Where To Pay American Express Bill: A Complete Guide

Paying your American Express bill on time each month is important to avoid late fees and interest charges. But with many payment options available you may be wondering – where exactly can you pay an American Express bill? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the various ways to pay an AmEx bill from online payments to paying at a bank or by mail.

Online Payments

The easiest way for most people to pay an American Express bill is online You can make quick, secure payments right from your computer or mobile device 24/7 Here are some of the most popular ways to pay AmEx bills online

Via Your Online Account

All American Express cardmembers can log into their online account at americanexpress. com to view statements, check balances, and make payments. After logging in, click on “Make a Payment” and do what it says. You can use a bank account, PayPal, or even AmEx Membership Rewards points to pay.

Through the Amex Mobile App

You can pay for things on the go if you get the American Express app for iOS or Android. You can see your balance, see what charges have been made recently, be notified when your bill is ready, and pay through the app. Just tap on “Pay Bill” and choose your payment amount and method.

With Your Bank’s Bill Pay Service

Many banks now offer bill pay services through their websites and apps. So you may be able to add your American Express card as a payee and schedule one-time or recurring payments right from your bank’s platform. This can be a convenient option if you already use your bank’s bill pay for other accounts.

Automatic Payments

You can set up American Express autopay so that payments are taken out of your bank account every month. This ensures you never miss a payment deadline. To sign up, just log in to your AmEx account and go to the “autopay” section.

Paying at a Bank

If you prefer handling payments in person, paying your AmEx bill at a bank is easy. Here’s how it works:

Pay at Your Own Bank

Many banks allow customers to make payments on credit cards from other issuers. Simply fill out a payment slip with your American Express account details, payment amount, etc. and hand it to the teller with your cash or check payment. Some banks may charge a small fee for this service.

Pay at an AmEx Bank Location

American Express has banking centers located in major cities across the U.S. At these locations, you can visit a teller to make a payment on any AmEx card in cash or by check. Find your nearest AmEx bank by searching on americanexpress.com.

Pay by Mail

While less common today, you can still pay an American Express bill by mailing a check or money order. Here’s how to do it:

Pay with Check or Money Order

Write the check or money order payable to American Express and be sure to include your full 16-digit card account number on the memo line. Mail your payment to the address on your monthly statement at least 5 days before the due date to ensure it’s processed on time.

Use the Remittance Stub

For added convenience, use the remittance stub from the bottom of your statement. Simply fill it out with your check or money order amount, detach and mail to the address shown. This helps your payment get applied promptly to the correct AmEx account.

Alternative Ways to Pay an AmEx Bill

American Express offers a few other unique ways to submit payments that you may want to consider:

At Select Retail Locations

AmEx allows payments on eligible consumer cards at retail locations like Walmart, CVS, 7-Eleven and more. Payments are limited to $500 per transaction in cash, debit or eCash.

With American Express Serve

If you have an eligible American Express Serve prepaid card, you can use it to make payments on many AmEx credit cards. It’s a handy option for those who frequently use their Serve account.

With Membership Rewards Points

Some American Express cards let you redeem your Membership Rewards points as a statement credit to cover purchases. Check your account to see if this is available. It’s a nice perk for earning and using points.

Tips for Avoiding Late Payments

To avoid late fees and credit score damage, be sure to pay your AmEx bill before the monthly due date. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Set up email or text alerts to get reminders when your bill is ready and the payment deadline is approaching. American Express offers these notifications.

  • Enroll in autopay as mentioned earlier so payments happen automatically each month. Just be sure your bank account has sufficient funds.

  • Mark payment due dates on your calendar and set reminders a few days before they’re due.

  • Sign up for account notifications in the Amex app to stay on top of upcoming deadlines.

  • Pay weekly or bi-weekly to prepay your account and stay ahead. Some people find this easier for budgeting.

Where Not to Pay Your AmEx Bill

While American Express cards are widely accepted, there are a few places you generally can’t pay an AmEx bill directly:

  • At the post office – Only USPS money orders are accepted here, not payments.

  • Western Union or MoneyGram – These services don’t accept credit card payments.

