website and click on “Payment Locations.”

  2. Enter your zip code to see options near you. These may include grocery stores, check cashing locations, or utility payment centers.

  3. Select a location and call ahead to verify their payment acceptance hours and any identification requirements.

  4. Bring your paper bill or note your 10-digit account number and service address.

  5. Make your payment by cash, check, money order or debit/credit card, depending on what the location accepts.

  6. Get a receipt as proof of payment.

Paying in person gives you the benefit of talking to someone face-to-face and getting instant payment confirmation. Just find a location convenient for you.

Sign Up for Automatic Bank Draft

For hands-off bill payment, consider enrolling in Mountaineer Gas’s automatic bank draft option. This automatically withdraws the amount due from your bank account each month.

To set up automatic payments:

  1. Download the authorization form from the Mountaineer Gas website.

  2. Fill out your account details, bank account information, and signature.

  3. Attach a voided check for account verification.

  4. Mail the completed form to the address on the sheet.

  5. Allow 1-2 billing cycles for automatic payments to take effect.

  6. Funds will be debited from your account on your bill’s due date each month.

Automatic bank draft means one less bill to remember to pay manually. Just be sure the funds are available in your account on the due date.

Sign Up for Budget Billing

Mountaineer Gas also offers a Budget Billing plan that lets you pay a fixed amount each month based on your average annual usage. This can make costs more predictable.

To enroll in Budget Billing:

  1. Call Mountaineer Gas customer service at 1-800-834-2070.

  2. Request to be enrolled in Budget Billing.

  3. Provide details on your account usage and billing history.

  4. Mountaineer Gas will use a 12-month average to calculate your fixed monthly payment.

  5. This set amount will be charged each month automatically.

  6. A yearly “settlement month” reconciles any overages or underpayments.

  7. Budget billing renews each year unless you request otherwise.

If you want more consistency in your monthly gas bill amount, Budget Billing helps by averaging costs throughout the year.

Avoid Late Fees and Disconnection

Regardless of your preferred payment method, the key is paying your Mountaineer Gas bill fully and on time each month. This avoids late payment fees and potential service disconnection – so pay promptly!

If you anticipate having trouble paying on time, call Mountaineer Gas as soon as possible to discuss bill assistance programs or make alternative arrangements. Communication is key to avoiding escalation.

Pay Mountaineer Gas Bill

How does this work?

With the Budget Payment Plan, we bill you a fixed amount each month based on your average annual gas usage. We simply look at your total gas usage for the most recent 12 months, normalize that amount for weather, and determine an estimated annual bill based on our current rates. We then divide this annual estimated bill by 12 to arrive at a monthly amount.

This monthly payment may be modified during the year to reflect changes in your household’s usage, abnormal weather conditions and whenever new rates approved by the Public Service Commission become effective.

In June, we recalculate your Budget Plan for the new year. At that time, we also “settle-up” your account by taking the difference between your budget payments and your actual charges for the budget year (over or under) in determining your monthly amount for the next budget year. Thousands of our customers are already enjoying the convenience of the Budget Payment Plan. If it sounds like a good idea for you, simply contact us at 1-800-834-2070. We’ll take it from there.

Level out your energy bill

Some household expenses are fairly steady throughout the year, but your gas bill varies from month-to month because your gas usage fluctuates with the changing seasons. We can’t do anything about the weather but we can make it easier to ride the ups and downs of your gas bill by offering the Budget Payment Plan (BPP).

Understand Your Mountaineer Gas Bill


Where can I pay my Mountaineer gas bill?

Agent Name
3473 US RTE. 60 EAST

How do I pay my gas bill at Mountaineer gas company?

Mountaineer Gas Company offers several easy and convenient ways to pay your natural gas bill. You can choose the one that works best for you. FREE online: receive, review and pay your bill online. Find the payment center nearest you and stop by! This feature can be used for one-time payments only. A small fee will be charged for this service.

Does mountaineer gas offer a budget payment plan?

Mountaineer Gas Co. offers a Budget Payment Plan, allowing customers to pay a fixed monthly amount based on their average annual gas usage. The company’s 24-hour Operations and Dispatch Center can be reached at 1-800-834-2070, providing assistance and support to customers.

How do I contact mountaineer gas?

You can contact them directly by phone at 800-834-2070. What types of Mountaineer Gas payments does doxo process? doxo processes payments for all Mountaineer Gas services, including Gas and others. View and pay your Mountaineer Gas bill online, manage your Mountaineer Gas account, and go paperless with doxo.

Is mountaineer gas a reliable natural gas provider?

Mountaineer Gas Co., a reputable natural gas provider, serves approximately 220,000 customers across 44 counties in West Virginia. With a commitment to safety, cleanliness, and affordability, the company has earned a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

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