Jean Coutu Hours: Opening and Closing Times at Your Local Pharmacy

With over 400 locations across Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick, Jean Coutu is one of the largest drugstore chains in Canada. Knowing the hours of your neighborhood Jean Coutu can help you plan visits to pick up prescriptions, shop for health and beauty items, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide an overview of Jean Coutu hours, including:

  • Standard opening and closing times
  • Variations by location
  • Pharmacy hours
  • 24 hour pharmacy locations
  • Holiday hours

We’ll also explain how to check the hours for your specific Jean Coutu store using the store locator.

Typical Jean Coutu Hours

Most Jean Coutu stores open early in the morning and close late at night to provide convenient access for customers. Here are the standard store hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 8AM–10PM
  • Saturday: 9AM–9PM
  • Sunday: 10AM–9PM

So you can generally visit a Jean Coutu daily from early morning through late evening. Many locations also open an hour earlier Monday-Saturday for seniors and at-risk customers.

However, hours may vary by location. We’ll go over the differences next.

Store Hours Vary by Location

Some Jean Coutu stores have different opening and closing times depending on factors like:

  • Location (urban vs suburban areas)
  • Store size and services offered
  • Customer demand and traffic patterns

For example, smaller pharmacies may close earlier in the evenings while 24 hour stores remain open all day. Urban stores also tend to operate longer hours compared to suburban locations.

To find your nearest Jean Coutu’s hours, check the store locator on their website.

Jean Coutu Pharmacy Hours

While Jean Coutu stores operate daily from early morning to late evening, the pharmacy department within each location may keep different hours.

Here are the standard pharmacy hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 9AM–9PM
  • Saturday: 9AM–6PM
  • Sunday: 10AM–5PM

However, pharmacy hours can vary by location. Some stores offer 24 hour pharmacy service while others have more limited hours.

Be sure to check the pharmacy hours for your specific Jean Coutu if you need to visit during opening times to pick up prescriptions.

24 Hour Jean Coutu Pharmacies

Select Jean Coutu locations offer 24 hour pharmacy service so you can fill prescriptions anytime. Examples of 24 hour pharmacies include:

  • Jean Coutu at 700 Jarry Street East, Montreal

  • Jean Coutu at 5555 Upper Lachine Road, Montreal

If you need medication after hours or late at night, search for 24 hour Jean Coutu pharmacies near you using the store locator.

Jean Coutu Holiday Hours

Jean Coutu stores typically remain open on holidays, but may operate on a reduced schedule. Pharmacy hours in particular may be shortened on holidays.

Here are the standard Jean Coutu holiday hours:

  • Christmas Eve: Close at 6PM
  • Christmas Day: Open 12PM–5PM
  • Boxing Day: Open 10AM, regular closing time
  • New Year’s Eve: Close at 6PM
  • New Year’s Day: Open 12PM–5PM
  • January 2nd: Regular hours resume

Hours can vary by location, so check your specific store’s holiday schedule. Jean Coutu also recommends calling ahead to confirm holiday hours.

How to Find Jean Coutu Hours

To look up opening and closing times for a specific Jean Coutu store:

  • Go to and click “Find a store” to search by city or postal code. Store listings include hours.

  • Download the Jean Coutu mobile app, allow location access, and view hours for nearby pharmacies.

  • Search Google for “Jean Coutu hours [location]” and click the map result to see hours.

  • Call your local pharmacy and select the pharmacy option to hear recorded hours.

Checking online or in the app provides the most accurate hours. You can also call ahead to verify holiday schedules and pharmacy-specific hours.

Tips for Visiting Jean Coutu

Follow these tips for a smooth experience when visiting Jean Coutu:

  • Confirm store and pharmacy hours to avoid arriving during closed times.

  • Allow extra time around openings, closings, and lunch breaks to miss the rush.

  • Sign up for the free Jean Coutu Health Record for prescription reminders, refill requests, and health tips.

  • Download the app to access your Health Record, check flyers, and more on the go.

  • Ask the pharmacist about flavoring options for kid-friendly medication tastes.

Convenience of 24 Hour Jean Coutu Pharmacies

Having select Jean Coutu pharmacies open 24/7 provides convenience for customers who need medication filled urgently or on off-hours.

Even if your neighborhood pharmacy has limited hours, you can search for a nearby 24 hour Jean Coutu to visit when your local store is closed. Just be sure to verify pharmacy hours ahead of visits.

So next time you require a prescription filled late at night or early in the morning, check for a 24 hour Jean Coutu pharmacy to assist you any time of day.

Finding a 24 Hour Jean Coutu Near You

Here are some tips to locate a 24 hour Jean Coutu pharmacy in your area:

  • Use the store locator at and filter by 24 hour locations.

  • Search “24 hour Jean Coutu near me” on Google Maps to view locations open now.

  • Download the Jean Coutu app and toggle “Open 24 hours” under store filters.

  • Call 1-866-COUTU-GO for assistance finding a pharmacy open 24/7 near you.

Knowing which Jean Coutu stores offer 24 hour pharmacy access makes it easy to get prescriptions filled on your schedule. So visit during their convenient extended hours whenever your medication needs arise.


How many Jean Coutu are there?

It has more than 400 franchised locations in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec under the PJC Jean Coutu, PJC Clinique, and PJC Santé banners. The company was once the third largest distributor and retailer of pharmaceuticals and related products in North America, with nearly 2,200 drug stores.

What is the return policy for Jean Coutu?

Return and Warranty If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase on, contact our Customer Service by email at any time to [email protected] within 30 days of the delivery of your product.

What does Jean Coutu do?

The Jean Coutu Group, a subsidiary of METRO Inc., oversees METRO’s pharmaceutical operations and provides franchise stores with a range of professional and technical support services, as well as supply, warehousing and delivery of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products and consumer goods.

How many Jean Coutu are in New Brunswick?

Province / Territory
Number of pharmacies
385 (91%)
New Brunswick
28 (7%)
9 (2%)

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