Paying Your United Water Bill: A Complete Guide

If you’re a United Water customer, paying your water bill is a necessary monthly task. While writing a check and popping it in the mail is one option, United Water offers various convenient payment methods. Read on to learn the ins and outs of paying your United Water bill quickly and easily every month.

Overview of United Water

For readers unfamiliar with the company United Water provides water and wastewater services to over 15 million people across the United States. They supply safe, reliable water to homes and businesses in the Northeast, Midwest, and Western states.

United Water operates locally under various brand names in different service areas. Some of their major regional brands include United Water Idaho, United Water Conservation District and United Water New York.

Monthly Billing and Due Dates

If you buy water and sewer from United Water, you’ll get a bill every month for how much you used. Most bills are sent out at the end of each month and cover the services provided the previous month.

In this case, you’ll get your January bill in early February, which will list the fees for the water you used in January.

Bills are due upon receipt, usually within 21 days of the statement date. The exact due date is printed on your bill. Pay on time to avoid late fees.

Convenient Ways to Pay Your United Water Bill

When it’s time to pay your monthly water bill, United Water offers several fast and easy payment options:

Pay Online

The quickest way to pay is through United Water’s online self-service portal. Sign up for an online account to see your balance, see a record of your payments, and make safe online payments.

Pay by Phone

Call United Water’s automated phone payment system anytime to pay your bill. Have your account number and payment details ready.

Pay by Mail

Send a check or money order payable to United Water to the payment address printed on your monthly bill. Include your account number on the check.

Pay in Person

Bring your bill to an authorized payment location to pay in cash or check. Popular payment sites include banks, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

Enroll in AutoPay

Set up automatic monthly payments directly from your bank account or credit card, so payments happen automatically.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Pay Online

Paying online through your United Water account is fast and secure. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click “My Account”

  2. If paying for the first time, click “Register” to set up your account. Existing customers can click “Login.”

  3. Provide your account number, name, and email address to register. Create your username and password.

  4. On your account overview page, click “Pay Bill.” Review your balance details.

  5. Select whether you want to make a one-time payment or set up recurring automatic payments.

  6. Enter your credit card or bank account information. Double check that all details are correct.

  7. Review your payment details and click “Submit Payment” to process immediately.

And done! By paying online, you avoid stamps, paper checks, and trips to drop off payments.

Payment Assistance Programs

If you’re having difficulty paying your United Water bill, contact customer service to ask about available financial assistance programs. Options may include:

  • Payment plans – Spread balances over multiple smaller payments.

  • Discounts – Reduced rates for qualifying limited income customers.

  • Payment extensions – More time to pay your balance if impacted by job loss or illness.

  • Arrearage forgiveness – Programs to forgive overdue balances for hardship cases.

Avoid Late Fees and Service Disruption

Be sure to pay your United Water bill in full and on time every month. Late payments incur penalty fees. Failure to pay after multiple notices could result in water service interruption.

Protect your good standing as a United Water customer by paying on time via your preferred method – online, phone, mail, or in person. Sign up for autopay or email reminders to never miss a payment date.

Contact United Water Customer Service

If you have any questions or issues related to your United Water service or billing account, customer service representatives are available to help:

  • By phone – Call the customer service number on your monthly bill

  • Online – Initiate a live chat session on the United Water website

  • By email – Email customer support via the United Water contact page

  • In person – Visit the local United Water office in your service area

The friendly and knowledgeable United Water customer service team can assist with any account or payment issues you may encounter as a valued customer.

Paying your monthly United Water bill is important for maintaining continuous water and sewer service. With multiple payment options like online, phone, mail, auto-pay, and in-person, paying is quick and convenient.

Sign up for paperless billing and automated payments to simplify your monthly water bill routine. And contact United Water’s stellar customer service should any billing or payment questions ever arise. Stay in good standing and keep the water flowing by paying your United Water bill on time every month!

Pay United Water Bill

Our charges for 2023/24

Household charges for metered and unmetered customers for 2023/24.

If you dont have a water meter, we use your homes rateable value to calculate your bill

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