How to Pay Your Sarasota County Utilities Bill

Sarasota County Utilities provides water, wastewater, and reclaimed water services to residents and businesses across Sarasota County, Florida. As a customer, you are responsible for paying your Sarasota County Utilities bill on time each month to avoid late fees and service disruption.

Sarasota County offers various payment options to fit every schedule and preference. You can pay your utilities bill online, by phone, by mail, in person, or setup automatic payments.

Read on for a complete guide on how to pay your Sarasota County Utilities bill

Pay Online

The easiest and most convenient way for most customers to pay their Sarasota County Utilities bill is online. The county offers secure online bill payment 24/7 through their website.

To pay online

  • Go to
  • Hover over “How Do I…” and click on “Pay Utility Bill”
  • Login or register for an account
  • Select Pay Bill and enter your payment info
  • Receive email confirmation when complete

Online payments are posted to your account immediately after the transaction processes. Pay by debit/credit card or electronic check.

Pay By Phone

Sarasota County Utilities offers a toll-free automated phone payment system. Call 941-861-6790 anytime to pay your utilities bill over the phone.

You will need to enter your 10-digit account number and the amount you wish to pay. Phone payments are processed immediately.

Pay By Mail

To pay your Sarasota Utilities bill by mail, detach the payment stub from your paper bill and mail with a check or money order to:

Sarasota County Utilities
PO Box 31320
Tampa, FL 33631-3320

Mail your payment at least 7-10 days before the due date to ensure it arrives on time. Allow 5-7 business days for mailed payments.

In-Person Payments

You can pay your Sarasota County Utilities bill in person with cash, check, or credit/debit card at the following locations:

  • Utilities Customer Service Center – 1001 Sarasota Center Blvd, Sarasota

  • Bee Ridge Customer Service Center – 5000 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota

  • North County Administration Center – 4000 S Tamiami Trail, Venice

  • William L Little Health & Human Services Center – 2200 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota

  • Comprehensive Cash Register – 1816 S Osprey Ave, Sarasota

Payment Kiosks

For self-service bill payment, Sarasota County has conveniently located payment kiosks at:

  • Utilities Customer Service Center

  • Bee Ridge Customer Service Center

  • William L Little Health & Human Services Center

  • Comprehensive Cash Register

The kiosks accept cash, checks, and credit/debit payments. Receipts are provided onsite.

Automatic Payments

For easy,automated bill payment, signup for Sarasota County’s EZ Pay program. This secure service automatically deducts your utility bill from your bank account each month.

To enroll in EZ Pay:

  • Login to your Sarasota County Utilities account
  • Click EZ Pay Enrollment
  • Enter your bank account information

Your bill will be paid automatically on the due date each month.

Account Balance and Billing History

When logged in to your online account, you can view important details like:

  • Account balance
  • Billing history
  • Meter readings
  • Service address
  • Payment confirmation
  • Download bills

Monitoring this info helps you stay on top of your account status and payments.

Late Fees

Sarasota County Utilities bills must be paid by the due date printed on your invoice to avoid late fees. If your bill is not paid on time, you will incur a late fee of 1.5% of the unpaid balance.

Late fees are charged each month until the past due balance is paid in full. Pay on time to avoid these unnecessary costs.

Disconnection Policy

If your Sarasota Utilities bill becomes past due, you will receive a disconnection notice requesting immediate payment. If the account remains unpaid, your water service will be physically disconnected.

Reconnection fees apply if your service is disconnected. Avoid service interruption by paying overdue balances promptly.

Payment Extensions

If you are unable to pay your full balance by the due date, Sarasota County allows customers to request a 14 day payment extension. This provides extra time to make a payment without late fees or disconnection.

Contact Sarasota County Utilities to submit a payment extension request. Extensions may be granted up to 3 times per calendar year if your account is in good standing.

Payment Arrangements

For customers undergoing financial hardship, Sarasota Utilities may approve extended payment arrangements. This allows you to pay an outstanding balance over a negotiated period of time while maintaining active service.

Payment arrangements take your circumstances into account. Contact the utility to discuss customized payment options. Proof of hardship is required.

Assistance Programs

Sarasota County partners with nonprofit agencies to offer bill payment assistance programs to qualifying low-income households. These programs can help pay all or a portion of utility bills during financial challenges or emergencies.

Contact Sarasota County Utilities to learn about eligibility for assistance programs like the Energy Assistance Program, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and other resources.

Vacation Holds

If you will be away from home for an extended time, you can request a vacation hold to temporarily suspend your Sarasota County utility service. This prevents continued billing and usage while you are gone.

When you return, call to have your service resumed on your specified date. Vacation holds can apply for a minimum of 30 days up to 180 days maximum.

Seasonal Service

For customers that occupy a home seasonally or don’t need year-round service, seasonal utility service is available. You select the months when you need service active, and service is discontinued the remainder of the year.

To setup seasonal service, contact Sarasota County Utilities to establish service dates and reconnection specifics for your property.

Rental Properties

Landlords with rental properties on Sarasota County water service can now setup tenant accounts online. This allows renters to manage utility service and billing needs through their own online account.

Visit and click “Owner/Tenant Portal” to access the self-service rental property portal. Both landlords and tenants benefit from simplified utility management.

Subsidized Housing

Some subsidized and public housing complexes in Sarasota County are master-metered. This means water billing is handled through the property management company rather than individual tenant accounts with the county.

Check with your property’s management office if you are unsure about how your water bill is handled. You may receive billing and make payments through your management company instead of directly with the county utility.

Excellent Customer Service

Sarasota County Utilities provides top-notch customer service to account holders. Contact their team of experts for any billing or service questions:

Phone: 941-861-6790
Email: [email protected]
Chat: Available online

Their customer care representatives are happy to help with payment issues, service needs, billing questions, and more.

Simple Sarasota Utility Bill Pay

As a Sarasota County Utilities customer, you have flexible options to pay your water, sewer, and reclaimed water bill each month. Pay online, by phone, by mail, in person, or enroll in automatic payments – whichever method works best based on your needs. Just be sure to pay the total due by the due date to avoid late fees. Managing your utility account is quick and easy with Sarasota County.

Sarasota County Utilities Bill Pay

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If you have your utility account number, you can make a one-time payment now without creating a profile.

Pay Now as a Guest

If you have your utility account number, you can make a one-time payment now without creating a profile.

Sarasota County Public Utilities Launches Paymentus Sept. 8

Does Sarasota County have a bill payment system?

Sarasota County’s Public Utilities Department is launching a new, user-friendly bill payment options for customers. Starting Wednesday, Sept. 8, the new website will offer a “Pay Now” function to make quick payments without registering an account.

What’s new at Sarasota County’s Public Utilities Department?

Sarasota County’s Public Utilities Department is launching a new user-friendly bill payment options for customers. Starting Wednesday, September 8, the new website offers a “Pay Now” function to make quick payments without registering an account.

When can I pay my Sarasota County utility bills online?

Sarasota County utilities customers can pay their bills online and by phone starting Sept. 8. Like what you’re reading? Invite a friend to subscribe to free Sarasota newsletters and real-time email alerts. (Shutterstock)

Does Sarasota County have a ‘pay now’ feature?

The new website will offer a “Pay Now” function to make quick payments without registering an account, plus other features like autopay. Sarasota County’s Public Utilities Department is launching a new, user-friendly bill payment options for customers.

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