Convenient Ways to Pay Your Duquesne Light Bill

When you get your monthly electricity bill from Duquesne Light Company (DLC), you have several options for making a prompt payment. Duquesne Light offers authorized pay stations located throughout the Pittsburgh area for quick, in-person bill payment. You can also pay online, by phone, by mail, or set up automatic monthly payments.

Why Pay Your Bill On Time?

Before detailing the various payment methods, here are some key reasons to pay your Duquesne Light bill by the due date

  • Avoid late fees – Duquesne Light charges a 1.5% late fee on unpaid balances after the due date. This can add up over time.

  • Maintain good standing – Paying late negatively impacts your payment history and credit score

  • Stay connected – Overdue bills can lead to service disconnection, requiring a reconnect fee when paid.

  • Save money – Consider enrolling in budget billing to evenly spread costs over the year.

Paying your DLC bill on time every month ensures uninterrupted electric service, avoids fees, and keeps your account in good standing.

Pay Online

The fastest and most convenient way to pay your Duquesne Light bill is online through their website or mobile app. Here’s how:

  • Visit and click “Pay Bill Online”

  • Sign into your account or enroll in “MyDLC”

  • Select a payment amount and method

  • Enter your payment details

  • Receive instant payment confirmation

You can easily set up recurring payments through the online portal as well. Online payments post to your account immediately.

Pay by Phone

To pay your Duquesne Light bill over the phone, call 1-888-393-7100 and select “Make Payment” from the automated menu. You’ll need to provide your 10-digit account number and card payment info.

Phone payments can be made 24/7 and are posted to your account right away. However, a $2.95 convenience fee applies to phone payments.

Pay by Mail

If you prefer to mail in a payment, send your DLC bill payment stub along with a check or money order to:

Duquesne Light Company
Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 10
Pittsburgh, PA 15230-0010

Allow 5-7 days for mailed payments to process. Just don’t mail payments too close to the due date.

Pay in Person

Duquesne Light partners with a number of authorized pay agents in the Pittsburgh area to accept in-person bill payments. Two convenient options are:

  • Western Union – Find a location near you. Provide city code DUQUESNE PA. A $1.50 fee applies.

  • Walmart – Visit any Walmart with your DLC bill. Use payment code WMBP. A $2 fee applies. Must register as a Walmart customer first.

In-person payments post to your DLC account within 1-2 business days generally. Shop around for the lowest fees.

##Enroll in AutoPay

For hassle-free bill payment, enroll in AutoPay through your online DLC account. Choose your preferred payment method and the amount due will be automatically deducted each month on your bill’s due date.

You can cancel or make changes at any time. Just monitor your account to ensure the correct amount is being deducted each period.

Budget Billing

To make bills more predictable, check if you qualify for Duquesne Light’s Budget Billing plan. This averages your electric costs over the past 12 months to come up with a fixed monthly payment amount.

Contact DLC customer support to sign up or get more details on Budget Billing. This can help you better manage your electricity expenses.

Payment Assistance Programs

If you are struggling to keep up with electric bills, Duquesne Light offers several assistance programs based on income requirements:

  • Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

  • Dollar Energy Fund

  • LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program)

Visit the Assistance Programs page on DLC’s website to check eligibility and apply. You may qualify for bill credits, waivers, or subsidized rates.

Don’t let an overdue Duquesne Light bill slip through the cracks. Sign up for AutoPay, Budget Billing, or utilize one of the many authorized pay agents in the Pittsburgh area. Just be sure to pay on time each month to avoid penalties.

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