How and Where to Pay Your Pacific Power Bill

Paying your electricity bill on time and in full is an essential part of being a Pacific Power customer. However with the many payment options available it can be confusing to figure out the best way and place to pay your Pacific Power bill. This comprehensive guide will walk through all your options, fees, due dates, and tips to pay your bill with ease.

Overview of Pacific Power Billing and Payments

Before diving into the specifics on how and where you can pay let’s quickly review some key facts about Pacific Power billing

  • Bills are issued monthly and are due 21 days after the billing date.

  • The bill includes charges for the previous monthly billing cycle.

  • Payment is expected in full by the due date to avoid late fees.

  • There are various payment options available – online, phone, mail, in person, etc.

  • Financial assistance like payment plans and bill discounts are available if you qualify.

Keeping these basics in mind, let’s explore the many payment methods Pacific Power offers its customers.

Pay Your Pacific Power Bill Online

The quickest and most convenient way to pay your Pacific Power electricity bill is online through their website or mobile app. Here are the key details on paying online:

  • Through Account Manager – You can pay via eCheck, credit/debit card in your online account.

  • One-time Payment – Make a one-time payment as a guest without logging in.

  • Same Day Payments – Online payments before 7 PM PT are posted the same day.

  • Payment Confirmation – You get a confirmation number and receipt via email.

  • Convenience Fee – A $2.50 convenience fee applies to guest payments. Fee is waived for logged in account payments.

Paying on Pacific Power’s website or mobile app is fast, secure, and lets you avoid mailing in a paper check or visiting an office.

Paying Your Pacific Power Bill by Phone

If you prefer to speak with a representative, you can pay your Pacific Power bill over the phone in a few different ways:

  • Automated Pay-by-Phone – Call 1-888-221-7070 and follow prompts to make automated payment by debit/credit card or checking account.

  • Call Center – Speak to an agent Monday-Friday, 7AM-6PM PT and they can take your payment info over the phone.

  • Convenience Fee – A $2.50 convenience fee per transaction applies to pay-by-phone payments.

  • Payment Confirmation – You’ll receive a confirmation number to verify payment by phone.

The Pay-by-Phone automated service is quick and convenient for one-time payments. Or you can call during business hours to pay with a representative.

Paying at an Authorized Payment Location

If you prefer paying your Pacific Power bill in person with cash, money order, or check, you can visit one of 1,200+ authorized payment locations in the states they serve. Here’s how it works:

  • Local Businesses – Pay at participating grocery stores, check cashing locations, pharmacies, and retailers.

  • In Person – Take your current Pacific Power bill and payment to the authorized pay station.

  • Convenience Fee – A convenience fee around $1.50 applies per transaction.

  • Payment Receipt – You’ll get a receipt from the payment location.

This in-person payment method allows you to pay locally with cash if needed. Find authorized pay stations on their website.

Paying by Mail

For a more traditional option, you can mail your Pacific Power utility payment to:

Pacific Power
PO Box 25308
Salt Lake City, UT 84125-0308

To pay by mail:

  • Detach payment stub from your bill or include your account number on the check.

  • Make check or money order payable to Pacific Power.

  • Allow 7-10 days for mailed payments to process; pay early to avoid late fees.

  • No convenience fees apply to mail payment.

While slower than electronic payments, mailing a check is a simple option if you prefer paying that way.

Setting Up Recurring Payments

Rather than manually paying each month, you can enroll in recurring payments through Pacific Power:

  • AutoPay – Payments automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

  • Recurring credit/debit payments – Monthly charges to your card on file in your online account.

  • Due date payments – Amount due deducted monthly on your bill’s due date.

  • Fixed amount – Choose a set amount deducted monthly if amount varies.

Setting up recurring bills through AutoPay or the online account manager ensures your bill is paid on time each month automatically.

Payment Arrangements and Extensions

If you’re unable to pay your full Pacific Power bill by the due date, you have a couple options:

  • Payment arrangements – Set up a delayed payment plan for the amount due.

  • Due date extensions – Move your due date a few days if you just need a little extra time.

  • Balance carryover – Have unpaid balances carried over to the next bill.

  • Fee waivers – Late fee waivers available in certain hardship situations.

Contact Pacific Power before your due date to discuss bill payment assistance like a payment plan. Try to pay as much as possible to avoid large final bills.

Avoid Late Fees and Disconnection

To prevent late fees being added to your account, make sure to pay your Pacific Power utility bill in full each month by the due date. Here are some tips:

  • Enroll in Autopay orRecurring Payments so payments are automatic each billing cycle.

  • Check your bill for the exact due date each month and mark your calendar. Due dates vary based on your billing cycle.

  • Pay online or by phone for instant, same day payments when paying close to the due date.

  • Contact Pacific Power immediately if you expect difficulty paying on time for a given month.

  • Consider energy assistance programs if you are struggling with utility bills over an extended timeframe.

Paying late results in penalty fees, so be sure to pay on time every month. And reach out for assistance before your account becomes past due.

Payment Assistance Programs

If you are experiencing financial hardship and unable to keep up with electricity costs, Pacific Power offers support:

  • Payment arrangements – Set up a delayed payment plan.

  • LIHEAP and Energy Assistance – Programs providing bill payment and weatherization assistance.

  • Project Pledge – Matches bill payment donations to support low-income customers.

  • Discount rates – Reduced rates for qualifying seniors, veterans, or low-income households.

Don’t hesitate to contact Pacific Power if you are struggling to make payments. There are resources available to help qualified customers maintain electric service.

Your Pacific Power Account at Your Fingertips

Managing your Pacific Power account online provides convenience and control:

  • Monitor your usage and charges in real time

  • Set up paperless billing and automatic payments

  • Access payment history and billing statements

  • Receive notifications when new bills are ready

Having an online account makes it easy to stay on top of your bill and avoid surprises each month.

Pay Smarter, Not Harder

Nobody enjoys paying utility bills each month. But with Pacific Power’s various payment options and assistance programs, you can make managing your account as simple as possible. Pay online for convenience, enroll in autopay for automation, and ask about financial assistance if needed. Follow these tips and paying your power bill will be one less headache each month!

Where To Pay Pacific Power Bill

Convenient billing options | Pacific Power

How do I pay my Pacific Power Bill?

Businesses can also pay via Electronic Funds Transfer. With this option, you authorize your bank to send the payment in an ACH file to Pacific Power ’s bank for deposit. You can receive your invoice via EDI, online or through the U.S. mail. Your payment is posted to your electric account within 24-72 hours.

Where can I Find my Pacific Power Bill?

You can contact them directly by phone at 888-221-7070. I’m looking for my bill. Where can I find it? You can find your bill online at Pacific Power . What types of Pacific Power payments does doxo process? doxo processes payments for all Pacific Power services, including Electric and others.

How do I pay my Pacific Gas & Electric Bill?

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