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How I Pay My Dairyland Insurance Bill A Step-by-Step Guide

As a Dairyland auto insurance customer for over 5 years now I’ve gotten very familiar with the ins and outs of paying my bill. Dairyland makes it really simple and convenient to pay online, over the phone, through the mobile app and even in-person at a local agent’s office.

In this article, I’ll walk through how I personally handle paying my Dairyland insurance bill each month. Whether you prefer automated payments, one-time online payments, or mailing in a check, Dairyland has flexible options to fit your needs.

My Favorite: Setup Recurring Online Payments

Without a doubt, the easiest way I’ve found to pay my Dairyland insurance bill is to just set it and forget it. In my online account dashboard, I have my monthly auto policy payment set to automatically charge to my credit card each month.

This way, I never have to think about making the payment – it happens seamlessly in the background on the due date. To set this up, I logged into my Dairyland account and went to the payments section. From there, you can enter card details and schedule recurring auto-pay.

The money gets drafted from my account on the same day each month. I still login occasionally to review my bill amount and make sure the autopay didn’t fail for some reason. But overall, it’s a hands-off, fuss-free way to pay.

Pay Online Through the Dairyland Website

If you don’t want fully automated payments, paying online through is still a breeze. You don’t even need to login – they have a quick pay option that just requires your policy number.

From the homepage, click “Make a Payment” and then choose quick pay. Enter your policy number, payment amount, and billing details. You can instantly pay with a card or via electronic check.

I’ve used the quick pay option when I had a discount or credit on my account that made my bill lower than usual. It lets you override the autopay amount for that month. The online portal also stores your payment history and prints receipts.

Pay Through the Dairyland Mobile App

The Dairyland insurance app offers another simple way to pay your bill online. After downloading the app, you can login and tap the payments section. From there, you can view your balance, scheduled payments, and payment history.

To make a new payment, just enter your card or bank account details and submit the payment. The app also lets you opt into text or email bill reminders so you never miss the due date.

I love having the ability to pull out my phone and pay my insurance in seconds. Much easier than writing and mailing checks!

Call Dairyland Directly to Make Payment

If you prefer talking to a real person, Dairyland’s customer service team can take payments over the phone. Just call 1-800-334-0090 and say you need to make an insurance payment.

You’ll provide your policy number, billing address, payment amount, and card or bank account details. The agent will process everything and email you a receipt. It usually only takes 5-10 minutes if you have all your information ready.

Mail In a Check if You Prefer

While not as convenient as the digital options, you can always mail in a physical check or money order to pay your Dairyland insurance premiums.

Make the check out to Dairyland Insurance and include your account number on the memo line. Include your payment stub from your bill to make sure payment gets applied accurately. Send your check to:

Dairyland Insurance
PO Box 8022
Stevens Point, WI 54481

I recommend mailing at least 7-10 days before your due date in case of any mail delays. Dairyland uses the postmark date to determine if payment is on time, so account for a few days of processing.

Automatic Bank Drafts are Another Hands-Off Option

If you already have Dairyland set up to automatically draft payments from your bank account each month, that’s another great hands-off way to pay.

To enroll, you just need to fill out a quick form authorizing the withdrawals. Dairyland will pull the premium amount directly from your account around your bill’s due date so it stays current.

I’d probably use bank drafts if I didn’t prefer the control of charging my credit card manually. But it’s an easy option that many customers take advantage of.

Avoid Late Fees and Policy Lapse

No matter which option you use to pay your Dairyland insurance bill, make sure you pay on time each month. Dairyland charges a fee if payment is late – I believe it’s $10 currently.

More importantly, not paying for an extended period of time can lead to your policy being cancelled altogether. You never want your insurance coverage to lapse due to non-payment. It causes headaches and expense down the road.

I suggest setting calendar reminders a few days before your bill is due as a backup. And contact Dairyland immediately if you ever expect trouble paying on time so you can discuss arrangements.

Payment Assistance Options to Explore

If you’re going through financial hardship and struggling to pay your insurance premiums, make sure to reach out to Dairyland right away. There may be flexible payment plans or other assistance programs available to help.

For example, some states offer special insurance pools and risk plans for high-risk drivers unable to get regular policies. Or you may qualify for state-run low-income household insurance help.

Dairyland’s customer service team can explain what options might be available so you can maintain continuous auto insurance coverage. Don’t wait – call them as soon as possible if you anticipate having trouble making payments.

But you can choose the option that fits your preferences – online, phone, mail-in, automatic bank drafts, etc. Just make sure to pay on time each month and immediately contact Dairyland if you ever expect to miss a payment for any reason. They’re usually very willing to work out arrangements.

My.Dairyland Insurance Bill Pay

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How do I pay my Dairyland insurance bill?

Through our mobile app, you can receive bill alerts or set up automatic payments. We make it easy to pay your Dairyland insurance bill. For car insurance or motorcycle insurance, pay anytime, anywhere, and enjoy flexible payment options.

What is the Dairyland® insurance mobile app?

Get the app today and stay informed. From anywhere, anytime. Receive text or email reminders. Update information and stay informed. Stop searching for printed copies. The Dairyland® insurance mobile app is the easier, smarter way to manage your policy, view mobile ID cards, and make payments fast. Available for Android and Apple devices.

Is Dairyland insurance a good insurance company?

Dairyland Insurance is a reputable insurance provider specializing in auto and motorcycle insurance. Known for its affordable rates and superior customer service, it offers inclusive coverage options. Common questions, curated and answered by doxo, about paying Dairyland Insurance bills. What payment methods does Dairyland Insurance accept?

How do I Manage my Dairyland® account?

Manage your account anywhere with the Dairyland® mobile app. • View ID cards—even when you’re offline* • Review your coverage details • Access and download policy documents • Switch to paperless documents—we’ll plant a tree! • Update your profile and contact information • Schedule billing alerts so you’ll never miss a payment

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