How to Pay Your Philadelphia Water Bill Quickly and Easily

Living in Philadelphia? Then you’re likely a customer of the Philadelphia Water Department for your water and sewer services. Paying your water bill on time each month is important to avoid any late fees or disruption to your services. Thankfully the Philadelphia Water Department offers several convenient ways to pay your water bill both online and in-person.

In this article, we’ll break down the various payment options offered by the Philadelphia Water Department and give tips to make paying your bill quick and easy.

Online Payment Options

The easiest way to pay your Philadelphia water bill is online through the department’s self-service website MyPhillyWaterBill. Here are the ways you can pay online

Pay Online Through MyPhillyWaterBill

The Philadelphia Water Department highly recommends using their MyPhillyWaterBill system to pay your bill online. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to and click “Pay or View Bill”

  2. Enter your 9-digit account number and ZIP code

  3. Select your payment amount and method – you can pay by credit/debit card, eCheck from your bank account, or set up auto-pay.

  4. Enter your payment details and submit.

When you pay your bill through MyPhillyWaterBill, you can see your past bills, make one-time or recurring payments, and handle paperless billing. It’s the most comprehensive way to manage your water account online!.

Pay as a Guest

If you don’t want to set up an account, you can make one-time payments as a guest on MyPhillyWaterBill. Simply select the “Pay as Guest” option and enter your account number, ZIP code, and payment details to complete the transaction.

Guest payments take just a couple minutes if you don’t need all the account management features.

Pay Through Your Bank’s Online Bill Pay

Many banks allow you to pay bills directly from your bank account through their online banking or mobile app. To pay your water bill this way:

  1. Log into your bank’s online account access

  2. Add the Philadelphia Water Department as a payee using their address:

    Philadelphia Water Department
    P.O. Box 41496
    Philadelphia, PA 19101

  3. Enter your 9-digit account number and payment amount

  4. Complete and submit the transaction through your bank’s system

I like paying bills through my bank because it keeps everything in one place. Just be sure to schedule the payment at least 5 business days before your due date to ensure on-time delivery.

In-Person Payment Options

If you prefer to pay your bill in-person, the Philadelphia Water Department offers several ways to pay at authorized payment centers.

Pay at the Municipal Services Building

The main payment location is at the Municipal Services Building located at 1401 JFK Blvd, Concourse Level. This office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm. You can pay by:

  • Cash
  • eCheck (free)
  • Credit/debit card ($3.95 convenience fee)

This is the best option if you want to pay with cash or need same day payment processing.

Pay at Hope Plaza

There is also a payment center located at Hope Plaza, 22nd & Somerset Streets. This location is currently closed, but typically open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm when operations resume. Only eCheck payments are accepted, no cash.

Pay at 7522 Castor Ave

A third in-person payment center is located at 7522 Castor Ave in Northeast Philadelphia. The hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm. Like Hope Plaza, only eCheck payments are accepted, no cash.

When paying in person, be sure to bring your most recent water bill or have your account number handy. If paying by credit/debit card, the cardholder must be present.

Pay by Mail

To pay your Philadelphia water bill by mail, simply:

  1. Write your 9-digit account number on your check or money order

  2. Make it payable to Water Revenue Bureau

  3. Mail it to:

    Water Revenue Bureau
    P.O. Box 41496
    Philadelphia, PA 19101

It’s smart to mail your payment at least 7-10 days before the due date to ensure it arrives on time. Be sure to include your payment stub or write your account number on the check itself.

Manage Automatic Payments

The most convenient way to pay your Philadelphia water bill is to enroll in automatic payments. This automatically withdraws the amount due from your bank account each month.

To set up automatic bill pay:

  1. Create an account on MyPhillyWaterBill
  2. Under “My Profile,” select the AutoPay option
  3. Enter your bank account information and select a payment date
  4. Your payment will be automatically deducted going forward

I love the convenience of automatic payments. It ensures I never miss a payment and gives me one less bill to worry about.

Avoid Late Fees

To avoid getting hit with late fees on your Philadelphia water bill, be sure to pay your bill in full by the due date each month. Here are some tips:

  • Mark your due date on your calendar so it doesn’t sneak up on you
  • Schedule automatic payments or online bill pay for at least 5 days before the due date
  • Sign up for bill reminders through MyPhillyWaterBill
  • Pay online 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about office hours

No one wants their hard-earned money going to late fees. Using the online payment options makes it easy to pay your Philadelphia water bill on time, every time.

Get Payment Assistance if Needed

If you’re having trouble paying your water bill, don’t ignore it as that can lead to larger issues. The Philadelphia Water Department offers payment assistance programs and agreements for those who qualify based on income, age, or special circumstances.

Some options include:

  • Senior citizen discount – for ages 65+ meeting income requirements
  • Tiered assistance program (TAP) – bill discounts based on ability to pay
  • Payment agreements – make smaller payments over time if you can’t pay in full

Be sure to contact the Water Revenue Bureau at 215-685-6300 as soon as possible if you anticipate having difficulty making a payment. The sooner you reach out, the more options will be available to you.

Paying Your Water Bill Just Got Easier

Gone are the days of writing and mailing checks to pay your water bill. The Philadelphia Water Department offers so many ways to pay online or in-person.

Sign up for MyPhillyWaterBill to manage payments, track usage, and go paperless. And consider enrolling in automatic payments to make bill paying completely hands-off.

Paying your water bill on time is important for avoiding disruptions to your service and late fees. Use these tips and convenient online options to take control of your payments. It’s one less headache to worry about each month!

Philadelphia Water Company Bill Pay

Philadelphia Water Department Customers May Be Eligible To Get Assistance Paying Bills


What is the phone number for the Philadelphia water bill pay as a guest?

Please call us at (215) 685-6300 for all the help you need.

How do I check my water bill?

Query your bill by dialing *888# and select option 2 – Query Bill.

Who is the water company for Philadelphia?

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) serves over 2 million people in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, and Bucks counties.

How do I pay my Philly water bill?

To do so, create an account in the City’s water bill payment website, MyPhillyWaterBill, and sign up for AutoPay. Late Fees: 5% of the total due will be added to your bill if you do not pay it on time. An additional 0.5% charge will be added for each month your charges are not paid. Pay through an interactive voice system by calling (877) 309-3709

How does the Philadelphia Water Department manage stormwater?

To manage stormwater, the Philadelphia Water Department maintains stormwater pipes and inlets to capture rainwater to decrease flooding and combined sewer overflows, and to reduce pollution. Stormwater management is the Water Department’s fastest growing operating cost, with an annual budget of approximately $120 million.

How does myphillywaterbill work?

By using MyPhillyWaterBill, you can manually allocate payment amounts for Water and sewer service charges, repair charges, and HELP loans. When you don’t use MyPhillyWaterBill, and if you pay less than your total amount due, then payments are distributed from oldest to newest debt.

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