  • Convenience stores like 7-Eleven – Outside of special promotions, most don’t take AmEx payments.

  • Supermarkets – Grocery stores don’t offer credit card payment services.

So stick to the methods outlined earlier in this guide for paying your American Express card on time, every time. Just be sure to avoid these locations where AmEx bills can’t be paid directly.

Paying Late or Missed Payments

If you do happen to pay late or miss your payment deadline, don’t panic. Contact American Express immediately to see if they can waive the late fee due to extenuating circumstances. You can also call and make a payment over the phone if needed. Pay the past due amount as soon as possible to minimize further late penalties or interest charges.

Going forward, carefully review your statement dates and due dates so you know exactly when payments are due. Enroll in autopay or calendar reminders to avoid any future missed payments. Paying just a few days late can negatively impact your credit score over time, so staying on top of AmEx payment deadlines is crucial.

Changing Your Payment Due Date

American Express offers the ability to change your monthly bill’s due date in some cases to better align with your financial schedule and ability to make timely payments. To request a due date change, contact customer service after logging into your account. Not all accounts are eligible, but it’s worth inquiring about if your current due date is problematic.

Get Support with Payments

Don’t hesitate to contact an American Express customer service agent if you ever need assistance with making payments. They can explain your options, due dates, and help troubleshoot any payment issues you might encounter. You can call the number on the back of your card or connect with AmEx customer service through your online account. Helpful support is available 24/7.

Key Takeaways on Paying AmEx Bills

  • Pay online 24/7 via your AmEx account, mobile app, bank bill pay or automatic payments for convenience.

  • Visit an American Express banking center or your own bank to pay in person with cash/check if preferred.

  • Mail in check or money order payments using your statement remittance stub for fast processing.

  • Avoid late fees by carefully noting due dates, setting reminders and using autopay.

  • Contact AmEx customer service if you need help with billing questions or missed payment issues.

Paying your American Express card on time is key to avoiding fees as well as building your credit history. With so many payment options available, you can choose the methods that fit your lifestyle. Follow the tips in this guide to stay on top of your AmEx account payments.

Where To Pay American Express Bill

Set your payments with Autopay

Stop worrying about due dates. Enroll in AutoPay through your Online Services account and

choose to have all or part of your bill paid automatically from your bank account each month.

The Amex app: How to make payments


Where can I pay my Amex bill in person?

In person (At your financial institution) You may pay your American Express bill during regular business hours at a local branch of your financial institution. Your use of this service will be governed by your bank or financial institution’s payments policies and/or guidelines, including the application of any fees.

How do I pay my US American Express bill?

You can easily pay your bill via bank transfer in just a few quick steps in the American Express® App. When logged in, click “Make payment”, select the amount and date. Then, select your bank and you will be redirected to its app or internet banking service to securely complete the payment.

Can I pay an Amex credit card bill with cash?

You can pay your credit card with cash by either visiting your card issuer’s branch location or at the issuer’s ATM.

Can you pay with Amex at post office?

You can use Visa or MasterCard credit cards, Visa or MasterCard debit cards, Diners Club and American Express charge cards or PayPal to pay bills with Post Billpay*.

How do I access my American Express account on Android?

The official American Express App for Android allows you to access your Account from anywhere. Track spending & rewards, find offers, review your balance, pay your bill and enjoy features only available in the Amex App. Touch ID and Face ID login (on supported devices), gives you quick, safe and secure access.

How do I pay my American Express bill online?

To pay your **American Express** bill online, follow these steps: 1.**Log in** to your **online account** using your username and password.2.Select the **card** you want to pay.3.Click on **”Make a Payment”**.4.Choose

What services does American Express offer?

American Express offers world-class Charge and Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Rewards, Travel, Personal Savings, Business Services, Insurance and more.

How do I pay my credit card bill automatically?

Most major credit card companies offer automatic payment options, which allow your credit card company to debit your bank account on a set date and for a set amount each month. This can minimize your risk of late payments or late fees. There are generally three ways to use autopay to pay your credit card bill: Pay the minimum due.

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