A Comprehensive Guide to Paying Your Steward Medical Group Bill

Handling medical bills can be confusing and stressful. At Steward Medical Group, we want to make it easy for you to pay your bills and talk about your health. This full guide tells you everything you need to know to quickly, easily, and safely pay your Steward Medical Group bills.

Overview of Steward Medical Group Billing

Steward Medical Group provides care across a wide network of physicians, specialists, hospitals urgent care centers and other facilities. Our centralized billing office sends out statements for any care you receive through Steward.

You may receive separate bills for different services. For example, you could get a bill from:

  • Your primary care doctor’s office for an office visit
  • A lab or imaging center for tests conducted
  • A Steward hospital for an inpatient stay
  • A surgeon or anesthesiologist for specialized care

It is important to pay each bill to avoid having accounts sent to collections, We explain your payment options in the next sections

Online Bill Pay Through StewardCONNECT

The fastest, easiest way to pay your Steward Medical Group bills is through our online patient portal, StewardCONNECT. This secure portal allows you to:

  • View all your Steward Medical Group bills in one place
  • See invoices from across our facilities – doctors, clinics, labs, hospitals
  • Make one-time payments or set up recurring payments
  • Pay bills immediately with credit/debit card or bank account
  • Avoid mailing delays or lost paper bills

To sign up for StewardCONNECT:

  1. Go to wwwstewardmedicalgrouporg and click on “Patient Portal”

  2. If you’re a new user, click “Register New Portal Now.” If you’re an existing user, click “Already Registered? Log In Now.”

  3. Follow prompts to create your account

  4. Log in anytime to view and pay bills 24/7!

StewardCONNECT is the most convenient way to manage all your Steward bills. We highly recommend utilizing this digital payment option.

Paying Bills by Phone

If you prefer to pay bills over the phone, our Patient Financial Services team is available to assist you.

To pay Steward Medical Group outpatient bills:

  • Call 833-764-1600
  • Select option 3 for billing
  • Provide your account number from the bill
  • Make a payment using automated system

For hospital and facility charges:

  • Call 888-527-1968
  • Provide account number
  • Make payment via automated system

A representative can also take your payment or answer any billing questions during business hours.

Paying Bills by Mail

If you wish to pay your Steward bills by physical check, you can mail payments to:

Steward Medical Group
PO Box 9025
Addison, TX 75001

Be sure to include your account number from the statement along with the payment. Mailed payments take longer to process than online payments.

Paying Urgent Care Bills

For any bills from Steward Urgent Care centers, you can pay:

  • Online through StewardCONNECT
  • By phone at 833-483-5179
  • Via mail with account number to PO Box 9025, Addison, TX 75001

Urgent care bills follow the same process as other Steward Medical Group invoices.

Financial Assistance and Payment Plans

Steward offers financial assistance and payment plans to patients who qualify based on financial need. You may be eligible for:

  • Discounted care under our sliding fee scale
  • Payment plans with fixed installments over time
  • Total forgiveness for qualifying medical hardship

To apply, request a financial assistance application or speak to a patient financial counselor.

Collections Process for Unpaid Bills

It is important to pay your Steward Medical Group bills in a timely manner or make arrangements through our financial assistance program.

If bills remain unpaid for 120 days, accounts may be forwarded to a collection agency. This can negatively impact your credit score.

Avoid collections by paying bills promptly or contacting us immediately if you are unable to make payments. Our team will work on a solution for your situation.

Key Takeaways

  • Pay Steward Medical Group bills conveniently online through StewardCONNECT
  • Call automated payment lines to pay by phone
  • Send physical checks by mail with account numbers
  • Seek financial assistance or payment plans if needed
  • Pay urgent care bills using same options as other facilities
  • Avoid collections by paying on time or arranging assistance

Steward Medical Group Bill Pay

StewardCONNECT Frequently Asked Questions

Steward Health Care has introduced a new patient portal, StewardCONNECT. The first phase of the portal introduction was implemented at our Steward Medical Group outpatient practices.

As of April 18, 2023, we are introducing a new StewardCONNECT portal for hospital patients in Massachusetts. We have already introduced this new portal for Steward Medical Group outpatient practices and at Steward hospitals in Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

What is StewardCONNECT? StewardCONNECT is our new patient portal, designed to improve your patient experience and enhance access to your health information. You can now easily and securely access your information, any time, from a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet device.

What can I do on the portal? Your portal account provides access to your medical information. You can check your visit history, schedule appointments online, manage your medical bills, contact your provider’s office, review lab results and reports, and more. The portal is available to you 24/7.

How do I get to the new StewardCONNECT portal? The StewardCONNECT portal may be reached by visiting: www.stewardconnect.org

Do I need to set up a new account? Yes. If we already have your email on file, you will automatically receive a portal invitation. If we do not have your email on file, once you share your email with us, you will receive an email invitation to join the portal. If you are a Steward Medical Group outpatient and recently created a StewardCONNECT account, you do not need to set up another new account.

If you are a Steward hospital patient in the Miami, FL region and did not already sign up for StewardCONNECT, as of Oct. 1, you will need to signup and create a new StewardCONNECT account to access your hospital visit information.

