A Complete Guide to Paying Your Boulder City Utilities Bill Online

Living in Boulder City comes with the convenience of having your electricity, water, sewer, and trash services bundled together under one simple utilities bill. But paying that monthly bill doesn’t have to be a hassle Boulder City offers easy online payment options to manage your utility bill with just a few clicks This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about paying your Boulder City utilities bill online.

Overview of Boulder City Utility Billing

Boulder City provides utility services including electric, water, sewer and garbage collection to local residents and businesses. They consolidate all these utilities under one monthly bill for simplified payment. Some key things to know:

  • Bills are issued monthly
  • Due date is 21 days after billing date
  • Late fee of 5% applies to unpaid balances
  • Disconnection may occur for non-payment
  • Deposits required for new service

New customers must contact the Utility Billing Office to establish service and provide a deposit before getting started

Online Payment Options

Boulder City offers two convenient online payment portals

Quick Pay

This option allows fast one-time payments without logging in. To pay your bill, all you have to do is enter your account number, email address, and payment information.

Citizen Self Service

For enhanced account management, the Citizen Self Service portal allows you to:

  • View bill history
  • Make one-time or recurring payments
  • Set up autopay
  • Update account info
  • View usage data
  • Receive paperless billing

You’ll first need to create a login to access these features.

Paying Your Bill Through Quick Pay

If you only want to pay your current bill once, the Quick Pay portal is the fastest way to do it without having to sign up:

  1. Go to https://client.pointandpay.net/web/BoulderCityNV

  2. Enter your account number and email address

  3. Fill in your payment details and submit

  4. Payment will be applied immediately

Quick Pay accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and e-Checks. For added convenience, you can save your payment method for next time.

Setting Up an Account on Citizen Self Service

To unlock the full range of online account management tools, follow these steps to register on the Citizen Self Service portal:

  1. Go to https://citizen.bcnv.org/MSS/citizens/

  2. Click “Register for a New Account”

  3. Enter your account number, email, and create username/password

  4. Agree to terms and submit registration

  5. Confirmation email will be sent once registered

Now you can login anytime to manage payments, account details, and more!

Paying Your Utilities Bill Through Citizen Self Service

The Citizen Self Service portal offers robust features for managing your utilities account:

  • Pay Bill – Make one-time payments by e-Check or debit/credit card

  • View Bill History – See previous statements going back 24 months

  • Set Up Autopay – Schedule recurring automatic payments from your bank account

  • Go Paperless – Opt into email-only billing to save paper

  • Update Account – Edit mailing address, phone number, email

  • Usage History – Track your electric, water and sewer consumption

The portal is user-friendly and secure, enabling full control over your account!

Avoiding Late Fees and Disconnection

To avoid late fees and potential service disconnection, be sure to pay your utilities bill in full by the monthly due date printed on your statement. Late fees incur 5% of any unpaid balance. Set payment reminders and consider enrolling in autopay or paperless billing to ensure you never miss a payment.

If you do fall behind, you can arrange a payment plan by contacting Boulder City Utility Billing. But repeated late payments or non-payment can result in disconnection, along with a $60 reconnection fee. Maintaining on-time payments is key to avoiding penalties.

Getting Support from Boulder City

If you have any issues with your utility services or online bill pay, Boulder City’s Utility Billing Office provides support:

Reach out with any questions about your account, billing statements, establishing service, or making payments.

Benefits of Paying Online

Opting for online payments through Boulder City’s Quick Pay or Citizen Self Service portals provides many benefits:

  • Avoid late fees through timely online payments
  • Access your balance and statements 24/7
  • Go paperless and reduce clutter
  • Set up autopay for hands-off management
  • Review usage history and patterns
  • Update details like mailing address conveniently
  • Avoid in-person trips to pay bills

Simplifying your utility bill management through digital access helps residents save time and avoid headaches. Boulder City empowers residents to control utility costs and billing details through user-friendly online tools. Payment has never been easier.

Managing utility bills is a breeze with Boulder City’s online payment options. Paying your utilities quickly and securely is essential for households and businesses alike. Utilize the Quick Pay portal for fast one-time payments or access the Citizen Self Service dashboard for enhanced account management tools. Go paperless and streamline bill payment with just a few clicks each month.

Boulder City Utilities Bill Pay

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Boulder City Utilities Bill Pay

To make a quick pay payment:

  • Last name on of bill recipient
  • Date of birth of bill recipient
  • Access code
      You can locate the access code printed on the top right corner on your statement.

HOW TO: Pay your BC Utility Bill Online-JANUARY 2022


What is the phone number for the city of Boulder utility billing?

Contact Utility Billing Customer Service by email at [email protected], or call 303-441-3260.

Where does Boulder City get its power?

Boulder City receives most of its power from renewable hydroelectric sources (Hoover Dam and Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell).

How do I pay my water bill in Carson City NV?

Customers may pay either by mail or in person at the Utility Collections Division of the Treasurer’s Office. Please write your account number on your check and make it payable to Carson City Utilities. Payments are not accepted at the Public Works’ office.

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