The Easiest Way to Pay Your RCN Bill by Phone

Paying your monthly RCN bill should be quick, easy, and painless With so many ways to pay available, you want something fast and convenient For many customers, paying their RCN bill by phone is the ideal solution. This article will explain everything you need to know about paying your RCN bill over the phone, from account information you’ll need to have handy, to tips for a smooth payment process. After reading, you’ll feel confident and prepared to pay your next RCN bill with just a quick phone call.

Why Pay Your RCN Bill by Phone?

There are a few key reasons why paying your RCN bill by phone is a great option

  • It’s fast – With automated systems, paying by phone takes just a few minutes. No need to login online and navigate websites.

  • It’s easy – All the information you need is right at your fingertips. As long as you have your RCN account number and details, making a payment is simple.

  • You can call anytime – RCN’s pay by phone system is available 24/7. It doesn’t matter if it’s early morning or late at night, you can call and pay whenever it’s most convenient for you.

  • You can speak to a live agent – If you prefer human interaction, RCN’s helpful call center agents are there to assist you with your bill payment.

  • Payment posts right away – As soon as your payment processes, your RCN account is updated. You don’t have to wait for checks to clear.

Paying by phone lets you take care of your bill quickly, avoiding late fees or service interruptions. For many RCN customers, it’s the quickest and easiest way to pay each month.

How to Pay Your RCN Bill by Phone

Paying your RCN bill by phone is a breeze, as long as you have the necessary information ready:

1. Have your RCN account information ready

Before calling to pay your bill, make sure you have your RCN account number, home address, and payment info handy. This includes:

  • RCN account number – This 9 or 10 digit number is located on your monthly bill. Having it ready speeds up the process.

  • Your service address – RCN will verify the address where service is active to pull up your account.

  • Payment method – Debit/credit card number, checking account number, whichever way you want to pay.

Having this information ready when you call avoids delays in looking up your account or processing your payment.

2. Call the RCN Bill Pay phone number

The main RCN pay by phone number is:


This automated line is available 24/7 for quick and easy self-service bill payments.

Other RCN regions may have local pay by phone numbers as well, so check your monthly bill. When in doubt, the main 1-800 number works for all regions.

3. Follow the automated prompts

When you call the pay by phone line, listen carefully to the prompts and follow the steps:

  • Select your language preference

  • Enter your 9 or 10 digit RCN account number

  • Enter your home zip code

  • Select whether you want to make a full or partial payment

  • Enter payment information when prompted

That’s all there is to it! The automated system walks you through each step to quickly process your payment by phone. Just have your details ready and follow along.

4. Speak with an agent if needed

If you prefer talking to a live person, RCN has call center agents available as well. There are a few instances when speaking to an agent may be required:

  • If the automated system can’t verify your account

  • If you have billing questions or want to discuss your account

  • If you need help processing a payment by phone

To reach a live agent, stay on the line when prompted by the automated system. An RCN call center representative can pull up your account, answer any questions, and process your payment over the phone personally.

5. Get a payment confirmation

Whether you use the automated system or speak to an agent, make sure to jot down the payment confirmation number when your RCN bill transaction is complete. You can also request to have a confirmation email or text sent immediately after paying your bill by phone. This provides documentation that your payment went through, for your records.

And that’s it – by following these simple steps you can pay your RCN bill quickly and securely by phone. No checks to write, no browsing websites. Just call the number, enter your details, make the payment, and you’re done!

Tips for Smooth RCN Phone Payments

To ensure paying your RCN bill by phone goes smoothly each month, keep these tips in mind:

  • Pay during off-peak hours – The automated system may be quicker in the evenings and late at night when call volume is lower.

  • Double check info entered – Taking an extra moment to confirm your account number and payment details are entered correctly avoids processing errors.

  • Have all payment info ready – Don’t start the call until you have your RCN account number, address, and payment method in front of you to speed things along.

  • Save the pay by phone number – Having the phone number already programmed in your mobile or home phone makes it more convenient to call each month.

  • Set reminders to pay – Use calendar reminders, due date notices from RCN, or other tools so your next bill payment doesn’t sneak up on you.

  • Call from a quiet space – Background noise can interfere with the automated system registering your typed entries. Call from a quiet spot so the system can clearly process each step.

Paying your monthly RCN bill by phone takes just minutes when you follow these tips for an efficient, hassle-free payment process.

Frequently Asked Questions about RCN Bill Pay by Phone

If you’re new to paying your RCN bill by phone, these common FAQs can help:

What RCN account info do I need to pay by phone?

Have your 9 or 10 digit RCN account number, service address zip code, and payment information (credit/debit card or bank details) ready before you call.

Can I pay by phone without an RCN account number?

The automated system needs your account number to pull up your bill and process payment. Without it, you’ll need to speak to an agent to make a payment.

When can I call to pay my RCN bill by phone?

RCN’s pay by phone line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call anytime to make a payment.

Is there a fee to pay my RCN bill by phone?

RCN does not charge fees for paying your bill by phone using the automated system or live agents.

Can I get a confirmation number after paying RCN by phone?

Yes, make sure to jot down the confirmation number provided at the end of the call, and you can request email/text confirmations.

Who do I contact for help with RCN phone payments?

If you need assistance with the automated system or have billing questions, you can speak with a live RCN call center agent by staying on the line when prompted.

Having your account info handy and following the straightforward prompts makes paying your monthly RCN bill by phone a cinch. It’s fast, easy, and can be done anytime day or night. Just call the RCN pay by phone number when your bill is due, enter your details, make the payment, and you’re all set!

Rcn Bill Pay Phone Number

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