How to Pay Your City of Wentzville Utility Bill Online

Living in the city of Wentzville, Missouri comes with many perks – good schools parks, low crime. But it also means paying those regular utility bills for water sewer, trash pickup and more. Luckily, Wentzville offers easy and convenient ways to pay your city utility bill online, over the phone, or in person.

This guide will tell you all about the different ways you can pay your Wentzville utility bill and show you how to do each one. Wentzville has a way for you to pay, whether you like the ease of autopay, talking to a real person, or sending a check in the mail.

About Wentzville, Missouri Utilities

First, some quick background. Wentzville is a fast-growing suburb located west of St. Louis in St. Charles County, Missouri. Local businesses and homes can get water, sewer, trash and recycling pickup, and stormwater management services from the city.

There are around 40,000 residents in Wentzville, making it one of the largest cities in the metro area. The city-run Utility Department serves most households in Wentzville, handling water, sewer, stormwater and trash services.

As a customer, you receive a monthly utility bill from the city for some combination of water, sewer, trash, recycling, and stormwater fees based on your usage and property specifics. Paying this bill promptly is important to avoid any service disruption.

Online Bill Pay

Let’s start with the most convenient option – paying your Wentzville utility bill online. The city offers an online payment portal that allows customers to:

  • View account balance and payment history
  • Make one-time or recurring payments
  • Set up autopay
  • Access billing statements
  • Update account and contact information

To use the online system, you’ll first need to create an account linked to your utility account number. Just visit Wentzville’s online payment site and click “Sign Up” to get started.

After making an account, you can log in at any time to see how much you’ve used and how much money you still have left. The website works well on mobile devices, so you can pay your bills while you’re out and about on your phone. It’s by far the most convenient way to manage payments.

Pay By Phone

If you don’t want to mess with creating an online account, Wentzville does offer a pay-by-phone option as well.

To use the automated phone payment system, call 636-639-2155. You’ll need to enter your account number and billing details to process a payment over the phone.

One limitation is that you can only make one-time payments over the phone, not set up recurring ones. But for a quick and easy payment option, it’s worth considering.

Pay By Mail

For residents who still prefer to pay the old fashioned way, you can always mail in a payment to City Hall.

Simply write a check or money order made out to “City of Wentzville”, and mail it in the return envelope provided with your monthly utility bill. Payments should be sent to:

City of Wentzville
Utility Payments
1001 Schroeder Creek Blvd.
Wentzville, MO 63385

Just make sure the payment reaches the Utility Department by the due date listed on your bill to avoid any late fees. Allow 3-5 business days for mailed payments.

Pay In Person

You can also drop off utility bill payments in person at Wentzville City Hall, located at 1001 Schroeder Creek Blvd.

Payments made by check, money order or credit/debit can be taken at the Utility Department counter on the first floor. Cash payments are accepted as well.

City Hall is open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. You can stop by anytime during business hours to pay your bill face-to-face.

Payment Options Summary

  • Online – Through the payment portal 24/7. Can setup recurring payments.

  • Phone – Call the automated line anytime. One-time payments only.

  • Mail – Send check/money order to City Hall. Allow mailing time.

  • In Person – Drop off payment at City Hall 8am-5pm weekdays.

Tips for Hassle-Free Utility Payments

Follow these tips and best practices for saving time and headaches when paying your Wentzville utility bill:

  • Go paperless with e-bills to get instant notification when your bill is ready.

  • Sign up for email/text alerts so you never miss a due date.

  • Consider autopay or recurring payments to set it and forget it.

  • Always pay a few days early to avoid late fees.

  • Watch out for transaction fees if paying by debit/credit card.

  • Monitor your usage closely each month for abnormal spikes.

  • Report any address or account changes to the Utility Department promptly.

  • Keep your account number and online login handy to easily access your account.

  • Check for senior, auto-pay, or paperless discounts you may qualify for.

Paying your utilities doesn’t have to be a chore. Wentzville offers flexible payment options to fit any schedule or preference. By budgeting accordingly and staying organized, your utility payment can be on autopilot.

City Of Wentzville Bill Pay

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