How to Call Kaiser Permanente to Pay Your Bill

As a Kaiser Permanente member, you have several options when it comes time to pay your monthly medical bills While you can easily pay online through your account portal, sometimes it’s most convenient to just pick up the phone and take care of it Kaiser Permanente makes this easy by providing a dedicated bill pay phone number you can call to make a payment.

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about using Kaiser’s bill pay phone number to pay your medical bills quickly and easily. I’ll share the number to call, best times to call, what information to have ready, payment methods accepted, tips for a great experience, and more. After reading this, you’ll be an expert on paying your Kaiser Permanente bills by phone!

Kaiser Permanente’s Bill Pay Phone Number

The phone number to call to pay a Kaiser Permanente medical bill is 1-800-442-4014.

This toll-free number will connect you directly with Kaiser’s automated payment system. It works for both individual accounts and family plans.

I recommend saving this number in your cell phone to make it easy to access each month when it’s time to pay your latest bill. You can even set a monthly reminder to call and pay your bill on a certain date each month!

Best Time to Call to Pay Kaiser Bill

Kaiser Permanente’s automated bill pay system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, if you need to speak with a live agent, the best times to call are:

  • Weekdays: 4 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturdays: 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Sundays & Holidays: Closed

During weekdays from 4-5pm, you’ll be connected with a knowledgeable billing specialist who can assist you with any payment questions.

I’d recommend calling during the late morning or early afternoon on a weekday when hold times tend to be shorter. Unless it’s urgent, avoid calling at 4pm when everyone is rushing to pay bills before the end of the day.

Information to Have Ready Before Calling

To save time and make your call as efficient as possible, take a moment to gather some key information before dialing the Kaiser bill pay number:

  • Your member ID number – This uniquely identifies your account

  • Recent bill amount – The total amount due on your latest bill

  • Payment method – Credit card, bank account, etc.

  • Billing address – Make sure it’s up-to-date in your account

With your member ID, bill amount, payment info, and current address lined up, you’ll breeze right through those automated prompts!

Payment Methods Accepted

When paying your Kaiser Permanente bill by phone, you have several payment method options available:

  • Debit or credit card

  • Electronic bank transfer (use account and routing number)

  • Mailed check or money order

  • Kaiser Permanente gift cards

The automated system can process card payments and bank account transfers. Or, if mailing a check, you can make the payment immediately over the phone and then mail the check to the Kaiser payment center.

Tips for a Smooth Payment Experience

Here are some additional tips to make your phone payment process fast, easy, and hassle-free:

  • Call during weekday business hours to speak with an agent if needed.

  • Have your member ID ready – it’s required to access your account.

  • Use speakerphone or headset so you can easily navigate menus.

  • Say “representative” or “agent” if you need to speak with someone.

  • Repeat confirmation numbers back to confirm payment went through.

  • Stay polite on the phone! Remember there’s a real person on the other end.

Following best practices like these will ensure your bill gets paid on time, every time.

Other Ways to Pay Your Kaiser Bill

In addition to the dedicated phone number, Kaiser Permanente provides several other convenient ways to pay your medical bills:

  • Online Account – Pay by card, bank transfer, AutoPay, and more.

  • Mobile App – Download the app and pay bills right from your phone.

  • Mail – Send checks or money orders to Kaiser’s payment center.

  • In person – Visit your local Kaiser center to pay with cash or check.

So if you prefer not to call, you have several other options! But the phone payment line is especially quick and easy when you just want to pay your bill without hassle.

Call 1-800-442-4014 to Easily Pay Your Bill

As you can see, Kaiser Permanente makes it incredibly simple to pick up the phone and take care of your medical bills. By calling 1-800-442-4014 anytime 24/7, you can pay in just minutes using the automated system.

Follow the tips provided in this article for the smoothest phone payment experience with Kaiser Permanente. Set a monthly reminder to call and pay your bill, have your info ready, and enjoy the convenience of fast and easy phone payments!

Kp Bill Pay Phone Number

Member payments and billing

Sign in to view your medical bills, make payments, or set up a payment plan.

Note: If you arent the primary account holder, use the guest payment option.

Make a premium payment

Select the appropriate coverage type below to make a premium bill payment.

(For members who have a Kaiser Permanente Individual and Family Plan purchased through a health benefit exchange like

(For members who have an Individual and Family Plan purchased directly from Kaiser Permanente and not through a health benefit exchange.)

(For members with employer-sponsored health care coverage for a limited time through a COBRA plan.)

(For members with federal health care coverage through Medicare.)

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Where can I pay my Kaiser Premium online?

There are three ways to pay your premium bill. For members in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Georgia, Oregon, and Southwest Washington: Go to . For members in Maryland and Virginia: Go to .

What is the phone number for Kaiser Permanente billing in Colorado?

If you have a question or concern about the information in this section, please call 1-888- 681-7878 or 303-338-3600.

What is the grace period for Kaiser Permanente payments?

If a member doesn’t pay by the due date, the following delinquency grace periods apply: One month for members who don’t receive financial help (Affordable Care Act advance premium tax credits or Washington Cascade Care Savings) Three months for members and clients who receive financial help.

How to set up automatic payments on Kaiser Permanente?

To register for autopay, members can create an account at and set up recurring payments.

How do I pay my Kaiser Permanente bill online?

1. Pay online using our one-time payment option or use our mobile app 2. 3. Pay via your bank’s online bill pay service 4. Pay by phone with credit card Kaiser Permanente is here to help. If you are experiencing financial hardship at this time you may be eligible for additional assistance.

How do I pay my premium Bill?

If you’re already signed in to your Premium Bill Pay account, select “Pay Bill” from the menu to make a one-time payment. If you don’t have an account, you can select “Pay without registering” from the Premium Bill Pay Login page. From there, enter your Billing Unit ID and zip code.

How do I pay a medical bill online?

To pay a bill, first select the region of the member for whom you’re making a payment. Learn about online bill pay options or explore financial aid and social health programs that can help you manage your medical and pharmacy bills. Make a one-time medical payment on behalf of a member.

Where can I find information about billing & payment?

There are free consumer advocacy organizations that will help you understand the billing and payment process. For more information, call the Health Consumer Alliance at 1-888-804-3536 (TTY 711) or go to We are here to support you however we can.

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