A Guide to Paying Your Recology Western Oregon Bill Online

If you live in one of the many communities in northwest Oregon served by Recology Western Oregon, you likely receive regular solid waste and recycling collection from them. Paying your Recology bill on time each month is important to avoid any service interruptions. In this guide, we’ll walk through how to easily pay your Recology Western Oregon bill online through their E-BillPay system.

Overview of Recology Western Oregon

Recology Western Oregon provides garbage, recycling, and yard debris collection services to residents and businesses in northwest Oregon. They have over 150 employees serving tens of thousands of customers across Clatsop, Tillamook, and Yamhill counties.

Some of the cities and towns covered include Astoria, Seaside, Tillamook McMinnville Newberg, Amity, Sheridan, Willamina, Lafayette, Dayton, Dundee, Carlton, and more. Recology Western Oregon is a subsidiary of Recology, the employee-owned resource recovery company headquartered in San Francisco.

If Recology Western Oregon picks up your trash and recycling each week, you receive a monthly bill for these services that must be paid on time

Benefits of Paying Your Bill Online

Recology Western Oregon makes paying your bill quick and convenient through online bill pay:

  • 24/7 access – Pay anytime, anywhere with an internet connection

  • Automatic payments – Set up recurring payments from your bank account

  • Payment history – View your past payments and billing statements

  • Paperless billing – Reduce clutter and go green with e-bills

  • Multiple payment methods – Use credit/debit cards or bank accounts

  • Email reminders – Get notified when your bill is ready

How to Enroll in E-BillPay

Signing up for E-BillPay is simple and only takes a few minutes. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Recology Western Oregon’s bill pay website.

  2. Click on “Enroll in E-BillPay” under the login box.

  3. Enter your Recology account number and the service address zip code.

  4. Create a username and password for your account.

  5. Follow the prompts to securely store your payment information.

Once enrolled, you can start receiving and paying bills electronically right away!

Making One-Time Payments

When you receive an email notification that your new Recology bill is ready, just log into your E-BillPay account to view and pay it.

To make a one-time payment:

  1. Log into your E-BillPay account.

  2. Click on “Pay Now” for the open bill.

  3. Enter the payment amount and select a payment source.

  4. Review payment details and submit.

  5. Payment will process immediately for credit/debit cards or on your scheduled date for bank accounts.

One-time payments are useful for months when your bill amount fluctuates.

Setting Up Recurring Payments

If you pay the same bill amount to Recology Western Oregon every month, automating payments saves time. Here’s how to set up recurring payments:

  1. Log into E-BillPay and go to “Recurring Payments”

  2. Click “Add New”

  3. Choose the account, payment amount, and payment source

  4. Pick the day each month to make the payments

  5. Review details and click “Confirm” to save

Recurring payments process automatically each month on the scheduled date. You can cancel or change scheduled payments anytime.

Paying by Phone

In addition to the E-BillPay system, Recology Western Oregon offers a pay-by-phone option.

To pay your bill over the phone:

  • Call 971-312-0178
  • Have your account number handy to identify your account
  • Follow the automated prompts to make a payment with your credit/debit card

Phone payments let you take care of a bill easily without logging into your online account.

Payment Methods Accepted

Recology Western Oregon offers flexibility in how you pay your bill:

  • Credit/debit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Bank accounts – Checking or savings accounts
  • Cash – Pay in-person at local Recology office

They do not accept checks by mail for bill payment. All mailed checks must be sent to Recology’s lockbox facility:

Recology Western Oregon
PO Box 60269
Los Angeles, CA 90060-0269

Payment History and Billing Statements

Your E-BillPay account makes it easy to view past Recology Western Oregon billing statements and payment history.

To see statements:

  1. Login to E-BillPay

  2. Click “Statements”

  3. Open any past statement to view details

To see payment history:

  1. Login to E-BillPay

  2. Click “Payments”

  3. View your payment dates, amounts, and status

Accessing billing and payment histories is useful for budgeting, taxes, or resolving any discrepancies.

Account Management Tips

Here are some tips for managing your Recology Western Oregon E-BillPay account:

  • Update your contact information if you move or change email addresses
  • Set up paperless billing to go green
  • Save payment sources like bank accounts for future use
  • Set up account alerts for peace of mind
  • Check statements for rate changes or new fees
  • Contact customer support with any account issues

Properly maintaining your online account makes paying bills easier.

Avoiding Late Fees and Service Disruptions

Paying your Recology Western Oregon bill by the due date is important to avoid late fees and potential service disruptions.

Here are some tips to pay on time:

  • Schedule automatic payments to process before the due date
  • Mark your calendar with bill due dates each month
  • Pay via phone if you miss the online cutoff time
  • Contact Recology if you need to arrange a payment plan

Late or missed payments can result in penalties, so diligence in paying on time is key.

Customer Support for Recology Western Oregon E-BillPay

If you have any trouble signing up for E-BillPay, making payments, or managing your account, Recology Western Oregon’s customer support team is ready to help:

Recology staff can provide billing support, payment assistance, account maintenance, and answers to any other questions you have about paying your bill online.

Convenient Online Bill Payment for Recology Western Oregon Customers

Paying your monthly Recology Western Oregon bill online through E-BillPay is fast, easy, and secure. Sign up for recurring payments to simplify bill management. And utilize all the convenient account features like payment history and paperless billing. Keeping your account current avoids late fees and service issues. Pay online and make bill paying hassle-free each month.

Recology Western Oregon Bill Pay

Recology Western Oregon New Way Sidewinder!

How can I pay my Recology bill online?

Recology customers can pay their bill online by logging into their existing account, or by creating a new user account. Once logged in, you can make payments, set up automatic payments, view payment history, and add customer and payment accounts.

What’s new at Recology western Oregon?

We are pleased to announce that our payment processing site has been upgraded, incorporating an improved design and enhanced user experience. It is easier than ever to make a payment electronically and review subscribed services. Recology Western Oregon bill pay for Amity, Lafayette, Mcminnville.

What is Recology western Oregon’s McMinnville office?

Recology Western Oregon’s McMinnville office is the administration office for residential and commercial customers throughout our service areas. In following local and statewide public health instructions, we encourage customers to pay their bills using online bill pay, pay by phone, or by mailing in bills.

Does Recology western Oregon accept credit cards?

Please be advised: We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards. Recology Western Oregon’s McMinnville office is the administration office for residential and commercial customers throughout our service areas.

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