A Guide to Paying Your Utility Bill with Poplar Grove Utility District

Living in Tipton County, Tennessee? Then you likely receive your water, sewer, and natural gas services from Poplar Grove Utility District Paying your utility bills on time and in full is important for avoiding service disruptions This comprehensive guide will explain all your Poplar Grove utility bill pay options, programs, policies, and more.

Overview of Poplar Grove Utility District

Poplar Grove Utility District serves people in Tipton County, Tennessee, and is owned by the government. They supply the following services:

  • Water to drink: comes from the Memphis Sand Aquifer and meets all EPA health standards

  • Sewer – Wastewater and sewage treatment.

  • Natural Gas – Providing affordable natural gas service in Tipton County.

Atoka, TN’s Poplar Grove office can be found at 14560 Hwy 51 South. They can be reached at 901-837-0181.

Ways to Pay Your Poplar Grove Utility Bill

You have several convenient payment options for paying your Poplar Grove utility bill:

  • Online – Pay online 24/7 at PoplarGroveUtilityDistrictcom

  • Phone – Call 1-844-678-4542 to pay over the phone using the automated system.

  • Mail – Send a check or money order payable to Poplar Grove Utility District at:

    14560 Hwy 51 South

    Atoka, TN 38004

  • In Person – Pay with cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card at the Poplar Grove office.

  • Auto Pay – Enroll in auto pay to have payments automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

Paying Your Poplar Grove Bill Online

Paying online at PoplarGroveUtilityDistrict.com is the easiest pay option. You’ll need your account number and exact service address. Payment history is also available online.

Online payments can be made with all major credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks. A $2.50 convenience fee applies to card payments.

New customers can sign up for an online account during the application process. Existing customers can enroll using their account number.

Paying Your Bill by Phone

The Poplar Grove pay-by-phone number is 1-844-678-4542. It’s an automated system so have your account number ready.

Phone payments can be made with credit/debit cards or checking/savings account. The $2.50 card fee applies. Your payment will be effective the same business day.

Paying in Person at the Poplar Grove Office

Pay with cash, check, money order, or card at the Poplar Grove office at 14560 Hwy 51 South in Atoka during business hours (8:15am to 4:30pm weekdays). You must pay with an employee directly – no drop box.

Photo ID and your Poplar Grove account number are required. Expect longer wait times at month end.

Setting Up Auto Pay for Utility Bills

Enrolling in auto pay deducts your bill amount directly from your checking/savings account each month. Sign up online or complete an authorization form.

Benefits include:

  • Avoid late fees and service disruption
  • Earn bill pay rewards (get 1st month free after 1 year of consecutive auto pay)
  • Paperless billing option
  • Easy set up and management

Your payment will be deducted on the bill due date. Monitor your account in case adjustments are needed.

Poplar Grove Bill Pay Dates, Due Dates, and Late Fees

Poplar Grove bills for water, sewer, and gas usage monthly. Here are key dates:

  • Bills Issued: On the 24th of each month

  • Due Date: Payment due by the 10th of the next month.

  • Late Fee: 10% penalty assessed after the 10th.

  • Shut Off Notice: Mailed after 30 days past due.

  • Service Disconnection: Around the 45th day if bill remains unpaid.

Avoid late fees and disruption by paying on time. Call Poplar Grove immediately if you expect payment issues.

Arrange Payment Plan for Overdue Poplar Grove Utility Bills

If you cannot pay your overdue Poplar Grove bill in full, call 901-837-0181 immediately to set up a payment plan. Options may include:

  • Making installment payments over several months

  • Paying a percentage upfront and the rest later

  • Reduced lump sum settlement amount

Payment plans let you avoid shut offs while paying what you can. Act fast at the first sign of a past due bill.

Poplar Grove Low Income Assistance Programs

Qualified low income Poplar Grove customers can receive financial assistance:

  • LIHEAP – Helps cover home heating bills and emergency shut offs. Apply through Human Services.

  • Project Assist – Offers grants to elderly/disabled customers unable to pay utilities.

  • Payment Matching – Matches down payments on overdue bills for qualifying households.

  • Budget Billing – Evens out bills so you pay the same amount each month.

Ask Poplar Grove for details on how to enroll in these money saving programs.

Avoid Surprise Shut Offs with Proper Poplar Grove Communication

Keep your utility service running by staying in touch with Poplar Grove about billing problems:

  • Call immediately if you expect to miss a payment due date.