Why am I seeing an error message when I log into my existing portal account? Steward Health Care has transitioned to a new patient portal, StewardCONNECT. For best user experience, we recommend when patients first register for the new portal, they do so from a laptop or desktop. Patients may also sign up from their mobile device. To access the new portal, please visit: www.stewardconnect.org

I registered for the new portal. How do I sign in? For patients who have successfully registered a new account on the new StewardCONNECT portal, to sign in, visit: www.stewardconnect.org

When registering for the new portal for the first time, how should I answer the registration question of “Do you already have a StewardCONNECT account? Anyone who is registering for the new StewardCONNECT portal for the first time should select NO as the answer to this question for best user experience. Anyone who has registered for the new StewardCONNECT portal and is now registering a family member using the same email address should respond YES to this question when registering their family member.

I am an existing patient and I did not receive an email invitation to the new portal. What should I do? Please check your Spam/Junk folder on your email account. The email will come from “Invitation Manager.” Patients may have also not received an invitation if their email address was not in the Steward database or if the email address the patient has on record is not a valid email address.

I created my new portal account but I’m not seeing my medical information. How come? If a patient has created a new account but does not see their information right away, they should try logging out of the portal and then logging back in. Some information may take a little time to fully load. If you need assistance regarding your information not loading, please contact the StewardCONNECT portal support line at: 888-696-0108.

I am trying to create my account but I am receiving a message that the system is not recognizing me as a patient. What should I do? If you receive a message that the system is not recognizing you as a patient, please call the StewardCONNECT portal support line at 888-696-0108. The support team will need to send you a new email invitation to aid your sign-up process.

I am signing up for the portal but the sign in page is not accepting my phone number. What should I do? When entering your phone number during your registration on the sign-up page, please do not insert hyphens between the numbers or any other non-numeric character.

I am signing up for the portal and being prompted to insert a code that was sent to me from Steward but I do not have that code. What do I do? If you are signing up for the portal and receive this message, it indicates that the email invitation you are using for your sign-up is outdated. Please contact the StewardCONNECT portal support line at 888-696-0108 and request a new email invitation so you can complete your registration.

What if I forget my password? If you forget your password, on your sign-in page, click on the “forgot password” button and follow the prompts to create a new password.

Can I print information from my portal? Yes. The portal, at this time, does not support the uploading of documents such as photographs or forms. If you need a form from your doctor, please ask the office to securely email it to you.

Will StewardCONNECT email me when there is a new message from my provider? Yes. When you have a new message, you will receive an email to notify you.

Will I continue to receive my test or lab results in the StewardCONNECT portal? Yes. Under the CURES Act, as soon as your test or lab results are available, they will automatically be sent to your patient portal account. Bear in mind, you may receive your test or lab results before your provider has had an opportunity to review them to discuss with you.

Can I give access to my portal account to a family member or other trusted individual involved in my care? Yes. Patients will need to grant this access directly to a family member or other trusted individual. See the “Share Health Information” section in the portal and follow the instructions there.

Can I pay a bill online? Yes.

Will I receive a confirmation that my payment went through? Yes.

What happens if my payment does not go through? If your payment does not go through, you will receive a notification and be asked to try again or to contact our Patient Financial Services Team for Outpatient Practice bills, or our Hospital Billing Team for a Hospital bill.

Where can I reach out for help if I have a question or an issue? For any portal question please contact us at 888-696-0108 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST.

Is there a mobile app for StewardCONNECT? Yes. The StewardCONNECT app is available in the Google Play store for Android and in the Apple App store for Apple devices.

The following six questions, at this time, pertain only to Steward patients in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Arizona, and Massachusetts as of April 18, 2023.

Why am I seeing duplicate lab work results? Your lab results may show in the portal from both your hospital and your outpatient practice provider.

Will I see my vital signs? Only the last set of vital signs before your hospital discharge will show in the portal.

Will I see labs or imaging results under the Procedure section? Yes

How can I obtain a summary of my hospital visit? You can request your summary in the portal Health information/Visits section. Click “Generate Patient Summary.” Your summary will be available to you 3 hours after you request it. You will find it in the Health Information/Documents section of your portal.

Can I pay my medical bills through my portal? Yes. You can manage your hospital and outpatient practice bills through StewardCONNECT.

For your Hospital Bill, select Pay Balance and View Statement. Follow the prompts to pay your hospital bill through our third-party vendor portal. If you need assistance, call the Hospital Billing Phone Number at 888-527-1968.

If you need to make an Outpatient Practice bill payment, select Billing on the left navigation bar, select Invite next to the patient’s information in the table that shows at the bottom, enter payment amount in Make Payment window, enter your credit card information and follow the prompts.

Lawsuits suggest Steward Health Care has not paid vendors in months

How do I pay my steward Medical Group Bill?

For all other Steward Medical Group bills, patients should continue to use the payment methods you have regularly used to pay your SMG bill, including online through the StewardCONNECT patient portal, by credit card through our SMG Patient Financial Services, or via mail, with your account number included on your check.

How do I get Started with a Steward Health Care Bill?

To get started, enter the last name and date of birth of the person to whom the bill was sent, along with the access code provided on the bill, in the spaces below. Thank you for visiting our website. Steward Health Care, LLC offers the information on this web site only to allow patients to access their balances and make payments on them.

How do I contact Steward medical group?

Steward Medical Group is pleased to offer our patients a one-stop solution for billing inquiries. Just call or email us and our SMG Patient Financial Services team will be happy to help you. SMG NORTHEAST Call: 833-764-1600 Email: [email protected] SMG CENTRAL

How do I contact the stewardconnect patient portal support team?

The StewardCONNECT Patient Portal Support Team may be reached at 888-696-0108, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST. Steward Health Care has introduced a new patient portal, StewardCONNECT. The first phase of the portal introduction was implemented at our Steward Medical Group outpatient practices.

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