How to Use New York Presbyterian’s Convenient Online Bill Pay System

Handling medical bills can be confusing and stressful Thankfully, New York Presbyterian Hospital makes it easy to view bills and make payments online through their user-friendly bill pay system In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about accessing medical bills and making payments through New York Presbyterian’s online bill pay portal.

Overview of NYP Bill Pay

New York Presbyterian provides multiple options for patients to easily manage and pay their medical bills online Patients can view billing statements, make one-time payments, set up payment plans, estimate costs, and manage insurance coverage all through New York Presbyterian’s secure online portal, called Connect.

Connect allows you to handle all your New York Presbyterian medical bills seamlessly in one place. You can access Connect on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device for convenience. Setting up an account is quick and easy. Read on to learn more about getting started with NYP’s bill pay system.

Benefits of Paying Bills Through Connect

Paying your New York Presbyterian medical bills through Connect offers many benefits:

  • Consolidated billing – View all your statements in one place instead of multiple bills.

  • Payment flexibility – Make one-time payments or set up a recurring payment plan.

  • Mobile access – Manage bills and make payments on-the-go through the mobile app.

  • Payment tracking – Easily track payment history and upcoming payments.

  • Paperless billing – Reduce clutter and go paperless.

  • Cost estimates – Get cost estimates before receiving care.

  • Insurance management – Store insurance details for seamless coverage.

Overall, Connect provides a centralized hub to simplify medical bill management. Patients can save significant time by handling NYP bills digitally through Connect.

Step 1: Accessing Your New York Presbyterian Bills

The first step to paying your NYP medical bills online is accessing your billing statements through Connect. Here’s how to view your bills:

  1. Go to Connect’s website or download the app

  2. Log into your Connect account with your username and password

  3. On the homepage, scroll down and click on “Billing”

  4. Select “Billing Account Summary” to view statements

  5. Open any statement to see details of what you owe

All of your itemized New York Presbyterian medical bills will be available in one place for you to review. You can check here any time to see your current balance.

Step 2: Making One-Time Payments

Once you’ve accessed your billing statements, making one-time payments is simple:

  1. From the Billing Account Summary page, click “Pay Now”

  2. Select the amount you want to pay

  3. Enter your credit/debit card or bank account information

  4. Review payment details and click submit

The payment will instantly process using the entered payment method. You’ll also receive an emailed receipt confirming your payment.

Step 3: Setting Up a Payment Plan

If you need to pay your NYP bill in installments over time, Connect allows you to easily set up customized payment plans.

To set up a plan:

  1. From your statement, click “Set Up Payment Plan”

  2. Select a monthly payment amount

  3. Pick the day of the month for payments

  4. Enter payment method details

  5. Review and submit the payment plan

Your recurring payments will automatically process each month on the selected date. You can track upcoming payments on your statement.

Step 4: Managing Insurance Details

Linking your health insurance information to your Connect account enables seamless coverage when receiving care at New York Presbyterian.

To add insurance:

  1. Click on “Insurance” from the Connect homepage

  2. Select “Add Insurance Plan”

  3. Enter your insurance details such as member ID and group number

  4. Save your insurance plan information

Now your coverage will be accessed at all NYP visits and the bills sent straight to your Connect account. Super convenient!

5 Key Questions about NYP Online Bill Pay

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about using New York Presbyterian’s Connect system for medical bill payment:

What payment methods can I use in Connect?

You can pay NYP bills through Connect using debit/credit cards, HSA/FSA accounts, or bank account details.

Is there an app version of Connect?

Yes! Download the Connect by NYP app for iOS or Android to access bills and make payments on-the-go.

How do I get Connect login credentials?

You can sign up independently or receive login information after an NYP visit. Email [email protected] if help is needed.

Can I receive paperless billing?

Absolutely! Update your Communication Preferences in Connect to go paperless.

How can I get cost estimates before care?

Use Connect’s self-service tool to easily get cost estimates for hundreds of services before your visit.

Conveniently Manage Your NYP Bills Online

As you can see, New York Presbyterian makes managing your medical bills incredibly straightforward through Connect’s user-friendly portal and app. If you have outstanding NYP bills, sign up for Connect today to view your balance, make quick payments, set up payment plans, update insurance details, go paperless, and more. Streamlined medical bill management is just a few clicks away!

New York Presbyterian Bill Pay

Office Visits with Your Doctor or Other Healthcare Provider

We accept most health care insurance plans in the greater New York City area, though participation varies by doctor. To see the plans your doctor accepts, use our search feature to find your doctor by name. Please be sure to directly confirm with your doctors office that your plan is accepted, and ask about payment arrangements if your plan is not accepted.

ColumbiaDoctors offers two ways to pay your bill online. You can view and pay your bills for Columbia, NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP), or Weill Cornell Medicine through our Connect portal. To make a one-time payment, visit our Pay as Guest page.

NewYork-Presbyterian – Welcome Back Safely

How do I pay my NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital bill online?

If you have received a Hospital bill from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and would like to pay online, please visit the payment portal below. For Hospital billing questions, please email Patient Financial Services at [email protected], or find the correct phone number listed by Hospital location here.

How do I pay my bills for Columbia & NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP)?

You can view and pay your bills for Columbia, NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP), or Weill Cornell Medicine through our Connect portal. To make a one-time payment, visit our Pay as Guest page. ColumbiaDoctors provides some medical services in cooperation with NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP), our hospital partner.

Does NewYork-Presbyterian offer financial aid?

NewYork-Presbyterian has a long-standing policy to assist eligible patients who receive health care services at our hospital and are in need of financial aid, regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, socio-economic or immigrant status, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

What services are billed by NYP?

Examples include certain diagnostic tests, procedures, lab tests, and radiology services. You may receive a bill for these services from NYP. For information on the insurance plans accepted by NYP, please click here. Please contact your doctor’s office with any questions about how a service or test will be billed.

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