How to Pay Your TECO Bill Online

Paying bills is a necessary but often tedious task. However, TECO offers convenient online bill payment options to make paying your electric bill fast and easy. In this comprehensive guide we’ll explain everything you need to know about paying your TECO bill online.

Overview of TECO

TECO (Tampa Electric Company) provides electricity service to homes and businesses in the Tampa, Florida area. Some key facts about TECO:

  • Serves over 740,000 customers in West Central Florida.

  • Is a subsidiary of Emera Inc. a Canada-based energy company.

  • Offers residential, commercial and industrial electric service.

  • Runs four natural gas power plants, two coal power plants, one solar farm and one natural gas/solar hybrid plant.

As a customer of TECO, you receive a monthly electric bill that must be paid to continue uninterrupted service. TECO offers several ways to pay this bill conveniently online.

TECO Online Account Access

To pay your TECO bill online, you first need to register for an online account. This allows you to view and manage your account anytime.

How to Register

Follow these steps to sign up for online account access with TECO:

  1. Go to TECO’s website and click on “My Account” at the top.

  2. On the login page, click “Register Account”.

  3. Enter your TECO account number, name, email and create a password.

  4. Accept the terms and conditions and click “Register”.

Once registered, you can log in anytime to pay bills, view usage, update account settings and more.

Account Management Capabilities

With your online TECO account you can:

  • View current and past electric bills.
  • Make a one-time payment.
  • Set up recurring autopay.
  • Monitor daily electric usage.
  • Request service turn on/off.
  • Update contact information.
  • Opt for paperless billing.
  • Report outages or issues.

So your online account works as a 24/7 account management hub!

Ways to Pay Your TECO Bill Online

TECO offers three convenient ways to pay your electric bill through your online account or mobile app.

Pay on Website

  1. Log into your TECO online account.
  2. Go to “Billing & Payments” then select “Pay Bill”.
  3. Choose a payment method – credit/debit card or electronic funds transfer.
  4. Enter your payment info and submit.

The bill amount will instantly update to show the payment.

Pay on Mobile App

The TECO app (available for iOS and Android) also allows online bill payments.

  1. Download and open the TECO app.
  2. Tap the “Billing & Payments” icon.
  3. Select your payment method and enter details.
  4. Review and submit payment.

You’ll receive instant payment confirmation.

Schedule Autopay

For hassle-free bill payment, you can enroll in autopay through your online account. This automatically pays your bill from a credit card or bank account each month.

To set up recurring autopay payments:

  1. Go to “Billing & Payments” and click “Auto Pay”.
  2. Choose your payment method and enter details.
  3. Pick your payment date – due date or other date.
  4. Review and submit auto pay enrollment.

Once active, autopay will trigger a payment each billing cycle. You can cancel or edit autopay anytime.

Payment Methods for Online Bill Pay

TECO offers several payment methods to use for online bill payment:

  • Credit/debit card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. Convenience fees apply.
  • Electronic funds transfer – Directly from your checking or savings account. No fees.
  • Digital wallets – Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. Same fees as credit/debit cards.
  • Cash – Take cash payments to authorized payment locations.
  • Check – Mail check payments to TECO directly.

Credit/debit cards and EFT offer the quickest processing for online payments. Cash and checks take longer to post to your account.

Other Ways to Pay Your TECO Bill

Aside from TECO’s online payment options, you can also pay your electric bill:

  • By phone – Call TECO at 1-833-685-5353 anytime to make a payment.
  • In person – Visit a TECO office or authorized payment center.
  • By mail – Send a check or money order to TECO’s payment address.
  • Budget billing – Even out bills by paying a fixed amount monthly.

But for fast, secure payment access from your computer or phone, online bill pay can’t be beat!

Payment Posting Timeframes

Here is when different payment types will post to your TECO account:

  • Online payments – Instantly

  • Phone payments – Within 1 business day

  • In-person payments – Within 1-2 business days

  • Mailed checks – Within 5-7 business days

Pay attention to these timeframes when paying bills, especially around your due date.

Online Account Security

TECO utilizes top data encryption and cybersecurity technology to keep your information safe. This includes:

  • Secure HTTPS website connections.

  • Encrypted storage of payment information.

  • Authentication requirements to access accounts.

  • Regular third-party security audits.

So you can feel fully confident paying your TECO bill through the online portal or mobile app.

Avoid Late Fees with Online Payments

Here are some tips to remember to avoid late fees when paying TECO bills online:

  • Note your bill due date and pay at least 2 days before, allowing for processing time.

  • Set payment reminders on your calendar a few days before your bill is due.

  • Enroll in autopay to prevent ever missing a payment.

  • Opt for text or email billing reminders from TECO.

  • Monitor your account usage and balance in real time.

Paying online gives you more control and visibility to stay on top of bills and avoid penalties.

Contact TECO Customer Support

If you have any issues with online bill pay or your TECO account, contact customer support at:

The TECO support team can answer questions, provide payment assistance, and troubleshoot any problems.

Teco Bill Pay Online

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Does TECO charge a fee for online payment?

Thank you for using TECO’s online payment system powered by KUBRA EZ-PAY. This service allows you to make a payment by credit card, debit card or bank account. To use this service you will be charged a convenience fee. TECO does not receive any part of this fee and it is non-refundable.

How do I pay my TEPCO gas bill?

Customers will be informed of the monthly gas rate, amount of gas used, and other important customer information by a printed bill that also includes electricity information. TEPCO generally requests you to pay your gas bill together with electricity bill in a single payment by bank transfer or credit card.

How do I pay my TCO bill online?

You can pay online by eCheck, VISA, American Express, MasterCard or Discover. Be sure to have your statement and payment method readily available when making your payment. NOTICE: TCO’s online bill payment is powered by InstaMed®. TCO does not have an affiliation with any other online bill payment directory or processor.

How do I pay my Tampa Electric Bill?

Convenience fees apply. Mail your payment via check or money order. If circumstances make it impossible to pay your electric bill by the date due, Tampa Electric will discuss the possibility of granting a payment extension. Business customers impacted by COVID-19 can get help from a list of federal and local resources that are available now.

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