How to Pay Your Gas Bill in Richmond, VA

Paying your gas bill is an important monthly task for homeowners and renters in Richmond. The City of Richmond provides natural gas service to over 58000 customers across the region. Keeping up with your gas bill ensures uninterrupted service, avoids late fees and maintains a positive relationship with your gas provider. This article will explain everything you need to know about paying gas bills in Richmond, from understanding your bill to exploring payment options.

Overview of Richmond Gas Utility

The City of Richmond Gas Operations is a municipal utility owned by the city that provides natural gas to Richmond residents and businesses. The department serves around 58,000 customers within Richmond city limits. Gas Operations is part of Richmond’s Department of Public Utilities, which also oversees water, wastewater, and street lighting services.

Some key facts about Richmond Gas Utility:

  • Provides natural gas service to over 58,000 customers in Richmond
  • Service area covers 60 square miles within Richmond city limits
  • Owns and maintains over 930 miles of gas mains and service lines
  • Connects to major interstate pipelines for gas supply and delivery
  • Budgeted for $28 million in gas service expenses for fiscal year 2023
  • 24/7 emergency gas leak response available at 804-646-7000

As a municipal utility, Gas Operations is owned by the city and overseen by Richmond’s utility administration. Revenues from gas bills fund operating costs, infrastructure investments, and customer service programs.

Understanding Your Gas Bill

Gas bills in Richmond arrive monthly and include charges for your natural gas usage as well as various service fees. Here are the key components found on a Richmond gas bill:

Service Address – The address where gas service is being provided. Verify this matches your residence or business.

Account Number – Your unique gas account number for referencing your account.

Meter Number – The ID number of your gas meter monitored for usage.

Billing Date – The date the bill was generated and mailed. Bills are typically generated at the beginning of each month.

Due Date – The date your payment is due, usually 15 days from the billing date.

Previous Balance – Any unpaid balance from previous billing periods.

Payments – Record of payments received to date.

Meter Readings – Your meter readings at start and end of the billing period. Usage is calculated from the difference.

CCF Usage – Your actual gas usage in CCF (hundreds of cubic feet).

Distribution Charge – Fee covering delivery of gas to your home, maintenance of pipelines.

Gas Supply Cost – Charges for the natural gas itself. Fluctuates based on market rates.

Taxes – Utility taxes charged by the city and state. Varies by jurisdiction.

Current Charges – Sum of all charges and fees on current bill.

Amount Due – Total payment due for current balance by the due date.

Scrutinizing the details on your gas bill can uncover billing errors or unusually high usage that may indicate leaks or other problems. Monitoring usage month-to-month can also help with budgeting utility expenses.

Ways to Pay Your Gas Bill

Richmond Gas Utility offers several payment options to conveniently pay your monthly gas bill:

Online Payment – Pay gas bills instantly on the utility’s website using credit/debit card or electronic check. You can also set up automatic payments.

Phone Payment – Call the Gas Department’s automated payment line at 804-646-4381 and use card or check.

Mail-In Payment – Detach payment stub from bill and mail with check to City Hall. Allow 7 days for delivery.

In-Person Payment – Bring payment to the Downtown office at 900 E. Broad Street or City Hall at 900 E. Broad Street.

Drop Boxes – Place check or money order in secure drop boxes at 4 locations around the city.

Budget Billing – Pay a monthly average amount to even out seasonal fluctuations. Call to enroll.

Bank Draft – Automatically deduct from your bank account each month. Complete online form to enroll.

MoneyGram – Use cash to pay at retailers like Kroger and CVS via MoneyGram. Provide account number and amount.

The most popular options are online, phone, mail-in, and auto pay programs. Consider enrolling in auto pay or budget billing to simplify payment. The utility does not currently accept payment through third-party services like PayPal.

Payment Locations Around Richmond

In addition to the Downtown office, City Hall office, and drop boxes, you can pay gas bills in-person at a few other locations in Richmond:

  • Southside Plaza – 4100 Hull Street Road
  • East District Initiative – 701 N. 25th Street
  • Huguenot Community Center – 918 Forest Hill Avenue

These satellite payment locations have limited hours from 9am-5pm on weekdays. The Downtown office has the most extensive hours for walk-in payments from 8am-6pm weekdays.

You can also use the automated phone payment system or online bill pay around the clock. The phone line is available 24/7 at 804-646-4381. Online payments can be made anytime at using your account number and PIN. Consider using these convenient options if making after-hours payments.

