A Complete Guide to Paying Your UGA Health Center Bill Online

If you are a University of Georgia student, you will probably need to go to the University Health Center (UHC) on campus for medical care, counseling, or pharmacy services. There are some services that the health fee does not cover, and you may have to pay for them yourself. Luckily, UGA has an easy online bill pay system that makes paying Health Center bills quick and easy.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about paying your UHC bill online, from setting up your account to making one-time or recurring payments

Overview of UGA Health Center Billing

The UHC serves all UGA students for primary care counseling health promotion, pharmacy, x-rays, physical therapy, and more. There are small copays for some services beyond what the mandatory health fee covers. Plus, charges for prescriptions, dental, massage, travel clinic services, and graduate psychiatry.

After receiving care, you’ll get a bill by email for any out-of-pocket costs owed to the UHC. This will include details on the services, charges, payments, and balance due.

Benefits of Paying Your UHC Bill Online

UGA offers an online patient portal to view and pay UHC bills electronically. Paying online provides many benefits:

  • Convenience – Pay anytime anywhere from your device

  • Payment Receipt – Get instant confirmation of payment

  • Payment History – Review bills and payments in one place

  • Auto-Pay – Set up recurring payments from a card or bank account

  • Security – Payment portal uses encryption to protect info

How to Set Up Your UHC Patient Portal

To start paying bills online, you first need to activate your UHC patient portal account:

  1. Go to www.ugahealth.uga.edu and click “Patient Portal” at the top right.

  2. Click on the “Activate Account” link.

  3. Enter your UGA ID number, date of birth, and email address. Click submit.

  4. Check your email for a verification code to complete activation.

Once your UHC portal is activated, you can log in anytime to view bills, schedule appointments, message your doctor, and make payments.

Viewing & Paying Your UHC Bill Through the Portal

After logging into your UHC patient portal:

  1. Click on the Bill Pay tab. This will display any outstanding balances owed.

  2. Click on the balance amount to view the associated itemized bill statement.

  3. To make a payment, enter the payment amount and complete your card or bank account info.

  4. Review the payment summary and submit.

You will receive an instant emailed receipt confirming your payment. Log back into your portal anytime to view payment history and download past receipts.

Setting Up Recurring Auto-Pay Through the Portal

To simplify bill payment, you can enroll in auto-pay through the UHC portal. This automatically charges your UHC balance to a credit card or bank account each month.

To start auto-pay:

  1. Under the Bill Pay tab, click on Auto-Pay Enrollment.

  2. Select how often to make payments (monthly is most common).

  3. Enter card or bank account details.

  4. Review and submit the request.

Your UHC bills will now be paid automatically on the schedule you selected, providing hassle-free convenience.

Other Important Billing Tips for UHC Patients

  • Notify the UHC of any changes to your billing address or insurance coverage.

  • Contact the UHC at 706-542-1162 if you have any billing errors or questions.

  • Set up paperless billing in your UHC portal to get bills by email only.

  • Make sure to schedule a visit before going to the pharmacy to activate billing.

Uga Health Center Bill Pay

What if I need help understanding the costs?

Please visit Understanding costs | University Health (universityhealthkc.org)

What is my patient id?

Patient Id for physicians billing is going to start with a L or a H and is located at the bottom right of your statement. Please reference the copy of the statement on the billing page. The Patient Id will be circled in the bottom left corner. For Facility Billing, the patient id will be located Mid page. The patient id will begin with a 600*******. This will be listed as encounter number and is 10 digits long. Please utilize the billing page for more information.

Payments to Ambulatory Surgery Centers in Georgia

What is the UGA health fee?

The Health Fee provides the UGA Community the opportunity to receive quality, integrated, multi-disciplinary healthcare and wellness services within a few steps of campus classes. All UGA students are encouraged to carry health care insurance either with the UGA student health insurance policy or through their family policy.

What is the UGA health center?

It is affordable and convenient, and our physicians and staff are highly trained and Board Certified in their fields to specifically provide age-appropriate services and health information within the context of the college campus. All UGA students and their spouses/partners may use health center services.

How do I pay for extended care at UGA?

The former student is responsible for all charges accrued during this extended care and can pay at the UHC Business Services Office. Health Fee Refunds: Information about the UGA policy on refunding tuition and fees for students who formally withdraw from the University is located at: www.bursar.uga.edu/refunds.html.

Does UGA offer health care services after graduation?

Students may continue to receive health care services for one UGA semester after their last enrolled semester, to include one semester after graduation. Full-time students pay a mandatory UGA health fee which provides students a multitude of wellness and medical services at discounted rates.

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