Convenient Options for Paying Your City of Kasson Utility Bill

As a resident of the City of Kasson I appreciate the reliable utility services provided by the city. But when it’s time to pay my monthly bill I want the process to be as quick and convenient as possible. Who has time to write and mail checks these days? And calling in credit card payments can be a hassle.

Luckily, Kasson offers several easy ways to pay your utility bill online or through automated payments. In this article, I’ll outline the payment options provided by the City of Kasson and walk through how to use their online bill pay system. I’ll also share some tips to make paying your monthly utility bill even simpler. So read on to learn how modern payment methods can save Kasson residents time and trouble when that monthly bill comes due.

Why Pay Your Kasson Utility Bill Online?

Here are some key benefits that come with paying your City of Kasson utility bill through their online payment system or with automatic payments

  • It’s fast and convenient – Pay anytime 24/7 instead of waiting for office hours

  • Accessible anywhere – Manage payments through the online portal on your computer or phone app

  • Safe and secure – The city uses encryption and security measures to protect your info

  • Save money – No fees apply for online or auto-pay unlike mailed checks

  • Payment history – Your online account stores past statements and receipts

  • Get email alerts – Receive reminders when your bill is ready and payments processed

  • No late fees – Pay by your due date even if you pay at the last minute

  • Go paperless – Reduce clutter and waste with emailed utility bills

  • Easy to enroll – Set up online access and autopay in just minutes

Payment Options from the City of Kasson

Kasson provides both online and offline payment options for residents to easily pay their utility bills:

  • Online Portal – Pay utility bills 24/7 through the City of Kasson Payment Portal

  • Automatic Payment – Sign up to have payments automatically deducted from your bank account

  • Phone – Call City Hall during business hours to pay over the phone

  • Mail – Send your payment to City Hall with a check or money order

  • Drop Boxes – Use the secure drop boxes at City Hall or Hy-Vee to drop off payments

  • In-Person – Visit City Hall during business hours to pay your bill in person

Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Online

Ready to enjoy the convenience of paying your City of Kasson utility bill online? Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create Your Online Account

First, you need to register for online account access:

  • Go to the City of Kasson Payment Portal website.

  • Click on “Create an Account” below the login fields.

  • Enter your account number, email, phone, and address. Create a password.

  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click “Create Account.”

  • Check your email for a verification code and enter it to confirm your registration.

Step 2: Log Into Your Account

Once registered, you can now log into your online account:

  • Return to the Payment Portal homepage.

  • Enter your email and password in the fields provided.

  • Click the “Login” button to access your account dashboard.

Step 3: Pay Your Bill

With account access, paying your utility bill takes just seconds:

  • From your account dashboard, select “Make Payment” for the correct utility account.

  • Enter the payment amount listed on your latest bill. Select a payment method.

  • Carefully review the payment details shown on the next page.

  • Submit your payment by clicking the “Continue” button.

  • An email confirmation will be sent once your payment is processed.

And just like that, your utility bill is paid online in a flash! The full payment will typically process overnight and show on your account by the next business day.

Tips for Easy Online Utility Bill Payments

To make paying your City of Kasson utility bills even more convenient, keep these tips in mind:

  • Go paperless with emailed utility bills rather than mailed paper statements.

  • Sign up for payment reminders by email, text, or phone 2-3 days before your due date.

  • Use autopay or pay a few days early to avoid last-minute payment scrambles.

  • Save payment info like bank accounts and credit cards in your online profile for faster checkout.

  • Contact City Hall if you have trouble registering, logging in, or processing payments.

  • Keep your account credentials and payment info safe and secure, especially on public networks.

  • Review statements regularly to spot any billing errors right away.

  • Update your contact info and payment methods if anything changes.

Modern Payment Options Save You Time

As you can see, the City of Kasson offers user-friendly, modern options for residents to easily pay utility bills online, over the phone, or automatically without the hassle of using checks and mail.

So take advantage of the convenient online bill payment system outlined here to save yourself time and trouble. With online access, autopay enrollment, text and email reminders, and other features, paying your monthly utility bill can now be a breeze. Give the Kasson Payment Portal a try next time your bill comes due!

City Of Kasson Bill Pay

Information about Online Bill Pay for City Utilities

When will my payment be credited to the city of Kasson payment portal?

City of Kasson Payment Portal Create an Account Welcome to the City of Kasson Payment Portal All payments processed after 12:00 AM will be credited the next business day. Payments received after 11:59 PM on the due dates will be accessed penalties and default payment fees as stated.

How do I contact the mayor of Kasson?

If you would like to communicate directly with the Mayor his email address is [email protected]. The City of Kasson utilizes a City Council /City Administrator form of government with a Mayor and four City Council Members. Two Council members and the Mayor are elected every two years via a city-wide vote.

What services does Kasson Public utilities provide?

Kasson Public Utilities provides water, sewer and electric service to residents within city limits. To establish service please complete service application, pay deposit if required, and return to City Hall. Please call 507-634-7071 to discontinue service for water/electric.

How do I pay my utility bill?

We accept cash, check and credit/debit cards for utility payments and in addition to the United States Postal Service we accept payments the following ways: Contact City Hall at 634-7071 or 634-6325 and pay with credit or debt card. Are you tired of writing checks? Tired of scrambling to drop off your payment on time?

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