How to Pay Your Verizon Wireless Bill by Mail

Verizon Wireless offers various ways to pay your monthly phone bill. While automatic payments or paying online may be most convenient some customers prefer mailing in a check payment each month. If you want to pay your Verizon bill by mail you’ll need to know the proper mailing address to send your payment to ensure it gets applied correctly to your account.

In this guide. we’ll cover everything you need to know about paying your Verizon wireless bill by physical mail. including

  • Finding your payment mailing address
  • Payment slip requirements
  • Processing time for mailed payments
  • Avoiding late fees with mail payment
  • Sending overnight payments
  • Options for postdated checks
  • Alternate payment locations

Let’s dive in!

Finding Your Verizon Bill Payment Mailing Address

To pay your Verizon wireless bill by mail, you need to send your payment to the correct regional address There are many Verizon PO boxes throughout the country that accept mailed bill payments

Your specific payment mailing address can be found:

  • At the bottom of the payment stub included with your paper bill.
  • On the final page of the PDF copy of your online bill.
  • By logging into your My Verizon account and viewing your billing statements.

Do not simply mail your payment to the Verizon corporate address. It must go to the PO box or payment processing center assigned to your region.

Including the Payment Slip with Your Check

When mailing your payment, it’s crucial to include the payment slip from your latest bill. This slip has a barcode that helps Verizon match your mailed check to your account.

Be sure to completely detach the payment slip. Don’t cut off the barcode or account number printed on the slip. Including the slip ensures:

  • Payment gets credited to the correct account
  • Balances get updated properly
  • Late fees are avoided if payment arrives on time

Without the payment slip, a mailed check may not get applied properly or could even get lost. So always trim off and include the payment stub.

Payment Processing Time for Mailed Bills

Unlike when you pay online or via phone, mailed payments take longer to process. Here is an overview of processing times:

  • Payments are collected from PO boxes and centers each business day.

  • Allow 5-7 business days for your mailed payment to show up in your account.

  • Payments received on weekends or holidays will be processed on the next business day.

  • Do not send cash payments by mail, as Verizon cannot guarantee cash will be received and credited.

To avoid late fees, mail your payment 7-10 days before your bill due date listed on your statement. This cushions for any postal delays.

Avoiding Late Fees with Mail Payments

As a Verizon Wireless customer, you know late fees are no fun. A $5 late fee applies if your payment arrives even one day past the due date.

To avoid late fees with mail payments:

  • Mail your check at least 7 days before your due date.

  • Use Priority Mail with 2-3 day delivery when mailing close to the deadline.

  • Consider switching to automatic payments to ensure on-time payment.

  • If traveling, schedule an automatic payment as a backup.

  • Set bill reminders so you remember to mail your check early.

With proper planning, you can avoid late fees when paying your Verizon bill by mail.

Overnight Payment Options for Last Minute Payments

Uh oh, it’s two days before your payment due date and you forgot to mail your check! Don’t panic, you still have options to avoid a late fee:

  • Overnight your payment using Priority Express Mail so it arrives next day.

  • Pay online using your My Verizon account for instant processing.

  • Pay by phone via the automated phone payment system.

  • Visit a Verizon store and make a payment in person.

  • Use Saturday delivery at select post offices to meet the due date.

While we don’t recommend waiting until the last minute, these overnight payment options can rescue you from late fees if needed!

Submitting Postdated Checks for Future Payments

Can you mail a payment that is dated in the future? With Verizon, postdated checks can be used with certain limitations:

  • Postdated checks are processed as they arrive, not based on the future date written on the check.

  • To delay processing, write the valid start date on the check memo line so it’s documented.

  • Payment will then be held until that requested start date.

  • If no hold date is specified, the check gets processed immediately as received.

Before mailing a postdated check, call Verizon billing to notify them it is coming and specify the requested hold date. This helps ensure your payment is handled correctly.

Alternative In-Person Payment Locations

If you don’t want to deal with mailing your bill payment, consider paying in person at:

  • Local Verizon stores – Make a payment at the register during store hours.

  • Verizon authorized payment locations – Places like check cashing stores that accept payments.

  • Retailers that offer phone bill payment – Walmart, 7-Eleven and some grocery/drug stores allow bill pay.

  • Your bank – Transfer bill payment funds to Verizon.

Visit the Verizon website to find in-person payment locations near you. Paying in person lets you skip the mail and get same day processing.

Signing Up for Auto Pay

Tired of remembering to mail payments every month? The easiest solution is to enroll in Verizon Auto Pay which deducts your payment from a checking account or credit card automatically each month.

To sign up for Auto Pay:

  • Go to My Verizon and select Account > Manage Payment Methods.

  • Choose Auto Pay, pick your payment method and set the payment date.

  • Review and accept the Auto Pay Terms & Conditions.

Once activated, Auto Pay will process monthly payments for you. You’ll just need to keep your payment method updated and funds available on the scheduled date.

Should You Make the Switch from Mail to Auto Pay?

If you currently mail your Verizon wireless payment each month, is it time to consider switching to automatic payments? Here are some of the perks of Auto Pay:

  • Never risk late fees with payments automatically processed on your due date. No more postal delays!

  • Save time and stamps by skipping monthly check writing and mailing.

  • Earn incentives – Verizon offers $5/month discount for Auto Pay enrollment.

  • Go paperless – Reduce clutter and wasted paper with electronic billing when enrolled in Auto Pay.

Unless you absolutely love mailing paper checks, Auto Pay provides some nice advantages. It ensures your wireless bill always gets paid on time without the hassle of remembering it yourself.

Paying Your Way with Flexible Options

As you can see, Verizon offers their wireless customers many options for paying monthly bills conveniently:

  • Pay by mail using proper payment addresses and slips

  • Pay online via My Verizon with instant processing

  • Auto Pay lets Verizon directly debit your account monthly

  • Alternative payment locations provide same day in-person payment

No matter which payment method you choose, be sure to pay your bill in full and on time each month to avoid penalties. Know your payment mailing address, allow mailing lead time, or enroll in Auto Pay to stay in good standing. Contact Verizon Billing Support if you ever have payment questions or issues.

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What locations can I pay My Verizon bill?

Payment types accepted
Verizon Wireless company store
Credit, Debit, Check, Cash
No fee
Verizon Fios Local Presence Center
Credit, Debit, Check, Cash
No fee
CVS, 7-Eleven*

How do I Pay my Verizon bill by mail?

Paying Your Bill By Mail. Mail your payment to: Verizon. P.O. Box 15124. Albany, NY 12212-5124. Processing your check. When Verizon uses information from your check to make an electronic … How do you find the bill payment address for Verizon? You can do this by completing the following steps: Sign in to My Business. Click Manage Account.

How do I Find my Verizon bill payment address?

How Do You Find the Bill Payment Address for Verizon? Customers can find the bill payment address for Verizon by visiting, clicking on the Contact Us link, clicking on Payment Address underneath the Mailing Addresses heading, and then entering a ZIP code under the Find A Payment heading and pressing Search.

How do I Manage my Verizon prepaid billing & payments?

To manage your Verizon prepaid billing & payments, sign in to My Verizon and visit the Prepaid Billing & Payments FAQs. If you need to change your Verizon plans or services, visit your account page in My Verizon.

How do I Mail in a bill payment?

For mailing in any bill payments, the address is based on your address. We have many PO Boxes for accepting bill payments, and this is shown with the payment slip at the end of every bill. This slip should always be included to ensure the payment is applied to the matching bill and account.

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