How to Pay Your Bill for UVA Physicians Group Services

Receiving care from the exceptional providers at UVA Physicians Group allows you access to top-quality healthcare. However, medical services also come with financial responsibilities. This article will explain the billing process for UVA Physicians Group and provide tips for handling payment of your medical bills.

Overview of UVA Physicians Group

First, a quick background on UVA Physicians Group. This group includes over 1,200 primary care and specialty providers affiliated with the University of Virginia Health System Their offices are located throughout Charlottesville and surrounding areas

UVA Physicians Group delivers care in 50+ medical specialties. From primary and urgent care to cancer treatment and surgery their providers offer a wide range of services.

When you receive care from UVA Physicians Group, you will get a separate bill from the physician practice for their professional services This is in addition to any hospital or facility charges you may receive

Getting Your Bill

After an appointment or procedure with UVA Physicians Group, you will get a bill for their services based on your insurance coverage:

  • Uninsured Patients – If you do not have insurance, you will receive a bill for the full charge amount.

  • Insured Patients – If you have insurance, the practice will bill your health plan. You will get a bill for any portion not covered, like co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance.

Bills may be mailed to your home address or emailed if you opted for e-billing. Expect to receive your initial bill within 30 days of service.

Options for Paying Your Bill

When your bill arrives, here are options for taking care of payment:

  • Online Bill Pay – Sign up for a UVA MyChart account to pay bills online instantly. Fast and secure.

  • Phone – Call 844-377-0846 to pay your physician bill over the phone with a service agent.

  • Mail – Detach payment coupon from your bill and mail with check or money order to the address provided.

  • In-Person – Visit the clinic’s billing office to make a payment in person during business hours.

  • Auto-Pay – Set up recurring automatic payments from a bank account so you never miss a payment.

Give the practice time to process insurance claims before attempting payment. You will get a final bill indicating the amount owed.

Financial Assistance Programs

If affording your UVA Physicians Group bill is difficult, financial help may be available:

  • Payment Plans – Request a payment plan to break down balances into smaller installments over time.

  • Charity Care – Those meeting low-income requirements may qualify for fee reduction or forgiveness.

  • Uninsured Discounts – Uninsured patients can get 25% off their total bill when paying promptly.

  • Ask about other UVA Medical Center financial assistance programs that may apply to physician bills.

Reach out as soon as possible if you anticipate problems paying. The billing staff can advise on options.

Tips for Managing Your Bill

Follow these tips for an easier billing experience with UVA Physicians Group:

  • Provide accurate insurance information upfront so claims process correctly from the start.

  • Pay copays at the time of your appointment. This saves you from extra copay billing fees.

  • Inform the practice right away if your insurance changes so they can update your account.

  • Opt for e-bills and online access through MyChart to receive and pay bills faster.

  • If uninsured, inquire if they offer a prompt-pay discount you can take advantage of.

  • Set up a payment plan or apply for financial assistance before your account becomes past due.

  • Reach out with billing questions to clarify charges or resolve discrepancies quickly.

Answers to Common Billing Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions patients have about UVA Physicians Group billing:

How soon after an appointment will I get the bill?
You should receive your initial bill within 30 days of the service date. Bills for uninsured patients may arrive sooner.

What is the deadline for paying my bill?
Payment is due upon receipt of the bill. Accounts become past due after 30 days without payment.

Why am I getting separate bills for the physician and the hospital?
UVA Physicians Group and UVA Medical Center bill separately for their respective services per billing policies.

Who do I call about billing questions?
Contact the billing office listed on your statement during regular business hours for assistance.

Can I negotiate my bill if paying in cash?
Uninsured patients may inquire about prompt pay discounts or charity care options if paying out-of-pocket.

What if I can’t afford to pay my bill right now?
Notify the billing staff immediately if you need help affording your bill. They can explain financial assistance programs.

Getting a bill from trusted physicians like UVA Health can be stressful. But understanding the billing process, payment options, and financial help available makes handling your responsibility simpler. Reach out for guidance and work proactively with the billing office for the best experience.

Uva Physicians Group Bill Pay

Why is the payment mailing address in Atlanta, GA?

UVA Health uses a payment processing center located in Atlanta.

Can I view my bill online?

Yes. You can manage all your UVA Health accounts online through MyChart — pay your bill, view past statements, check outstanding balances, set up payment plans, and sign up for paperless billing.

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