How to Pay Your Bill to the Town of Swampscott

The Town of Swampscott serves more than 15,000 residents and is located on Massachusetts’s North Shore, just outside of Boston. Like every other town or city, Swampscott has fees, taxes, licenses, and permits that need to be paid. Luckily, the town gives you a number of easy ways to pay your bill, so you can get it done quickly and easily.

Whether you need to pay a water bill, property tax, parking ticket or other municipal charge, Swampscott has you covered Here is a guide to understanding common Swampscott bills and the available payment methods.

Common Swampscott Bills

Some of the more frequent bills Swampscott residents and property owners may need to pay include

  • Property Taxes: Everyone who owns property in town has to pay real estate taxes every year. Bills are issued by the tax collector.

  • Excise Taxes: When you register your car with the town every year, you have to pay an excise tax.

  • Water/Sewer Bills: Payments for water and sewer usage billed quarterly.

  • Beach Stickers: Required seasonal stickers to park at Swampscott beaches.

  • Mooring Permits: Pay annual mooring permit fees for boats in Swampscott Harbor.

  • Dog Licenses: All dogs must have a valid town license, renewed annually.

  • Parking Tickets: Pay fines for parking violations issued in Swampscott.

  • Permits/Licenses: Payment for town permits/licenses like business certificates or liquor licenses.

Understanding what Swampscott bills and payments you are responsible for is the first step. The next step is paying them on time to avoid late fees or penalties.

Pay Online

The easiest and most convenient way to pay any Swampscott bill is online through the town’s online payment system at

After creating an account, you can securely pay many different bills and fees by credit card or e-check. The online payment system accepts:

  • Property taxes
  • Excise taxes
  • Water/sewer bills
  • Beach stickers
  • Dog licenses
  • Parking tickets
  • And more!

Online payments post instantly to your account, so you avoid late fees. The system also stores your payment methods to simplify future payments. You can pay one-time or set up recurring payments.

Pay by Mail

Sending a physical check or money order is another hassle-free option for paying Swampscott bills. Simply mail your payment to the address below with your account number:

Town of Swampscott
22 Monument Ave
Swampscott, MA 01907

Be sure to allow enough mail time for your payment to avoid late fees. Mailed payments take longer to process than online.

Pay in Person

You can also pay your bill in person at Swampscott Town Hall (22 Monument Ave). The Treasurer’s office accepts cash, checks, money orders and credit cards. Keep in mind in-person payments can only be made during business hours on weekdays.

Recurring Payments

Setting up recurring payments can make bill payment easy. Your bill is withdrawn automatically each billing cycle, so you don’t have to remember to pay.

You can enroll in auto-pay for property taxes and water/sewer bills through the online payment system. Or complete the town’s direct debit authorization form to deduct payments directly from your bank account.

Assistance Programs

Residents who cannot pay essential bills like property tax or utilities due to financial hardship may qualify for town assistance programs or payment plans. Contact the Treasurer’s office to learn about available bill assistance options.

Avoid Late Fees

Pay Swampscott bills by the due date to avoid late payment penalties. Typical late fees include:

  • Property taxes – 14% annually after 30 days late
  • Excise taxes – $10 after due date, additional fees later
  • Water/sewer – 10% after 25 days late
  • Parking tickets – varies

Payment reminders are sent as a courtesy. You are responsible for paying on time even if you do not receive a reminder. Setting a calendar reminder or enrolling in auto-pay can help avoid forgetting and incurring unnecessary late fees.

Living and owning property in Swampscott entails financial responsibilities like taxes, utility fees and municipal charges. Keep on top of your bill obligations by using the convenient online payment portal, mailing payments, paying in person, or enrolling in auto-pay. Consistently on-time payment ensures you avoid late penalties while supporting essential community services.

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