Streamline Bill Payment with Tri County Electric Online Bill Pay

Paying your electric bill just got a whole lot easier thanks to Tri County Electric’s online bill pay system. This innovative new service allows members to view their account details and pay their bill completely online, anytime and anywhere. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about Tri County Electric online bill pay.

Overview of Online Bill Pay

Tri County Electric online bill pay gives members the ability to manage their electric account and pay their bill electronically through the cooperative’s website. After creating a secure online account, members can:

  • View account balance and payment history
  • Make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments
  • Check energy usage and compare bills month-to-month
  • Update account and payment information
  • Sign up for paperless billing
  • Report power outages

Online bill pay offers a fast, simple way for Tri County Electric members to take control of their account management. Payments are processed immediately, meaning no more waiting for checks to clear or wondering if the payment will arrive on time.

Benefits of Paying Online

There are many advantages to paying your electric bill online rather than mailing a check or paying in person:


You can pay on your schedule – anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection. The online portal is accessible 24/7.

Payment Flexibility

Make one-time payments or set up recurring payments to be drafted automatically each month.

Peace of Mind

Get confirmation that your payment has been received and avoid late fees.


Your information is safeguarded by industry-standard encryption.

Paperless Billing

Reduce clutter and waste by opting out of mailed paper statements

Account Management

Check your usage, compare bills, update account details and more in one convenient place.

Mobile Accessibility

Pay on the go with the free mobile app for Android and iOS

How to Sign Up for Online Bill Pay

Signing up for Tri County Electric’s online bill pay only takes a few minutes. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your Tri County Electric account number (without the last two digits)

  3. Enter the same number as the password

  4. You may be prompted to create a new password and security question.

  5. Click “Submit” and you’re all set!

Once your account is created, you can start managing your electric service completely online. Use your email address and new password to log in to the portal in the future.

Making a Payment

When you’re ready to pay your bill, simply log into your online account and follow these steps:

  1. Select “Pay My Bill Online” from the menu.

  2. Enter your payment amount (or pay the total amount due).

  3. Select a payment method – credit card or bank draft.

  4. Review payment details and click “Submit Payment”.

  5. You’ll receive a confirmation page and email verifying your payment.

The payment will be immediately applied to your account, so you can have peace of mind knowing your bill is paid!

Recurring Payments

For maximum convenience, members can enroll in recurring payments. This feature allows your bill to be paid automatically each month, so you never have to worry about late or missed payments.

To set up a recurring payment:

  1. Log into online bill pay and access your payment methods.

  2. Check the box to authorize recurring payments.

  3. Specify the date each month that you’d like payments to process.

  4. Select which credit card or bank account to draft payments from.

Once enabled, your bill will be paid automatically on the specified date every month. You’ll still receive monthly statements for your records.

Account Management Features

In addition to payments, Tri County Electric’s online account portal allows members to:

  • Monitor daily energy usage
  • View payment history
  • Compare usage month-to-month or year-over-year
  • Update account information
  • Set up paperless billing
  • Report outages

Take control of your electric account like never before with robust online account management. All of your account details and information are available 24/7 through the secure online portal.

Contact Customer Support

If you have any trouble signing up for online bill pay or managing your account online, Tri County Electric’s customer support team is ready to help:

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or issues related to online bill payment or account management.

Streamline Billing with Online Payments

Tri County Electric online bill pay makes managing your electric service faster, easier and more convenient than ever. Sign up today to securely pay your bill online 24/7, set up automatic payments, go paperless and more. This innovative tool puts you in control, giving you instant access to your account anytime, anywhere. Simplify your life and say goodbye to writing checks – with online bill pay from Tri County Electric!

Tri County Electric Online Bill Pay

You may also download our convenient free app!

To help you keep up with your account, all members are encouraged to download the FREE TCEMC App on Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Choose the Right Option

As a Membership Corporation, Tri-County Electric is designed to assure that there is a continuing and reliable network of power supplied to each member’s home and workplace. A part of maintaining the stability of the Corporation is ensuring that each member has options for how to pay their bill that makes it easier for each household and business.

As members of the Electric Corporation we each recognize that we are stronger when we invest in our future together. Each of us is committed to supporting our network’s ability to protect for our collective future that supports economic growth and provides for the safe and carefully maintained power lines that supply our needs each day.

With an elected Board of Directors and a staff dedicated to careful stewardship of every investment, the future of our electricity supply is bright.

We all recognize that this is possible only because each or us, as members of the corporation, is committed to paying our bills each month so that our Corporation is able to continue to provide service.

Be sure to log into you account to update your telephone contact number. Found on the App’s “My Account” tab, the phone number listed there is what Tri-County Electric uses to contact you regarding Power Outages.

How to Pay Bills Online

How do I pay my Tri-County electric bill online?

PAYMENT OPTIONS Pay-By-Phone Bill Payment 1-855-385-9902 Online Bill Payment Tri-County Electric offers online bill payment with either a credit or debit card or an electronic check. You may access the e-bill payment system through this link or from the homepage of our website.

What payment options does Tri-County Electric Cooperative offer?

Tri-County Electric Cooperative (TCEC) offers the following payment choices for its members. Sign up through the SmartHub App Make a quick, one-time payment using the Pay Now option All you need is your account number and the last name or business name on the account

How do I pay my electric bill online?

With multiple payment options we’ll help make bill payment convenient and easy! View and pay your electricity bill online with Tri-County Electric Cooperative online bill payment service. Bring your billing statement to the office and pay by credit or debit card, cash, check, e-check, or money order.

Why did Tri-County Electric pay 13 cents?

An additional 13 cents on Tri-County Electric bills provides monetary assistance for various charitable and non-profit organizations. When Tri-County Electric was founded in 1940, people joined together to build their own electric system because private power companies did not serve the rural areas.

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