Why Would an IRS Special Agent Visit My Home?

Understanding IRS Special Agents

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employs Special Agents as part of its Criminal Investigation (CI) division. These agents are tasked with investigating suspected criminal violations of tax laws.

Circumstances for a Home Visit

IRS Special Agents may visit a taxpayer’s home in specific situations, including:

  • Overdue tax bills
  • Unfiled tax returns
  • Failure to make employment tax deposits
  • Suspected criminal tax violations

Reasons for Unannounced Visits

Special Agents may conduct unannounced visits to:

  • Gather evidence and information
  • Execute search warrants
  • Interview individuals related to the investigation

Can Special Agents Arrest You?

In most cases, Special Agents cannot arrest you on the spot unless they have an arrest warrant or witness you committing a crime.

Your Rights During a Visit

If an IRS Special Agent visits your home, you have the right to:

  • Request their identification and credentials
  • Politely decline to speak with them without an attorney present
  • Contact an attorney immediately

Preventing a Criminal Investigation

To minimize the risk of a criminal investigation, consider:

  • Filing your tax returns accurately and on time
  • Paying your taxes in full and on time
  • Seeking professional tax advice if you have complex tax matters

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Additional Information

IRS Contact Methods

The IRS typically initiates contact through regular mail. However, they may call or visit in certain circumstances.

IRS Credentials

IRS Special Agents carry two forms of identification:

  • IRS-issued credentials (pocket commission)
  • HSPD-12 card (governmentwide standard identification)

IRS Scams

Be aware of IRS impersonators who use threats and intimidation tactics. Report any suspicious activity to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

Understanding the role of IRS Special Agents and your rights during a home visit is crucial. If you receive an unannounced visit, remain calm, request identification, and contact an attorney immediately. By following these guidelines, you can protect yourself and navigate any potential tax investigations effectively.

Did A IRS Special Agent Or Criminal Investigator Come To Your Home Or Office, Here Is What To Do Now


Why would an IRS agent came to my house?

Agents show up at your door for a couple of reasons. Usually three. You owe them money and they are trying to collect. They are auditing you, but usually when they are auditing you, they will send a letter in advance.

Why would a Special Agent come to my house?

One of the most frequent reasons FBI agents come to your residence is to interview you as part of an ongoing investigation. This could be because: You are a witness who may have useful information. You are associated with someone under investigation.

What do IRS special agents investigate?

Our mission is to serve the American public by investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code, and related financial crimes, in a manner that fosters confidence in the tax system and compliance with the law.

Are IRS agents knocking on doors?

The IRS is changing a longstanding practice that involved collecting tax debts through tens of thousands of unannounced home visits. The IRS won’t likely be making unannounced home visits to collect unpaid taxes as they have for years.

Why do IRS special agents show up at a home or business?

IRS special agents may also show up at a taxpayer’s home or business to conduct an IRS criminal investigation. Special agents may show up unannounced. Reasons IRS agents visit homes or businesses

Do IRS agents visit homes or businesses?

Other types of IRS agents may visit homes or businesses. For example, IRS revenue agents may conduct audits at a home or business. However, these agents will generally send a notice first regarding their upcoming visit and try to schedule a specific time and place to visit.

What should I do if an IRS agent shows up at my home?

What you should do is politely indicate that you will be getting representation to help you deal with your IRS-related problem. Their visit will typically be a formal warning to inform you about your tax issues. If a special agent shows up at your home, it is possible that the visit will end with an arrest.

Why does an IRS agent show up at a taxpayer’s doorstep?

There are several reasons why an IRS agent may show up at a taxpayer’s doorstep, such as: A revenue officer is sent to the taxpayer’s home or business to collect on severely delinquent taxes A taxpayer’s business owes taxes

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