A Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Your Think Utility Services Bill Online

For residents and property managers using submetering services from Think Utility Services, paying your monthly utility bill promptly is essential Failure to pay on time can lead to late fees, suspended service or even eviction

Thanks to their online payment system, Think Utility makes paying your bill quick and easy. If you want to pay your Think Utility services bill electronically, this complete guide will show you how to do it.

Why Pay Your Bill Online?

Here are some of the major advantages of paying your submetered utilities online rather than mailing a check

  • Convenience – Pay anytime, anywhere through computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Save Time – Takes just minutes versus writing and mailing a payment.

  • Payment Options – Securely pay by credit/debit card or e-check.

  • Account Access – View balance, usage history and billing details.

  • Paperless – Go green by enrolling in online statements.

  • Reminders – Get email/text alerts when bill is ready and before due date.

  • No Fees – Think Utility does not charge convenience fees for online payments.

With hectic schedules, online bill pay offers a fast, simple way to take care of your utility invoice.

How to Pay Your Think Utility Bill Online

  1. Visit the Think Utility Website

Go to ThinkUtilityServices.com and click on “Residents” then “Resident Portal” to access the payment login.

  1. Enter Your Account Credentials

If this is your first online payment, you’ll need to register your account which requires:

  • Service address

  • Think Utility account number

  • Contact details

  • Password creation

For returning users, just input your username and password.

  1. Select Account and Payment Amount

On the payment page, choose which account to pay if you have more than one.

Enter payment amount – options include full balance, minimum due or a custom amount.

  1. Input Payment Method

Enter your credit/debit card information or bank account details for e-check payments.

Double check that all billing and payment info is correct.

  1. Get Payment Confirmation

Think Utility will process your payment and display a confirmation page with transaction details and receipt number.

Your account page will also update to reflect the paid status.

Tips for Managing Your Think Utility Account

In addition to standard bill payment, the Think Utility resident portal allows you to:

  • Check real-time account balance 24/7

  • View detailed usage and billing history

  • Update contact information if moving

  • Set up automatic payments to avoid late fees

  • Go paperless by enrolling in e-bills

  • Receive email/text alerts about account activity

Closely monitoring your utility billing account provides visibility and control over your monthly costs for submetered water, electric and gas service.

Pay On-the-Go with the MyUsage Mobile App

For fast, easy payments when you’re away from your computer, download the MyUsage app by Think Utility for iPhone or Android devices.

With mobile bill pay, you can:

  • Pay bills immediately or schedule future payments

  • Store payment methods like credit cards for easy repeat use

  • Check your balance and payment history

  • Receive bill reminders and account alerts

  • Access electronic statements

  • Get notifications of high usage triggers

No matter where you are, you can stay on top of your Think Utility bill through mobile access.

Avoid Late Fees and Service Disruption

Having reliable utility service through submetering is essential, but failure to pay your Think Utility bill can lead to penalties, shutoffs or even eviction. Don’t risk extra fees or service interruptions due to non-payment.

The online bill payment options offered by Think Utility make it quick and easy to keep your account current from anywhere. No more waiting for paper statements or driving to drop off checks. You can take care of your utility bill in just minutes on your computer or mobile device at your convenience.

As a resident or property manager relying on Think Utility’s submetering for water, gas and electric, maintaining your account is vital. Use this step-by-step guide to seamlessly pay your bill electronically each month. Access to essential utilities improves quality of life and keeping them on through prompt payment is your responsibility.

Think Utility Services Bill Pay

Think RV Park Submetering

The RV Park Submetering is very important for all RV Park owners and property managers. Think Utilities specializes in installing utility submeters and billing residents for what they actually consume. Making residents responsible drops consumption 20-40% and grants management control over a very costly expense.

Think Utility Services Bill Pay

Resorts spend thousands of water yearly. A few studies suggest that water usage averages between 100 gallons per day (gpd) per room to 400 gpd per room. Age, size, class of hotel, type of cooling, on-site laundry, irrigation needs, swimming pools, and the existence of full service restaurants have all shown to have a significant effect on total water use.

Think Utility Services Bill Pay

How to Submeter My Condominium And Apartment Properties?

Are water & sewer breaking the community budget?

For condominium associations, water/sewer represents one of the most unpredictable components of the annual budget. This twin team tends to be very hard to control. Water/Sewer is often the budget buster, precipitating special assessments and annual rate increases. What can a community association do? The answer is to segregate this cost out of your budget and pass it through to the individuals consuming this expensive resource. Submetering is the mechanism that allows you to do this.

Get water & sewer out of the community budget by installing water submeters!

Why Choose Think Utility Services For Submetering and Utility Billing

How do I pay my think Utility Services Bill?

You can pay your Think Utility Services bill on doxo.com by logging into your account, selecting ‘Think Utility Services’ from your connected billers, and proceeding to make a payment with your chosen payment method. How can I track my payments to Think Utility Services on doxo.com?

Where is think utility services located?

We’re located in Clearwater, Florida but serve the continental United States. Connect with us for your free consultation today! © 2024 Think Utility Services. All Rights Reserved. Residents log in to your utility account, support, account questions, bill payment portal, autopay, and more with Think Utility Services.

Are there any convenience fees with think utility services?

All convenience fees are disclosed in advance by the Think Utility Services website, or by our Customer Service Representatives. Those inquiring are given the opportunity to use other methods of payment. 11 What are free methods of payment? Checks and money orders are always accepted.

Can I pay my think utility services bill on doxo?

Yes, you can pay your Think Utility Services bill on the doxo mobile app for iOS and Android, it makes the payment process quick and convenient. Can I schedule automatic bill payments for Think Utility Services on doxo.com? Yes, you can set up automatic payments for your Think Utility Services bills on doxo.com.

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