How to Pay Your Desoto Water Utilities Bill: A Comprehensive Guide

Living in the city of Desoto Texas comes with access to high-quality water and sewer utilities provided by the city. As a resident it is your responsibility to pay the monthly Desoto water utilities bill on time. This guide will walk you through the different payment options and methods available to easily pay your Desoto water bill.

Overview of Desoto Water Utilities Bill

The city of Desoto bills residents every month for water, sewer garbage collection and drainage services. The utility bill payment is due by a specific date each month. If you miss the due date a $5 late fee is added to the bill. You get a 10-day grace period after the due date to make the payment without service disruption.

The utility bill amount depends on factors like:

  • Household size
  • Water consumption
  • Any special fees/charges

The city provides phone and email reminders as a courtesy if the bill is unpaid. But your service can get disconnected without further notice after the grace period. So it’s crucial to pay on time.

Ways to Pay Your Desoto Utilities Bill

The city offers multiple payment options to provide convenience and flexibility to citizens. You can pay your water bill via:

  • Mail
  • Online
  • Phone
  • In Person
  • Drop boxes

Let’s look at how to use each of these payment methods:

Pay by Mail

Detach the payment stub from your water bill and mail it with a check or money order to:

City of Desoto
PO Box 550
Desoto, TX 75123

Remember to make the check payable to City of Desoto. Do not mail cash payments.

Pay Online

The city offers online bill payment via the Municipal Online Payments portal. You can pay using credit card, debit card or eCheck.

To pay online:

  • Visit the portal and click on ‘Sign In/Register’.
  • For first-time users, create an account with your details.
  • Existing users can simply sign in.
  • Select ‘Utility Billing’ and choose your account.
  • Enter amount and submit payment.

Online payments get posted instantly to your account.

Pay by Phone

Call 1-855-748-6063 to make automated payments through IVR. Have your account number, card details and billing info ready. Phone payments are quick and convenient.

Pay In-Person

You can pay your water bill at the Utility Billing Office at:

211 E. Pleasant Run Road
Desoto, TX 75115

The office is open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Cash, checks, money order and cards are accepted.

Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are located outside the Utility Billing Office and Town Center. Just put your payment stub and check in an envelope and drop it in the box before 7:30 am daily.

How to Register for Online Bill Pay

Follow these simple steps to register for online payments:

  • Visit the Municipal Online Payments site.
  • Click on ‘Sign In/Register’ and choose ‘Register for new account’.
  • Enter your account number, email ID, phone number and other details.
  • Create a username and password. Agree to the terms.
  • A verification link will be emailed. Click on it to activate your account.
  • Sign in using your credentials and add your water account.
  • Start making online payments!

Key Benefits of Paying Online

Paying your Desoto water bill online has many advantages like:

  • Convenience – Pay anytime, anywhere at your comfort through desktop or mobile app.

  • Security – Payment portal is 100% safe and secure. No risk of late fees due to mail delays.

  • Payment Alerts – Get email/SMS notifications for bill generation and due reminders.

  • Payment Receipt – Get instant confirmation email/SMS after payment.

  • No Extra Charges – Online payments through credit/debit card and eCheck are free.

  • Account Management – View bill history, set up autopay, update profile etc. through your account.

  • Time Savings – Avoid queues and delays. Takes less than 2 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries regarding payment of Desoto utility bills:

Q: What are the different fees on my water bill?

A: The bill includes charges for water usage, sewer, garbage collection and drainage service. Any late fees or special charges are listed separately.

Q: How do I check my water usage?

A: Log in to your online account or use the AquaHawk app to monitor daily water consumption. Check for leaks and abnormal use.

Q: What if I am unable to pay my bill on time?

A: Contact the utility billing office before the due date and request an extension or payment plan based on your circumstances.

Q: What are the charges for late payment?

A: A $5 late penalty is added if payment is received after the due date. Service can get disconnected after the grace period.

Q: How can I change my billing address for water bill?

A: Download the ‘Update Contact Info’ form from the city website, fill it out and mail it to the utility billing office.

Q: What do I do if I lose my water bill/payment stub?

A: Call the billing office or log into your online account to get a copy of the bill and make payment.


Desoto Water Utilities Bill Pay

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