How to Pay Your Bill with Solstas Lab Partners

Solstas Lab Partners offers a convenient online bill pay option for patients to pay their lab bills. As one of the largest independent lab networks in the Southeastern United States, Solstas performs millions of lab tests each year. With easy online bill pay, patients can view their lab bills and pay quickly from the comfort of home.

A Brief History of Solstas Lab Partners

Solstas Lab Partners originated as a division of LabCorp in the early 2000s. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, Solstas served patients in the Southeast through its network of patient service centers. In 2014, Quest Diagnostics acquired Solstas Lab Partners as part of a plan to expand access to diagnostic services in the region.

After the acquisition, Solstas continued to operate as an independent lab network under the Quest Diagnostics umbrella. Today, Solstas processes over 3.5 million lab tests annually and serves patients in nine states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Its lab testing services include blood tests, toxicology screens, COVID-19 testing, and more.

Online Bill Pay Overview

Solstas makes paying your lab bill quick and easy through online bill pay. Patients can access the Solstas patient portal 24/7 to view outstanding balances, recent statements, and pay bills.

Online bill pay offers several benefits:

  • Convenience: Pay bills anytime, anywhere through the secure online portal. Avoid mailing payments or visiting a payment center.

  • Payment History: The portal stores your payment history and statements, allowing you to lookup past bills.

  • Multiple Payment Options: Pay your bill directly from a bank account or by credit/debit card.

  • Automatic Payments Set up recurring payments to pay your bill automatically each month

  • Email Notifications: Get email notices when a new statement is available or a payment is processed.

  • Paperless Billing: Reduce clutter by going paperless. New statements are loaded directly to your online account.

  • Account Management: Update your account information, billing address, and payment methods through the portal.

How to Pay Your Bill Online

Paying your Solstas Lab Partners bill online takes just minutes Follow these simple steps

  1. Visit the Solstas Patient Portal

    Go to or access the portal link from

  2. Log In to Your Account

    If you already have an account, enter your username and password New users should click “Sign Up” to create an account

  3. View Your Balance

    Your outstanding balance will display on the home screen. Click “Pay Now” to proceed.

  4. Select a Payment Method

    Choose whether to pay from your bank account, by credit/debit card, or with an eCheck. Enter your payment information.

  5. Schedule or Send the Payment

    For a one-time payment, review the details and click “Process Payment”. To set up recurring payments, choose auto pay settings first.

  6. Get a Confirmation

    You’ll receive an on-screen and email payment confirmation shortly after paying your bill.

  7. Check Payment History

    To view past statements and payments, click “Payment History” from the portal menu.

It’s that easy! The online bill pay process takes just a few minutes. You can pay your balance 24/7 without ever leaving home.

Tips for Paying Your Solstas Lab Bill

Keep these tips in mind as you manage paying for your lab work through Solstas:

  • Log in regularly to check for new bills. You’ll receive email notices, but it’s smart to periodically review your account.

  • If you opt for auto payments, verify your payment method never expires or closes. Update details when you receive a new debit/credit card.

  • Contact Solstas billing support if you have any payment issues or concerns about your charges. They can explain your insurance coverage and expected out-of-pocket costs.

  • Setup paperless billing to reduce clutter, receive faster notifications, and easily access statements through the portal.

  • Update your contact information if you move or change phone numbers so Solstas can reach you. The “Account Settings” page allows you to edit details.

  • Save payment receipts as you may need them for insurance reimbursement or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) documentation.

Why Choose Solstas for Your Lab Testing?

With convenient online bill pay and a network spanning nine Southeastern states, it’s easy to see why millions of patients rely on Solstas Lab Partners for their diagnostic testing needs each year. A few key benefits of using Solstas include:

  • In-network with major insurers – Solstas participates with most major health plans, including BlueCross BlueShield and Medicare. This helps patients save money on medically necessary testing.

  • Access to advanced testing – From routine blood work to sophisticated molecular and genetic assays, Solstas performs a wide array of lab tests. Their test menu includes over 1,500 CLIA-certified assays.

  • Rapid result turnaround – Solstas utilizes automation and streamlined systems to deliver test results to healthcare providers quickly—typically within 24 hours. Fast answers help doctors make informed treatment decisions sooner.

  • Patient service centers – Solstas operates dozens of conveniently located patient service centers for specimen collection. Patients can get their lab work done without leaving their neighborhood.

  • Experienced medical staff – Board-certified pathologists, genetic counselors, and lab scientists oversee testing, results analysis, and reporting. Their expertise ensures accurate, high-quality diagnostics.

Pay Your Solstas Lab Bill Today!

Don’t let an unpaid lab bill lead to unnecessary stress or collection actions. Stay on top of your Solstas account by paying your balance promptly via the secure online bill pay portal. With just a few clicks, your bill can be paid 24/7 from anywhere. Sign up for auto pay to make sure you never miss a payment deadline. Here’s to paying your bill and getting back to better health!

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