How to Pay Your National Grid Bill by Phone

When it’s time to pay your monthly National Grid bill, you have several options. While online payments are quick and easy, some customers may prefer to pay over the phone. Calling in gives you the chance to speak with a representative and get assistance if needed.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using the National Grid phone number for bill pay.

Benefits of Paying Your National Grid Bill by Phone

Here are some of the advantages of paying your electric or gas bill by calling National Grid:

  • Speak with a live agent – Get immediate help if you have bill questions.

  • Payment confirmation – The rep will confirm your payment before you hang up.

  • Avoid online hassles – Pay easily even if you struggle with technology

  • Discuss payment plans – Ask about options if you can’t pay in full.

  • No late fees – As long as you call by the due date, your payment will post on time.

  • Provide updated info – Give National Grid your new bank account or credit card over the phone.

  • No fees – National Grid does not charge a fee for pay by phone payments.

If you feel more comfortable speaking to a person or need payment assistance, use the National Grid phone number.

How to Pay Your Bill by Phone

Follow these simple steps:

1. Locate Your National Grid Account Number

You’ll need to provide your 10-digit National Grid account number when paying by phone. Find this on your monthly bill or by logging into your online account.

Have your account number handy before you call. This allows for faster payment processing.

2. Call the National Grid Bill Pay Phone Number

The National Grid pay by phone number is:


This automated system is available 24/7. But if you need personal assistance, call during normal business hours.

3. Select the “Make a Payment” Prompt

Listen to the voice prompts and select the option to make a bill payment. This will connect you with a representative.

Let them know you wish to pay your National Grid bill over the phone.

4. Provide Your National Grid Account Information

The agent will ask for your 10-digit account number to pull up your National Grid billing account.

They may also request details like your service address to verify your identity.

5. Choose a Payment Method

You can pay your National Grid bill with a bank account, credit card or debit card. The agent will walk you through providing the payment details.

Have your chosen payment method ready when you call to make the payment process faster.

6. Confirm the Payment Amount

Verify the total payment amount stated by the representative matches what you owe on your National Grid bill.

This ensures you pay the correct amount and avoid late fees.

7. Receive Payment Confirmation

Before hanging up, the agent will provide a confirmation number for your payment. Save this number or write it on your bill as proof of payment.

And just like that, your National Grid bill is paid!

Tips for Paying Your National Grid Bill by Phone

Keep these tips in mind to ensure phone payments go smoothly:

  • Call at least 2-3 business days before your due date in case you need agent assistance.

  • Have your account and payment info ready – don’t make the agent wait!

  • Ask for payment extensions or arrangements if you cannot pay the full amount.

  • Set automated payments as a backup if calling slips your mind.

  • Opt for paperless billing to receive due date reminders.

  • Update your contact information so National Grid can reach you.

  • Review charges on your bill before calling with any questions.

  • Notify National Grid if switching bank accounts/cards to avoid declined payments.

  • Confirm the payment confirmation number and amount before hanging up.

Other Ways to Pay Your National Grid Bill

In addition to phone payments, National Grid offers several other payment options:

  • Online through your National Grid account

  • Automatic bank draft

  • Mail via check or money order

  • In person at an authorized payment location

  • Speedpay online or via the National Grid mobile app

  • Digital Wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Venmo

Choose the most convenient method for you each month. Just make sure to pay by the due date listed to avoid late fees.

Get National Grid Bill Pay Support

If you have any issues paying your National Grid bill over the phone, don’t hesitate to speak to an agent for assistance. They can:

  • Explain charges and services on your monthly bill

  • Take a payment if you don’t have your account number

  • Discuss payment plan options if you can’t pay in full

  • Update your payment information if your card was declined

  • Research any discrepancies with your account balance

  • Connect you with financial assistance resources if needed

National Grid aims to make bill payment as quick and easy as possible. Paying by phone is a simple, fast way to take care of your electric or natural gas bill. Just call the main National Grid number whenever you need payment help!

National Grid Phone Number Bill Pay

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Where can we help you today?

Pay By Bank Account

Use your checking or savings account to make a payment.

You must have an online profile to pay your bill online.

Pay By Credit/Debit Card

Pay your bill with a credit/debit card through Speedpay.

Fees apply, starting at $1.75 for residential customers and $5.95 for business customers.

Schedule automatic payments from your bank account.

National Grid Phone Number Bill Pay

Make a digital payment using

venmo, Pay Pal, GPay, or Apple Pay

Fees may apply ($1.75 residential, $5.95 business).

National Grid: How To Pay Your Bill


What is the National Grid telephone number for upstate New York?

Gas Emergencies
1-800-892-2345 or 911 24-Hour Assistance
Payment Arrangements
1-800-443-1837 Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 8:00pm Saturday, 8:00am – 1:00pm
Credit/Debit Card Payments via Speedpay (ACI Worldwide) Fees Apply

How do I pay my national grid Bill?

Visit a National Grid or authorized payment location. Have your 10 digit account number ready and call: 1-800-322-3223 to pay with bank account. Fees may apply. Make checks payable to National Grid and use the envelope provided with your bill, or mail to: National Grid P.O. Box 371396 Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7396 Use your card:

What are National Grid’s customer service phone numbers?

For , call us immediately at 1-800-233-5325. We are here 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For all other inquiries, please contact us here.

How do I get a national grid account number?

The sign-up process with an ESCO is simple, but you must have already started service with National Grid in order to get a National Grid account number. Once you’ve activated your National Grid account, contact the ESCO provider of choice to start service and have the following information ready:

How do I Activate my National Grid Service?

New service customers can also find National Grid customer service phone numbers, access the National Grid login, see all National Grid bill pay methods available, and connect to the National Grid outage map. Whether National Grid delivers your electricity, gas, or both, the process for activating service is the same.

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