How to Pay Your Santa Clara Utilities Bill Online

Santa Clara, California provides essential utility services like electricity, water, sewer, and trash collection to residents and businesses Paying your utility bills on time each month is important to avoid service disruptions The City offers convenient online payment options to make it quick and easy to pay your utilities bill.

Below we’ll explore the different ways you can pay your Santa Clara utilities bill electronically, including through the City’s website or using third-party services.

Santa Clara Utility Services & Billing

The City of Santa Clara provides the following utility services:

  • Electricity
  • Water & sewer
  • Garbage & recycling collection

Utility accounts are billed monthly. Electricity is metered and billed for exact usage. Water, sewer and garbage are billed at a flat rate or based on a tiered pricing structure.

Bills are typically generated on the 20th of each month and payment is due by the 15th of the following month to avoid late fees. The City charges a 10% penalty for late utility payments.

Paying Your Utilities Bill Online

Santa Clara offers several ways to pay your utility bill electronically:

  • Online via the City’s self-service portal
  • Through the City’s automated phone system
  • By enrolling in auto-pay through your bank
  • Using third-party bill pay services

Below we’ll take a closer look at how to pay online through the City portal or third-party services.

Paying Online Through the City’s Self-Service Portal

The easiest way to pay your Santa Clara utilities bill online is through the City’s self-service customer portal at

To pay online you will need to:

  1. Register for an account on the portal if you haven’t already
  2. Log into your account
  3. Select “Make Payment” and enter your payment details

The portal accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or electronic check as payment. You can also setup recurring payments.

Paying Through Third-Party Bill Pay Services

In addition to the City’s self-service portal, Santa Clara utility customers can pay bills through third-party services like Doxo, Paymentus, and InvoiceCloud.

These services allow you to view, manage, and pay all your bills from different providers in one place via web or mobile app. You can make one-time payments or setup autopay.

To use a third-party service you’ll first need to set up an account and provide details on your Santa Clara utility account to link it.

Setup Automatic Payments for Worry-Free Bills

The easiest way to manage Santa Clara utilities bills is to enroll in auto-pay. This ensures your payment is made on time each month and service continues uninterrupted.

You can setup recurring autopay either through the City’s self-service portal or third-party bill pay services. Just select your preferred payment method and date each month to pay bills automatically.

Autopay gives peace of mind knowing your electric, water, garbage, and other city services will continue without you having to remember to pay each month.

Avoid Late Fees with Online Payments

Paying your Santa Clara utilities bill online helps avoid costly late payment penalties. Mailing in paper checks risks the payment arriving after the due date.

But with electronic payments, you can schedule the payment up until the due date to ensure on-time delivery. Autopay takes away the chance of forgetting altogether.

The City charges a 10% late fee on overdue utility bills. Save money and hassle by paying online. Third-party services also provide bill reminders so your due date is never missed.

Manage Bills and Usage Through the Online Portal

The City’s customer self-service portal offers useful features beyond just payments that make managing your utilities easy.

You can view past bills and payment history to compare usage and manage costs. Outage alerts and usage charts help track electricity use. Budget billing lets you pay a fixed amount each month.

Third-party bill pay services also analyze usage to catch spikes and provide personalized tips for saving money. Take control of your utility bills with online management.

Why Paying Online Beats Mailing Paper Checks

Paying your utilities online provides many advantages over old-school paper checks:

  • Avoid late fees through automated payments
  • Payment reminders ensure no missed bills
  • Pay right up until the due date
  • No paper bills or stamps required
  • Manage usage and costs in one place
  • Setup text/email alerts for outages or usage changes
  • Enjoy 24/7 account access from anywhere

Go green and ditch the paper by paying your Santa Clara utility bills electronically. Just a few clicks pays your bill faster and gives you better account oversight.

Review of Online Payment Options for Santa Clara Utilities

  • City Self-Service Portal – Convenient way to pay directly through Santa Clara’s website. Also offers account management features.

  • Third-Party Bill Pay – Services like Doxo let you view/pay all bills from different providers in one app. Some fees may apply.

  • Auto-Pay – Best option for reliable on-time payments and uninterrupted service. Avoid late fees through recurring payments.

  • Phone Payments – Speak to an automated system to pay your Santa Clara utilities by phone with a card.

  • Bank Bill Pay – Have payments sent automatically from your bank account each month. Link your utility account details.

Going online provides the most reliable and convenient way to pay your Santa Clara electric, water, sewer, and other monthly bills. Ditch the paperwork and pay from your computer or phone instead to save time and avoid headaches.

Santa Clara Utilities Bill Pay

The City Will Begin Accepting Utility Payments Through Drive-thru Window


How to pay Santa Clara utility bill?

Pay by Phone Pay with your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) over the phone anytime day or night, 408-615-2300.

How to stop Silicon Valley power service?

Can I opt out? The choice is yours to participate with SVCE electricity service or opt out. Any customer may opt out of Silicon Valley Clean Energy after you become eligible for service. You can choose to opt out by filling out this form or calling 1-844-474-7823.

What is the electric rate in Santa Clara utilities?

The investor-owned electric utility that serves Santa Clara County is PG&E. For 2021, PG&E reported an average tiered residential retail electricity rate of $0.26/kWh, excluding low-income customers on discounted rates. For 2022, PG&E lists an average tiered residential electricity rate of $0.32/kWh.

How do I contact Silicon Valley Power?

If you are experiencing a power outage that is not listed please fill out this form or call us at 408-615-5640. To find out if you are impacted, you can enter your address into the search bar below on the map.

How do I pay in Santa Clara?

Pay with your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) over the phone anytime day or night, 408-615-2300. Pay with a check or money order made out to the City of Santa Clara. Mail your payment to the address below.

Why is Santa Clara a good place to start a business?

Lower utility rates and high standards of service have encouraged the relocation and growth of businesses in our community. Rules, regulations, rates and fees adopted by the Santa Clara City Council. These rules and regulations govern the manner in which the City’s municipal utilities conduct business.

How do I use the city of Santa Clara ACH payment option?

The City of Santa Clara’s ACH Enrollment Form must be fully completed and processed by the City of Santa Clara in order to be used as a payment option. A stipulation of emailing the City of Santa Clara (on the day of transfer) must be agreed upon in order to take advantage of this payment option.

What time are water and sewer utilities open in Santa Clara?

Water and Sewer Utilities are open 8:00 a.m. to 4:55 p.m. Monday through Friday. Their telephone number is 1-408-615-2000. We’re always looking to improve your experience at the City of Santa Clara. Please contact us with your comments.

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