Paying Your Sewer Bill in St Joseph, MO – A Complete Guide

Having to pay sewer bills is an unavoidable part of being a homeowner or renter. Even if you feel like you don’t use much water, you still need to have access to the city sewer system. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about paying sewer bills in St Joseph, MO.

Understanding Your St Joseph Sewer Bill

In St Joseph, the city government is in charge of sewer billing for both residential and commercial customers If you live outside the city limits in a sewer district, you’ll pay a different rate than city residents.

Your sewer bill is based on your water usage. If you use a lot of water, the city will charge you a sewer rate based on how much water you used. To use the sewer, you’ll still have to pay something, even if you save water.

Sewer rates inside the city are approved by the city council. Rates in sewer districts outside the city are set by those districts. The city just handles the billing as a service to those districts.

When to Expect Your Bill

Most residents and businesses receive sewer bills on a monthly basis The due date is usually around the 5th of the month

If you don’t receive your bill for some reason, it’s your responsibility to contact the city utility department and find out how much you owe. Not paying on time can result in late fees being added to your account.

New customers will received their first sewer bill 1-2 months after an account is opened. This allows time for the city to get an initial meter reading to calculate your charges.

Payment Options for St Joseph Sewer Bills

The city offers several ways to pay your sewer bill conveniently

  • By mail – Detach the payment stub from your bill and mail it with a check or money order to the payment address printed on the stub. Allow 3-5 business days for the payment to reach the city.

  • In person – Bring your payment to City Hall at 1100 Frederick Ave. Payments can be made at the Customer Service desk in Room 101A during business hours.

  • Online – Payment can be made on the city website using a credit card or electronic check.

  • Authorized payment locations – Many banks and grocery stores will accept city utility payments. A $1.50 service fee applies to these payments.

  • Automatic bank draft – Sign up through the city’s website to have your bill amount automatically deducted from your bank account each month. No fees apply to bank draft payments.

Starting in 2021, the city began charging a fee for credit/debit card and e-check payments made online, by phone, or in-person. But there are still ways to avoid fees, like paying by cash, check, auto-draft, or using your bank’s online bill pay.

Financial Assistance for Sewer Bills

If you’re having trouble paying your sewer bill, contact the city right away to ask about payment plan options. They can spread out your balance over several months to make it more affordable.

Low income residents can also inquire about LIHEAP assistance for utility bills. LIHEAP provides federal funding administered by states to help households pay energy and water bills. Eligibility is based on income, household size, and other factors.

The city also has limited emergency assistance funds that can help pay sewer bills for qualifying individuals. Restrictions apply, so contact the utility department to learn more.

Avoid Late Fees and Disconnection

To avoid extra fines and fees, make sure to pay your sewer bill by the due date each month. If you can’t pay in full, call the city immediately to set up a payment plan.

Accounts more than 45 days past due are subject to disconnection. That means your sewer service could get shut off until you pay the past due amount. There will also be fees for turning it back on.

Disconnection can happen with no further notice, so keep your account current to avoid expensive headaches. The day your service is scheduled for disconnection is not extendable.

New Sewer Service and Startup Fees

When you need new sewer service activated, there are some one-time fees to be aware of:

  • Account startup fee – $25 per account
  • Deposit – $75 for tenants, $100 for homeowners
  • Sewer inspection – $30 per inspection
  • Meter fee – $165-$320 depending on meter size
  • Any permits required for sewer line work

These fees help cover the city’s costs for opening a new account and ensuring all sewer infrastructure is in working order. Deposits are refundable when you close the account.

Expect 1-2 billing cycles to pass before sewer charges kick in. You won’t see charges right away since the meter has to be read first.

Sewer Rate Increases

The city reviews its utility rates annually and may approve increases as needed to cover operational costs. Sewer rate hikes have averaged about 4% in recent years.

Rate changes are announced well in advance through press releases and articles. Your bill will be adjusted starting on the effective date published by the city.

Over time, sewer rates gradually rise as infrastructure ages and requires maintenance. But increases are usually spread out to avoid shocking customers with a large hike all at once.

Sewer Problems and Clogs

If you experience sewer backups, slow drains, or other problems, call the city’s sewer maintenance department for assistance. City workers can inspect lines and clear simple clogs at no charge.

For extensive sewer line repairs on private property, you’ll need to hire a plumber at your own expense. Homeowners are responsible for private lateral lines connecting each building to the public main lines.

Don’t pour grease, chemicals, or debris down drains that could clog the system. Avoid overloading the sewers with excessive water use during heavy rains. Report any suspected issues right away before they become bigger problems.

Moving or Closing Your Sewer Account

When moving out of a property with city sewer service, you’ll need to close your account. Contact customer service and provide them with a turn-off date. You’ll be billed only through that final day.

Make sure any outstanding balance is paid to avoid having a delinquent amount sent to collections. And provide a forwarding address for your closing bill and any refundable deposit.

New owners or tenants will open a new account when they move in. The city will conduct an inspection and transfer service to the new account holder.

Closing an account promptly ensures you don’t pay for someone else’s sewer usage after moving out. And the new occupant won’t be stuck without service.

Key Takeaways on St Joseph Sewer Bills

  • Sewer bills are tied to your water usage and billed monthly
  • Several payment options are available, including online and in-person
  • Financial assistance programs can help if you get behind on payments
  • Late fees and service disconnection will occur for past due accounts
  • One-time fees apply when establishing new sewer service
  • Rates gradually increase over time as infrastructure requires maintenance
  • Homeowners are responsible for private lateral sewer lines on their property

Paying sewer bills isn’t the most exciting task, but it’s a small price to pay for the convenience of reliable sewer service. Following the guidelines above will help you manage your account smoothly as a St Joseph utility customer. Reach out to the city utility department with any other questions.

St Joseph Sewer Bill Pay

City of St. Joseph to receive $25M dollar fund for sewer system upgrades


What is the phone number for St Joseph utility billing?

2) Call the automated processing telephone line (IVR) at (816) 558-6894. 3) Pay online via the City’s website

What is the phone number for Missouri sewer bill payment?

Call the Billing Contact Center at 1 (866) 281-5737 to pay using your bank account, credit or debit card.

How do I pay my sewer bill in NJ?

You can pay your bill Online , in person, to pay by phone: 1-888-877-0450 or by mail.

How do I pay a sewer bill at stjoemo?

2) Call the automated processing telephone line (IVR) at (816) 558-6894. 3) Pay online via the City’s website Click on the Sewer Payment icon and it will take you to the payment website; 4) Auto debit – provide the City with a copy of your banking information. The amount due will be debited to the account on the due date;

Where can I make a payment in St Joseph?

In person at City Hall, 1100 Frederick Avenue, at Customer Service, in Room 101A or authorized payment locations. Online payments may be made by clicking the ONLINE PAYMENTS tab below. Effective January 1, 2021, the city of St. Joseph will begin assessing debit and credit card fees for payments.

How do I pay my sewer bill in Kansas City Missouri?

Payments for your sewer bill can be made by mail, in person or online. Mail payments to City of St. Joseph Utility Billing, P.O. Box 411458, Kansas City, MO 64141. In person at City Hall, 1100 Frederick Avenue, at Customer Service, in Room 101A or authorized payment locations. Online payments may be made by clicking the ONLINE PAYMENTS tab below.

How do sewer rates work in St Joseph?

Sewer rates for City of St. Joseph and for its contract Sewer District customers are approved by City Council based on an annual Cost of Service Rate Study conducted by an outside engineering firm. Rate changes (if applicable) generally go into effect July 1st annually.

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