How to Pay Your Middlesex Health Bill Online Using MyChart

As a patient at Middlesex Health in Connecticut you have access to top-notch care and facilities. You also have the responsibility to pay your medical bills in a timely manner. Middlesex makes it convenient to pay online through their secure patient portal MyChart. This article will explain how to use MyChart to view and pay your Middlesex Health bills electronically.

Overview of Middlesex Health Billing

After receiving care at Middlesex Health, you will get a bill from the hospital system listing the medical services provided during your visit or stay. Bills may come separately from the hospital facility, labs individual doctors who treated you radiology, etc.

Bills include your account number, date of service description of services and total amount due. It is important to pay each bill by the due date printed to avoid late fees or collections actions. Middlesex offers several payment options through the MyChart patient portal.

What is MyChart?

Middlesex Health’s online patient portal is called MyChart, and it is powered by their Epic electronic medical record system. Patients can see all of their medical records and test results in one place with MyChart. They can also talk to their doctors and do other things.

Key features relevant to billing include:

  • View and pay bills online
  • Go paperless by opting into e-bills
  • Store payment information securely
  • Pay multiple accounts

Sign Up for a MyChart Account

You need to create a MyChart account before you can use the portal to pay your Middlesex bills. Here’s how:

  • Visit
  • Click “Sign Up Now” and enter your personal info and activation code (from your visit summary or by email)
  • Create a username and password to log in anytime

You can also sign up in-person at your doctor’s office.

Pay Your Bill Through MyChart

Once your MyChart account is created, you can view and pay bills in two ways:

Pay as a Registered User

  • Log into your MyChart account
  • Click on “Billing” in the toolbar
  • Select your account(s) and “Pay Selected Bills”
  • Enter payment amount and method

Pay as a Guest

MyChart accepts credit/debit cards, HSA/FSA cards, and bank account payments. There are no extra fees to pay online. Payments are credited to your account immediately to avoid late penalties.

Go Paperless with E-Bills

Save paper by opting into electronic bills through MyChart. You’ll get email notifications when new bills are ready to view and pay online.

To enroll:

  • Log into MyChart > Click “Billing” > Select “Paperless Billing”
  • Check the box to turn on e-bills and enter your email address
  • Save your preferences

You can still request paper bills by contacting billing services.

Set Up Recurring Payments

For accounts with multiple bills expected over a period of time, like pregnancy care or an ongoing treatment plan, you can create an automatic payment schedule.

  • In MyChart, select your account > Click “Set up recurring payments”
  • Choose frequency (monthly, weekly, etc), date to pay, and payment amount
  • Payments will process automatically each period

This prevents you from forgetting a payment due date. You can cancel or edit the automated payments anytime.

Get Help Paying Medical Bills

If you are struggling to pay your Middlesex Health bills timely, assistance options include:

  • Payment plans – Spread balance over 6-12 months
  • Prompt-pay discounts – 10% off if paid within 30 days
  • Financial aid – For those who qualify based on income

Contact Middlesex’s financial assistance services department for help. Counselors will confidentially review your situation and match you with resources to manage your medical bills.

Use MyChart to Track Balances

Log into MyChart anytime to view outstanding balances on your accounts, recent payment history, scheduled future payments, and bills marked as paid-in-full. Monitoring your balances helps prevent surprise bills down the road.

Enable Account Alerts

For real-time notifications, turn on MyChart’s billing alerts. You can receive emails or text messages when:

  • A new bill is ready
  • A payment succeeds
  • An automatic payment is processed
  • A bill is nearing its due date

Account alerts keep you informed and prevent you from missing bill due dates. Sign up under “Account Settings” in MyChart.


MyChart makes it quick and easy for Middlesex Health patients to manage medical bills online 24/7. Pay bills electronically, go paperless, set up recurring payments, and monitor balances in real-time. Contact Middlesex’s financial services team if you need help affording your care costs. Convenient online bill pay avoids stress and late fees!

Middlesex Hospital Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay How To

How do I pay my Middlesex Health Bill online?

MyChart makes it easy for you to pay your Middlesex Health bill online. There are two ways to pay: through your MyChart account or as a guest (no login required). Who can sign up for MyChart?

Is Middlesex Health a paperless billing service?

Welcome to Middlesex Health’s Online Bill Pay Service. We’ve gone paperless! All Middlesex Health MyChart users have been automatically enrolled in paperless billing. // Learn More Middlesex Health uses Epic as our electronic medical record system.

What is Middlesex Health’s new patient information portal?

MyChart is Middlesex Health’s new patient information portal. It creates a single medical and financial record for you, so that you can see your medical information, interact with your providers’ offices, and pay bills all in one easy-to-access place. MyChart makes it easy for you to pay your Middlesex Health bill online.

How does Middlesex Health Bill my insurance company?

Middlesex Health bills your insurance company if you provide us with the proper information. If insurance payment is delayed, or there is a balance due after insurance payment, a statement will be mailed to you. Read the message carefully as action may be required on your part. Your private physician will bill you separately for their services.

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