Can I Pay My Eversource Bill With a Credit Card?

When your monthly Eversource bill arrives, you likely want to pay it quickly and be done with it. But what payment options does Eversource actually accept? Can you pay your electric or gas bill with a credit card?

As an Eversource customer myself, I’ve researched the ins and outs of their payment methods. While Eversource does not directly accept credit card payments, they do provide alternative online payment options through third party services.

In this article, I’ll walk through the payment methods Eversource supports, the workarounds for paying by credit card, and tips for managing your utility bill

Overview of Eversource Bill Payment Options

Eversource offers customers a variety of ways to pay their monthly bills for electric natural gas water, and steam service. Here are some of the most common Eversource payment methods

  • Auto Pay – Set up recurring payments from your bank account
  • Online Bank Pay – One-time payments from your checking or savings account
  • In Person – Pay at authorized walk-in payment locations
  • By Phone – Call Eversource’s automated payment system
  • By Mail – Send a check or money order with your payment stub

Eversource also provides an online Account Center where customers can review billing history, compare energy usage, and manage payment settings.

However, Eversource does not directly accept credit card payments for residential bills. Any credit card logos you see on their website refer to third party services, not direct payments.

Why Eversource Doesn’t Take Credit Cards

Given how widely credit cards are used for online payments, you may wonder why a major utility company like Eversource doesn’t accept them directly. There are a few reasons driving this policy:

  • High Processing Fees – Credit card companies charge a processing fee for each transaction which would increase costs.

  • Risk of Fraud – Utilities have to be very careful about fraudulent charges and identity theft risks.

  • Difficulty Recouping Fees – If a credit card payment is reversed, utilities often can’t recoup the reversal fees.

  • Preferential Rates – Laws prohibit utilities from charging credit card customers more to cover the added fees.

By only accepting bank transfers, checks, cash, and registered third party services, Eversource reduces processing costs and payment risks that would otherwise get passed on to all customers.

Paying Eversource Bills with a Credit Card via Third Party Services

While you can’t pay Eversource directly with a credit card, there are third party payment services that accept credit cards and then pay Eversource on your behalf. These include:

  • Plastiq – Allows you to use any credit card then sends payment to Eversource. Charges a 2.5% processing fee.

  • DoXo – Links to your Eversource account to make one-time or auto payments by credit card. $1.99 fee per transaction.

  • Paymentus – Eversource’s authorized partner for credit card payments. Charges a $2.95 convenience fee.

These services essentially take your credit card payment, charge your card the billed amount plus their processing fee, and then send a bank transfer or check to Eversource. This allows the fees to be paid separately by the customer rather than impacting Eversource’s operating costs.

So if you want those sweet credit card rewards, using a third party processor is the way to pay your Eversource utility bills with plastic. Just prepare for the additional service fees.

Tips for Paying Your Eversource Bill

As an Eversource customer, I rely on their online account tools to manage bills efficiently. Here are my tips:

  • Go paperless so bills come straight to your email inbox.
  • Use AutoPay to set and forget bill payments each month.
  • Pay a few days early in case processing is delayed.
  • Monitor your usage metrics regularly to spot spikes.
  • Update your payment method immediately if your card details change.
  • Use budget billing to distribute costs evenly year-round.
  • Leverage payment plans if you are ever struggling to pay.

Don’t Get Burned by Late Fees – Know Your Payment Options

Paying utility bills on time every month ensures your services stay on and avoids late fees. As an Eversource customer, you need to stick to payment methods they accept directly like bank transfers, checks, and cash.

While Eversource does not take credit card payments, third parties like Plastiq and Doxo bridge the gap. For a small service fee, they accept your credit card information then send a properly formatted payment to Eversource.

The bottom line is that Eversource limits direct payment types to control costs and reduce risks. But with the help of authorized third party services, credit card users can still rack up rewards points while paying their utility bills. Just account for the added convenience fees.

As long as you pay by or before the due date consistently using one of the accepted payment methods above, your electric, gas, water, and steam services will continue without disruption. Pay early, automate payments, and utilize Eversource’s self-service portal to monitor usage and manage billing – no late payments allowed!

Can I Pay My Eversource Bill With A Credit Card

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Analyze Your Eversource Electric Bill

How do I pay my Eversource Bill?

Online: You can sign in with your Eversource user ID and password online and pay your bill. You can use your bank account, or you can use a debit/credit card. You can also make a one-time payment. Auto Pay: You can set up auto payments, so your monthly bill is automatically deducted from your bank account.

Do I need to sign into an Eversource account?

No need to sign into an Eversource account when you use our Speedpay credit card payment system. View all in-person, phone or postal mail payment options. Learn how you can check balances and pay your bill with a simple text message. Download the Eversource mobile app to view and pay your bill on the go.

How do I add a bank account to my Eversource Ma account?

Set a User ID and password for your new online account. Verify the information and click on ‘Register.’ After your account has been set up, you can choose to sign up for the paperless eBill and AutoPay, which lets you connect a bank account to your Eversource MA account for automatic monthly payment deduction.

Does Eversource charge credit cards if you use a credit card?

“Although [Eversource] appears to not charge consumers who do use credit cards as required by the settlement agreements, the company’s false and deceptive advertising on its website undoubtedly discourages customers from taking advantage of this option,” Suzio said.

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