How to Pay Your Electricity Bill Online in Hyderabad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paying your monthly electricity bill is essential to keep your power running. For people in Hyderabad, the fastest and easiest way to pay their TSSPDCL electricity bill is to do it online. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process.

Overview of Telangana Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSSPDCL)

TSSPDCL, also known as Southern Discom, is the electricity distribution company that serves several districts in Telangana including Hyderabad. They are responsible for power distribution billing and collecting bill payments from consumers.

As a customer of TSSPDCL, you will receive a monthly electricity bill for your home or business This bill includes charges for units consumed plus fixed charges and taxes You must pay this bill by the due date to avoid late payment fees or disconnection.

TSSPDCL offers multiple payment options including online payment which is the fastest and most efficient method Let’s look at how to pay your TSSPDCL electricity bill online through the official websites

Online Payment Options

To pay your electricity bill online in Hyderabad, you have two main options:

  • TSSPDCL BillDesk Website – This is the official online payment website at www. billdesk. com/pgidsk/pgmerc/tsspdclpgi. You can pay using credit card, debit card, net banking or UPI.

  • TSSPDCL Customer Portal – The customer portal at also allows online payment by registered users. Sign up for an account to access the portal.

Both websites are easy to use with step-by-step payment procedures. I recommend the BillDesk site for quick one-time payments. Use the portal if you want to save your info and view billing history.

Step-by-Step Payment Procedure on BillDesk Website

Follow these simple steps to pay your electricity bill on the TSSPDCL BillDesk website:

  1. Go to

  2. Select your service as “Postpaid Service”

  3. Enter your 11 digit unique service number printed on your bill

  4. Enter your email address

  5. Click on “Make Payment”

  6. Review your bill details like name, address, and amount

  7. Select your preferred payment mode – credit/debit card, net banking, UPI

  8. Enter required payment info and complete the transaction

  9. Save the payment receipt for your records

The payment will be updated instantly on your TSSPDCL account. You will also receive an SMS and email confirmation once the payment is processed.

Creating an Account on the TSSPDCL Customer Portal

To gain full access to the customer portal, you’ll need to first create an online account:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “Register” under the sign in section

  3. Enter details like service number, mobile number, email

  4. Create a username and password

  5. Verify the OTP sent to your mobile number

Once your account is registered, you can log in to the portal anytime to pay bills, view history, update details, and track complaints.

Payment Procedure Using the Customer Portal

Follow these steps to pay your electricity bill using the TSSPDCL customer portal:

  1. Login to the portal using your username and password

  2. Go to Online Payment > Bill Pay

  3. Choose your payment mode – credit/debit card, net banking, UPI

  4. Enter the required payment information

  5. Confirm your bill details and amount

  6. Complete the payment

  7. Save the receipt as your payment confirmation

Paying through the portal is quick and easy after registration. Your consumer number, address, and other details are auto-filled each time.

Key Details About Your Electricity Bill

To manage your electricity bills properly, here are some key details to understand:

  • Bill issue date – Bills are issued on a monthly basis on different dates for different areas. Check your bill issue date.

  • Due date – Payment must be made within 15 days of the bill issue date to avoid late fees. The due date is printed on the bill.

  • Service number – This 11 digit number uniquely identifies your electricity connection. Use it to pay bills and check status.

  • Units consumed – Your bill calculates charges based on the number of units your household consumed that month. Check for sudden spikes.

  • Fixed charges – In addition to unit charges, your bill includes fixed monthly charges for things like meter rentals, service line rentals, etc.

  • Surcharges – Additional charges like electricity duty, regulatory surcharge, time of day charges, etc. are added as applicable.

  • Late payment fines – If paid after due date, a late fee of ₹30 plus 18% interest is levied on bills above ₹50. Avoid this!

Monitoring these details each month can help you stay on top of your electricity payments.

Troubleshooting Billing and Payment Issues

If you face any problems with electricity bill payment in Hyderabad, here is how to troubleshoot:

  • Bill not generated – Billing cycles sometimes get delayed. Contact TSSPDCL to get an update.

  • Incorrect bill details – Immediately inform TSSPDCL if there are errors in your bill like wrong name, address, charges etc.

  • Payment not updating – If your paid amount is not reflecting as updated on the bill, wait 2-3 days as it can take time to sync or get a refund.

  • Portal login issues – Contact the portal support if you have problems with registration, password reset, login errors, etc.

  • Payment failed – Payment may fail due to incorrect details entered or bank issues. Try again or use an alternate mode.

  • Auto-debit failure – If your registered auto-debit fails, immediately pay manually to avoid penalties. Update your bank details.

Resolve any electricity bill payment issues promptly by contacting TSSPDCL customer support. This will prevent unnecessary penalties or actions.

Options If Unable to Pay Bill

If you are unable to pay your electricity bill in full by the due date due to financial problems, TSSPDCL offers some options:

  • Bill Deferment – One time flexibility to defer payment by 7 days without late fees. Submit application before due date.

  • Installment Scheme – Eligible consumers can pay the bill in up to 4 installments along with applicable interest.

  • Advance Payment – Make part payments in advance to reduce large dues into smaller amounts per bill.

  • Waiver of Late Payment Charges – Late fees can be waived for senior citizens, physically challenged, etc. on submitting application.

  • E-Seva Centers – Pay in cash at E-Seva centers if online payment is not possible. Locate your nearest center.

Explore these options offered by TSSPDCL to manage your electricity payments during financial hardship or emergencies.

Hyderabad Electricity Bill Pay Online

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How To Check TSSPDCL Bill

Follow these steps to check your TSSPDCL bill online: 1. Visit TSSPDCL’s official website 2. Browse through the vertical menu on the left side of the website 3. Go to ‘Online Service’ 4. Click on ‘Bill Enquiry LT’ 5. Enter your Unique Service Number and click on ‘Submit’ to check your TSSPDCL bill

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