  • Set up a payment plan or ask about assistance programs.

  • Respond promptly to shut off notices so they know you are actively resolving the situation.

  • Keep your contact details like phone number up to date so they can reach you.

  • If medical issues prevent shut offs, provide doctor notes stating such.

With timely communication, many shut offs can be prevented despite overdue balances.

What to Do If Your Poplar Grove Utilities Get Disconnected

If you experience a water, gas, or sewer service shut off by Poplar Grove Utility District:

  • Pay the past due amount in full immediately, plus any fees, to get reconnected.

  • A $40 reconnection fee applies during business hours, $80 after hours.

  • Service restoration may take up to 24 hours after paying.

  • Notify Poplar Grove right away if the shut off poses a medical risk.

  • Request an investigation if you believe the shut off was in error.

Avoid the major hassle of shut offs by staying current on your Poplar Grove utility payments or requesting help if struggling.

Disputing Errors on Your Poplar Grove Utility Bill

If you spot an error on your Poplar Grove utility bill:

  • Call 901-837-0181 as soon as possible to dispute the charges.

  • Provide account information and explain the discrepancy clearly.

  • Poplar Grove will investigate usage history and meter readings.

  • Do not withhold payment until the dispute is resolved. Pay the amount you agree is correct.

  • A revised bill will be issued if adjustments are warranted. Credits or refunds may apply.

  • Ask for written documentation on all bill disputes and resolutions.

Act quickly in case the incorrect amount is due to a leak, meter issue, or other problem needing swift attention.

Keys to Preparing for a Poplar Grove Customer Service Call

To get the fastest resolution when calling Poplar Grove Utility District with billing questions or issues:

  • Have your account number, amounts owed, bill issue details, and any previous steps you took documented.

  • Review the billing statement so you can explain the problem specifics.

  • List your questions so you remember to ask the important ones.

  • Take clear notes on the representative’s advice and next steps discussed.

  • Get reference numbers for contacts and save emails to your records.

  • Follow up in writing to confirm phone call outcomes as needed.

Thorough preparation will help you have a focused, productive discussion so problems get solved quickly and correctly.

Sample Scripts for Poplar Grove Bill Pay Assistance

Use these sample scripts when contacting Poplar Grove Utility District about paying your bill:

“I can’t afford the full $150 bill this month. Can we set up payments of $50 for the next 3 months?”

“My bill is usually $80 but it’s $150 this month. I think my meter was misread. Can you please investigate?”

“I just lost my job and need help paying my overdue water/gas bill. What assistance programs do you offer?”

“I received a shut off notice but have a chronic illness. How do I provide medical notes to avoid disconnection?”

Be direct, honest, and cooperative to get the most leeway and practical solutions for your unique financial situation.

In Summary

Paying your utility bill on time and preventing service disruptions takes commitment and communication. Fortunately, Poplar Grove Utility District offers accessible bill pay options and assistance

Poplar Grove Utility Bill Pay

Options to Pay Your Bill

  • Our office is open M-F 8:30AM to 4:30PM
  • A secure drop box is located just outside the office doors at Village Hall for your convenience anytime day or night.

What is an example of a utility bill?

Does Poplar Grove have online bill pay?

Online Bill Pay is now Live! You are here: Home / News & Announcements / Online Bill Pay is now Live! Online Bill Pay is now Live! Poplar Grove now has online bill pay to make it easier for our customers to handle transactions. Click Here for Online Bill Pay!

Who is Poplar Grove utility district?

Welcome to Poplar Grove Utility District! Poplar Grove Utility District is a government-owned utility company that is proud to provide Tipton County with clean water from the Memphis Sand Aquifer. Our water meets all of EPA’s health standards. In addition, we provide affordable natural gas to residents of Tipton County as well.

What is Poplar Grove utility district’s online privacy policy?

POPLAR GROVE UTILITY DISTRICT is committed to maintaining your trust and confidence. The following online privacy policy is intended to protect and secure the personally identifiable information (any information by which you can be identified) you provide to us online.

How does Poplar Grove utility district encrypt my data?

POPLAR GROVE UTILITY DISTRICT uses Internet Encryption Software, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol when collecting or transferring sensitive data such as credit card information. Any information you enter is encrypted at your browser, sent over the public Internet in encrypted form, and then de-encrypted at our server.

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