How to Pay Your CPS Energy Bill in San Antonio

Paying your CPS Energy bill on time and in full is important to maintain uninterrupted electric and gas service. CPS Energy offers San Antonio residents multiple convenient options to pay their utility bills. In this comprehensive guide I’ll walk you through the various ways to pay your CPS Energy bill, explain the payment assistance programs available, and provide tips for understanding your bill.

Online Bill Pay

The easiest and most convenient way to pay your CPS Energy bill is online through Manage My Account. This secure online portal allows you to view your account details, make one-time payments, set up recurring payments, and more.

To pay online, first sign up for a Manage My Account. This only takes a few minutes Then you can log in anytime to pay your bill CPS Energy does not charge a fee for online payments, however there is a $2.35 convenience fee assessed for credit card payments to cover processing costs.

You can pay by e-check (ACH) directly from your bank account at no charge Debit cards and credit cards are also accepted online but the convenience fee applies,

If you prefer not to create an account, CPS Energy offers a One-Time Payment option on their website. You can enter your account number and make a payment by e-check, debit card or credit card without logging in. Again, the $2.35 convenience fee will apply to debit and credit card payments.

Paying online through Manage My Account allows you to:

  • View your daily usage and billing history
  • Sign up for paperless billing
  • Check your payment status
  • Set up automatic monthly payments
  • Update your account information
  • Request other services like starting/stopping service

So if you want an easy, fast way to pay your utility bill, pay online using your Manage My Account.

Pay By Phone

Calling in your payment is another convenient option offered by CPS Energy. To pay by phone, you’ll need to provide your account number and verify a few details. Then you can make a payment using an automated system.

You can pay your residential bill by calling toll-free (877) 257-1172. For commercial accounts, call (855) 290-7615.

The phone payment system accepts e-checks, debit cards and credit cards. Just like with online payments, a $2.35 convenience fee applies to debit and credit card payments.

One advantage to phoning in your payment is that you can wait on hold and speak to a customer service agent if you have any questions about your bill. However, you can only make payments through the automated phone system, not through an agent.

Pay In Person

If you prefer to pay your bill in person, you have a few options:

  • CPS Energy Customer Service Centers – There are 5 Customer Service Centers located throughout San Antonio where you can pay your utility bill. Centers are open Monday-Friday from 7:45am-5pm, except on holidays. Each location has an automated kiosk to accept payments. Cash, checks, money orders, and gift certificates are accepted.

  • Authorized Payment Centers – CPS has partnerships with retail stores like H-E-B, Fiesta Mart, Dollar General, and more where you can pay your bill. There is a $1.99 service fee when paying at these locations. Bring your payment stub or account number.

  • MoneyGram – You can make a cash bill payment at any MoneyGram location. Use receive code #1536 and provide your CPS Energy account number. There is a $1.50 fee for this service.

  • 7-Eleven – CPS Energy bills can be paid at 7-Eleven stores using the PayNearMe system. You’ll need to provide your account number and there is a $3.99 service charge per transaction.

While paying in person involves an extra trip, it can be a good option if you prefer dealing with cash or talking to customer service staff. Just be aware of the potential fees at non-CPS locations.

Pay By Mail

You can mail your utility bill payment to CPS Energy using the return envelope provided with your monthly bill. Be sure to include your payment stub in the envelope with your check or money order. Send payments to:

CPS Energy
PO Box 2678
San Antonio, TX 78289-0001

Mailing your payment is free but can take 5-7 days to process. Make sure to mail your bill at least 5 business days before the due date to ensure on-time payment. Late payments will incur a 5% penalty fee.

Auto Pay

For maximum convenience, consider enrolling in Auto Pay through CPS Energy. This automatically deducts your monthly bill payment from your bank account on the due date. There’s no fee for using Auto Pay.

To start, log into Manage My Account and select Auto Pay under “My Bill” or fill out an Auto Pay enrollment form. You’ll need to provide your CPS Energy account number and bank account information.

Once enrolled, you don’t have to do anything further. Your bill will be paid on time each month directly from your bank account. You can cancel or change your auto pay option anytime through your online account.

Budget Billing

CPS Energy offers a free Budget Billing plan to help customers spread out energy costs evenly throughout the year. This sets your monthly bill at an average amount based on your usage history.

Budget Billing prevents your bill from fluctuating wildly between seasons. Your account is reviewed every 3 months and adjusted if needed to reflect changes in usage.

To enroll, you’ll need 12 months of billing history at your address. Sign up through Manage My Account or submit an application. There’s no fee, down payment or deposit required.

Payment Assistance Programs

If you’re struggling to pay your CPS Energy bill, take advantage of these billing assistance programs:

  • Affordability Discount Program – Offers a monthly discount of 15-20% on energy bills for qualifying low-income customers. Apply online or print an application.

  • REAP – Provides utility bill payment assistance to families in need through CPS Energy and partner nonprofits. REAP helps customers get on track with regular bill payments.

  • Deferred Payment Plans – Lets you temporarily pay a portion of your bill and defer the remainder with no late fees. You’ll need to pay the deferred balance within 3 months.

  • Average Billing Plans – Designed for customers on fixed incomes or with seasonal employment. Evens out bills based on your yearly energy usage.

  • Project WARM – Helps with energy efficiency repairs to lower utility costs for seniors, disabled individuals and families with children.

If you need help paying your bill, contact CPS Energy as soon as possible to discuss your payment options. It’s important to keep your account current to avoid disruption of service.

Understanding Your CPS Energy Bill

Knowing how to read your CPS Energy utility bill is key to budgeting wisely, monitoring your home’s energy usage and spotting potential errors. Here are some tips:

  • Check the meter read dates – This shows the beginning and end dates for the energy usage you’re being billed for. Match it up with your payment history to ensure accuracy.

  • Review the Account Summary box – This breakdown shows your previous balance, any payments made, your total new charges, and the total amount due for the month.

  • Understand the meter readings – The “Meter Number” section shows your meter beginning and end reads for the billing period and the total usage in kWh and Ccf.

  • Identify the rate structure – The “Rate Schedule” section indicates which CPS Energy rate you’re being charged – Residential Service, commercial, etc.

  • Verify extra charges – Scan for any special fees like late payment penalties, reconnect fees, or new account fees that may apply. These are detailed in the Account Summary.

  • Check your usage graph – This chart shows your daily electric and gas usage so you can spot spikes and trends over time.

  • Compare weather data – Temperature and weather details provide context on how weather influenced your utility usage each day.

  • Leverage online usage tools – Your Manage My Account portal offers detailed usage analysis, comparisons and customized alerts.

Don’t hesitate to contact CPS Energy if you have any questions about charges or usage on your bill. Their customer service team can explain any portion of your bill and ensure accuracy.

Payment and Billing FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about paying your CPS Energy bill:

What are the ways I can pay my bill?

You can pay your CPS Energy bill online, by phone, by mail, in person at authorized payment centers, or by setting up auto-pay from your bank account.

What fees or charges apply to different payment options?

Online payments by e-check are free. Phone and online credit/debit card payments have a $2.35 convenience fee. Third-party payment locations charge $1-4 in service fees.

When is my CPS Energy bill due?

Payment is due by the due date printed on your monthly bill, usually around the 5th of the month. After the due date, late fees apply.

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