Billing Schedule and Due Dates

Richmond Gas Utility bills customers on a monthly basis. Your billing date depends on your service area within the city and meter reading schedule.

Bills are typically generated early in the month and cover gas usage for the prior month. So your February usage would be billed around March 1st. However, new accounts may receive initial prorated bills on a different schedule.

The due date is printed on your bill, usually 15 days after the billing date. So for a March 1 billing date, your payment would be due around March 15th. To avoid late fees, payments must be received by the close of business on the due date. Weekends and holidays do not extend the deadline.

If you need to change your billing due date, you can call customer service at 804-646-4394 to make arrangements. Reasonable requests to adjust due dates can often be accommodated.

Sign up for paperless billing to receive alerts when new bills are ready to view online. This helps ensure you never miss a bill while allowing extra time to pay.

Payment Assistance Programs

If you are having trouble paying your gas bill, Richmond Gas Utility offers two programs to provide financial assistance:

Fuel Assistance Program – Provides bill payment assistance for heating bills during winter months. Funded by utility donations.

Care Credit Program – Bill credit for low-income seniors and disabled customers. Apply through social services.

You can also contact them to set up payment arrangements if you cannot pay the full amount due. Be proactive in reaching out before service is disconnected to avoid fees.

In a crisis, you may qualify for emergency utility assistance through non-profit EnergyShare. Visit or call 866-367-6228 for details on assistance programs.

Avoid Late Fees and Disconnection

Richmond Gas Utility charges a late fee equal to 10% of your current gas charges if payment is not received by the due date. So a $100 monthly gas bill would incur a $10 late fee. Additional collection fees are charged for payments 60+ days late.

If your account remains unpaid for two consecutive months, the utility may disconnect service on your next billing date. Reconnection only takes place after overdue balances and reconnection fees are paid. Service restoration may be delayed for accounts with prior unpaid balances.

Avoid these extra fees and potential service interruptions by paying gas bills in full by the monthly due date. As soon as you receive your bill, make payment arrangements to ensure on-time payment.

Paperless Billing and Account Management

The utility encourages customers to take advantage of paperless billing options. You can enroll in e-bills through their online account portal to receive bills via email each month. Paperless billing reduces costs, waste, and the risk of bills being lost or delayed in the mail.

The online portal also allows customers to:

  • View gas usage and payment history
  • Make one-time payments
  • Set up recurring auto-pay
  • Submit meter readings
  • Start or stop service
  • Update account information
  • And more!

All you need is your account number handy to register online. Paperless billing and online account access makes managing your gas account quick and convenient.

Moving In or Out of a Richmond Home

Contact Richmond Gas Utility immediately if you are moving into or out of a Richmond home or apartment to avoid unwanted charges.

To start new service, contact them at least 3 days before your move so gas can be turned on the day you move in. Provide the service address and date to begin service. Owners and landlords can also arrange service for tenants.

When moving out, schedule a final meter read and turn off service through the utility website or by phone 3 days before you move. You are responsible for bills up to the final read date. Provide a forwarding address for the final bill an

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Where can I pay my Virginia gas bill?

Payment Method
How to Pay
Call us at 866.229.3578 to make a payment Monday through Friday (except for holidays) from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
No fee
Mail a check or money order with your payment stub to: Virginia Natural Gas P.O. Box 5409 Carol Stream, IL 60197-5409

Does Richmond utilities offer online bill payment?

Yes No Richmond Utilities Online Bill Payment Log In Username Password Forgot Password Register Registering allows you to access your account information online. View and pay bill Manage notifications View usage history View billing history Sign up for auto payment Register Log In Username Password First Time User? Register Here Forgot Password

Does Richmond Gas Works provide natural gas?

Simply put using natural gas is the smart choice. Richmond Gas Works provides natural gas to the city of Richmond and portions of Henrico and Chesterfield Counties. Richmond Gas Works is the provider of our natural gas. For information on natural gas, including its availability in your area and permit information, visit Richmond Gas Works.

Does Richmond Gas Works provide natural gas to Henrico County residents?

Richmond Gas Works provides natural gas to Henrico County residents. Call 811 Before You Dig! Ensure your safety by CALLING 8-1-1 before you dig. We’re looking for people to improve and help our community. Send us your contact information and select your interest areas to learn more.

How do I pay my Dominion Energy Bill?

Pay your Dominion Energy bill on our website, by automatic bank draft or through your bank – either in person, by mail or via credit card.

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