Convenient Ways to Pay Your BPU Bill By Phone

Paying your utility bill should be a quick and easy process. That’s why the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) offers various convenient phone payment options for customers to pay their bill. Read on to learn all about the simple ways you can pay your BPU bill over the phone.

Overview of BPU Bill Payment by Phone

BPU offers three main ways to pay your utility bill by phone:

  • 24/7 Automated Phone Payment System Call 1-855-BPU-BILL any time of day or night to pay by debit/credit card or electronic check.

  • Live Agent Phone Payment Call 913-573-9190 during business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm) to speak with a customer service agent and pay by card

  • Recurring Automated Payments: Set up recurring, automated payments to be deducted from your bank account each month. Just call 913-573-9190 to enroll.

Paying by phone is fast, simple, and secure. BPU’s phone payment systems are all PCI-compliant to keep your financial data safe.

24/7 Automated Phone Payments

The easiest way to pay your BPU bill by phone is through the automated phone payment system. To use this system, just dial 1-855-BPU-BILL (1-855-278-2455) anytime of day or night.

The automated system will guide you through the following simple steps:

  • Enter your 10-digit BPU account number
  • Select your payment amount
  • Input your debit/credit card information or bank account details for an e-check
  • Receive a confirmation number at the end

The main benefits of the automated phone payment feature are:

  • 24/7 availability – Unlike live agents, the automated system is always on and ready to take payments any hour of the day or night.

  • Fast service – The automated flow allows you to swiftly enter your details and complete payment in just a few minutes.

  • Payment tracking – You’ll receive a confirmation number to track that your payment was received and applied to your account.

So for quick, round-the-clock bill payment access, the automated phone system is ideal.

Paying Your BPU Bill by Calling Customer Service

If you need to speak with a live customer service agent to assist with your payment, you can call 913-573-9190 during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm).

When you call, a friendly agent will guide you through these steps:

  • Verify your account information
  • Review your account balance
  • Process your phone payment via debit/credit card
  • Provide a confirmation number

Some key advantages of paying your bill with a live agent include:

  • Personalized service – You can get answers to any billing questions and ensure payments are applied correctly.

  • Payment support – Agents can walk you through any payment issues or troubleshoot problems.

  • Account management – Make changes to your account details or billing settings when paying.

Though automated payments are quicker, customers who want account oversight or have issues to address benefit from calling the customer service team directly when paying their utility bill.

Setting Up Recurring Automatic Payments

For utmost convenience, BPU lets you enroll in recurring automatic payments deducted from your bank account.

To set up automatic bill pay from your checking or savings account, call 913-573-9190. The customer service agent will guide you through these steps:

  • Confirm your BPU account details
  • Input your bank account and routing numbers
  • Select a monthly debit date (such as your bill’s due date)
  • Complete an authorization form

Once enrolled, you won’t have to manually pay your bill again! The funds will automatically be deducted from your account around the same time each month.

Key features of recurring automated payments include:

  • Convenience – Payments happen on their own so you never forget.

  • Consistency – Payments are regular and routine each month.

  • Security – Payments are processed securely without exposing your full bank details each time.

  • Control – You determine the monthly payment date.

  • Savings – Avoid late fees by ensuring payment arrives on time every month.

By enrolling in recurring automatic payments, you can take the effort out of paying your utility bill each month!

Payment Confirmation and Tracking

No matter which phone method you use to pay your BPU bill, you’ll receive a confirmation number at the end of the transaction.

It’s important to record this number in case you need to verify your payment details later. You can also call the payment confirmation line at 913-573-9191 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm) and provide the confirmation number to check:

  • Payment amount
  • Payment date
  • Payment processing status

BPU also offers an online customer portal you can log into to view your latest charges, review payment history, and check that your phone payment was applied as expected.

Having your confirmation number and checking online lets you easily track your payments to ensure they go through accurately.

Top Reasons to Pay Your BPU Bill by Phone

Paying your utility bill by phone with BPU offers these great benefits:

  • Convenience: Pay at any time without visiting an office.

  • Quick: Make a payment in just a few minutes once your details are entered.

  • Secure: BPU systems use PCI compliance and encryption to protect your information.

  • Reliable: Phone payments have high success rates compared to unreliable alternatives like mail.

  • Tracking: Get a confirmation number and check payment status online.

  • Support: Speak to an agent for account help when you call during business hours.

  • Accessibility: Automated system is handy if you have mobility challenges.

  • Consistency: Set up recurring payments to maintain routine bill management.

With multiple options for fast, easy, and secure payment processing 24/7, paying your utility bill by phone is a top choice for BPU customers.

Key Contact Information for BPU Phone Payments

Use this contact reference when paying your bill by phone:

  • 24/7 Automated Payments: 1-855-BPU-BILL (855-278-2455)

  • Live Agent Payments: 913-573-9190 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)

  • Payment Confirmation: 913-573-9191 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)

  • Customer Service: 913-573-9190

Don’t wait in line or worry about late payments. Paying your BPU utility bill is quick and hassle-free by phone anytime. Choose the option that works best for your needs!

Bpu Bill Pay By Phone

BPU: Ways to Pay Your Bill

How do I pay a BPU Bill?

913-573-9190 or click the below button. 1-855-BPU-BILL. Pay with a credit card or bank account. Need to speak to a customer service representative? Please call 913-573-9190. or money order payment. the mail. As a property owner, our customers have several electric services duties. Learn more about the different responsibilities of BPU customers.

What is the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities?

As a not-for-profit public utility, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has provided safe, dependable water and electric services in Kansas City, Kansas, for more than 100 years. Today, BPU services nearly 63,000 electric customers and 50,000 water customers, over approximately a 130 square mile area.

What services does BPU offer?

Preventing Frozen Pipes Hot Water Tank Program Rates Electric & Water Rate Hearings Rate Application Manual Energy Rate Component Environmental Surcharge Billing Understanding my BPU Bill Bill Pay Options FlexPay Paperless Billing Utility Assistance Track My Usage New Service/Transfer Service Schedule Appointment Construction/ Renovation

How do I pay my Brainerd Public utilities bill?

Brainerd Public Utilities offers several ways to pay your utility bill each month. To pay your bill online, click here: Pay Online **. If you are a first time user, you will need to know your BPU account number and the amount of your last payment. IF YOU ARE IN DISCONNECT STATUS, YOU CAN NOT SCHEDULE A PAYMENT.

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