Pay Water Bill Online Robeson County

The Easiest Way to Pay Your Water Bill Online in Robeson County, North Carolina

Paying your water bill in Robeson County just got a whole lot easier thanks to the county’s online payment system. As a Robeson County resident myself, I was thrilled when the county launched this service a few years ago. It has made paying my water bill so much more convenient. In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about paying your Robeson County water bill online.

First off – why pay online? There are a ton of benefits to ditching the paper bill and signing up for online payments instead. For me, the #1 reason is convenience. I can quickly log in and make a payment any time from my computer or phone. No more driving across town to drop off a check or messing with the mail. Online payments also get processed faster, so you don’t have to worry about late fees if your check gets lost in the mail.

Another big perk is the ability to set up recurring payments This way, I never have to think about my water bill – it gets paid automatically every month. The online payment system also stores payment history, so it’s easy to go back and see past bills and payments if needed.

Okay let’s get into the step-by-step process for paying your water bill to Robeson County online

  1. Set up an account on the online payment website.

You’ll need to go to and click on the link to access the county’s online payment portal. From there, click “Pay Water Bill” and then “Register” to set up your online account.

  1. Enter your account details.

To link your water account to the online payment system, you’ll need to enter a few key details. Have your most recent paper bill handy so you can copy:

  • Account number
  • Service address
  • Last payment amount
  • Last payment date

Entering this info will verify your account and link it to your online profile.

  1. Choose a payment method.

Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to make payments right away. You can pay by e-check (direct bank account withdrawal) or credit/debit card.

E-check payments are free, while credit/debit card payments incur a small convenience fee. I prefer to use e-check just to avoid the extra fee.

  1. Schedule future payments.

This is the best part – setting up recurring payments so your water bill gets paid automatically each month. When you go to make a payment, just check the box to make it recurring. You can set a specific date for withdrawals to happen each month.

  1. Get email reminders.

The online system can send you email alerts when a payment is processed or if a payment fails for some reason. I definitely recommend turning on reminders – it’s an easy way to stay on top of your bill payments.

  1. Check payment history.

Inside your online account, you can view past bills and see your payment history anytime. It’s great to be able to log in and double check when your most recent payment was made and for how much.

Pay Water Bill Online Robeson County

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What is the phone number for the city of Lumberton bill payment?

Pay by Phone Service The pay by phone credit card utility and tax payment service is assessable to customer by phoning 866-734-8607. The account number is required when making your payment and a minimal convenience fee is assessed during the transaction.

What county is Lumberton, North Carolina?

Robeson County
Lumberton is the largest city in Robeson County and is the County Seat. It is ideally situated on Interstate 95 in southeastern North Carolina, just 20 minutes north of the South Carolina border.

What is Robeson County known for?

In land area, Robeson County is North Carolinaʼs largest county at 951 square miles. Its best known geographic feature is the Lumber River, which stretches 115 miles, 81 miles designat- ed by the National Park Service as a wild and scenic waterway. It is believed that the Lumbee Indians took their name from the river.

How many county commissioners does Robeson County have?

The Robeson County Board of Commissioners has 8 members. Each member is elected from one of 8 individual districts.

How do I pay my Robeson County water bill?

Complete the from and mail it to the office with an attached blank void check for future payments. Enrollment information can also be taken to the office. LUMBERTON — The Robeson County Water Department is urging customers to pay their water bills because regular utility billing will resume Wednesday.

What does Robeson County Water Department do?

Water Utility Company Public Works Department Government Agency Utility Company Water and Wastewater Services The Robeson County Water Department, located in Lumberton, North Carolina, is a public works department responsible for providing water and wastewater services to citizens, businesses, and industries within the corporate city.

What services are available in Robeson County?

Social Services Soild Waste Soil and Water Taxes Rates/County/Fire Property Tax Laws Tax Staff & Divisions Tax Tutorial Tax FAQ Veteran Services Water Department Wellness Department BOARD MEETINGS SERVICES Accessibility Robeson County Ordinances Pay Taxes Online Pay Water Bill Online View Deed Info Online Access Robeson GIS System Online

How do I create a Robeson County Water Department account?

If you already have an account, you just need to login to the Robeson County Water Department site. Robeson County Water Department accepts credit cards, debit, and direct deposit. Click here to login . Want to create a new account? You can create a new account on the Robeson County Water Department website.

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