Conveniently Pay Your Water Bill Online With Oregon City Utilities

Paying your water bill is an essential monthly task for any homeowner or renter Mailing a paper check or paying your water bill in person can be time-consuming and inconvenient, That’s why online bill pay has become so popular – it allows customers to quickly and easily pay their water bill from home in just minutes

The City of Oregon, Ohio lets people and businesses pay their water bills quickly and easily online. This complete guide will tell you why paying your Oregon City water bill online is a good idea, show you how to do it step-by-step, and give you tips for a smooth payment experience.

Why Pay Your Water Bill Online?

Here are the biggest benefits of paying your Oregon City water bill online instead of by mail. in person or other outdated methods

  • It’s fast and convenient – pay in just a few clicks in minutes anytime, anywhere that’s convenient for you
  • Avoid late fees – online payments post immediately, so you avoid late fees from delayed mail
  • Save money – online payments avoid the cost of stamps, checks, gas for driving to the city offices
  • Access payment history – view previous statements and payment history all in your online account
  • Auto-pay options – set up recurring automatic monthly payments from your bank account
  • More secure – online payments are more secure than mailing paper checks
  • Get email reminders – receive email reminders when your bill is ready and due
  • Environmentally friendly – paperless billing reduces waste and carbon emissions
  • Easy to budget – log in anytime to view your account balance

As you can see, paying your Oregon City water bill online provides convenience and security. There’s really no reason to use outdated payment methods when online bill pay is so easy and accessible.

Step-By-Step Guide to Paying Your Water Bill Online

The City of Oregon offers online water bill payment through their SmartBill portal. Here is a simple step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Go to the Oregon City Water Billing page
  2. Click the blue “Sign Up” button under the SmartBill section
  3. Enter your 10-digit account number and 4-digit pin number from your water bill
  4. Click “Validate Account” to proceed to account creation
  5. Fill in your contact information and create secure login credentials
  6. Review the terms and check the box to agree to paperless statements
  7. Click “Link Account” to finish activating your SmartBill account

Once your account is created you can log in anytime to

  • View your water usage and current account balance
  • Make one-time payments by credit/debit card or e-check
  • Set up automatic recurring payments from your bank account
  • Access PDF copies of your monthly water bills
  • Update your contact information
  • View payment history and billing statements

The simple online registration takes just a few minutes. After that, you can log in and quickly pay your water bill whenever it’s convenient for you.

Tips for Paying Your Water Bill Online

Follow these tips for smooth online water bill payment with the City of Oregon:

  • Save your login credentials in a secure password manager
  • Sign up for paperless billing to get email reminders
  • Review statements closely for any utility notices
  • Pay a few days before the due date to avoid late fees
  • Contact Oregon City Utility Billing office if you have login issues
  • Keep your contact info like email up-to-date in your SmartBill account
  • Set up autopay if you want payments directly from your bank account
  • Download statements for your records before they expire

Paying online through SmartBill is very quick and easy. But it’s always a good idea to keep your account safe, get reminders, and keep copies of your statements.

Can I Pay In Person or By Phone?

While online payments are preferred for speed and convenience, the City of Oregon does offer other payment options if needed:

  • In person at the Municipal Complex office at 5330 Seaman Rd during business hours
  • By phone call 419-698-7039 to pay over the phone with a utility billing clerk
  • Drop box a secure drop box is located outside the Municipal Complex for check/money order payments

However, these options take more time and require finding time during business hours or making a trip to the city buildings. The online SmartBill system allows payments anytime from anywhere in just minutes. But the in-person and phone payment options are there if needed as alternatives.

Don’t Get Hit With Late Fees – Pay Online!

Trying to remember when your water bill is due each month only to scramble to pay it on time or face late fees is never fun. Avoid all that panic by signing up for online bill pay with the City of Oregon today.

Paying online is the best way to securely pay your water bill in just minutes on your schedule. It saves time and money while avoiding headaches from running to the post office or city building. Sign up through SmartBill and conveniently check paying your water bill off your to-do list each month! Ditch the paper checks and pay your Oregon City water bill online now for maximum convenience.

Oregon City Water Bill Pay

Utility Billing

Email: Utility Customer Service

The Utility Customer Service Team is a division of the Finance Department.

The Utility Customer Service team handles the billing, payment services, and maintenance of nearly 11,750 customer accounts. Monthly billing statements are mailed on the last business day of the month and are due the 20th of the following month. If the 20th falls on a weekend the bill is due the following business day.

If you would like to log onto your online account or sign-up for paperless billing please log on to Online-Billpay

Clackamas River Water is an alternate water provider for customers just outside the City limits of Oregon City. Visit the Regional Water Providers Consortium website to find out who services your home.

  • Finance

    Physical Address 625 Center St Oregon City, OR 97045 625 Center St Oregon City OR 97045 Directions Phone: 503-657-0891 Fax: 503-657-3339


    Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Directory

  • Utility Billing

    Email Utility Billing Phone: 503-657-8151 Phone Payments: Option 1 Directory

How to Setup Autopay for your Water Bill with Paymentus


What is the phone number for Oregon City garbage bill pay?

If your bill is late, please call our office at (503) 656-8403, or email us at [email protected], to make arrangements for payment.

How much does water cost per month in Oregon?

The typical single-family residential customer uses 5 ccf per month. The monthly charges for the water portion of the combined utility bill is $56.22. With the volume rate of $7.006 per ccf, 1.1 gallons cost a penny.

How much does water cost per month in Texas?

Water is a precious resource, and its conservation is encouraged across Texas. Water bills encompass both water consumption and sewage treatment charges. The cost of water can vary depending on your location within the state. On average, Texans pay approximately $40 to $60 per month for water and sewer services.

What is the average water bill in NYC?

The sewer rate is set at 159% of the water charges. As of July 1, 2023, water costs $4.49 per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons) and the combined cost of water and sewer is $11.63 per 100 cubic feet. The minimum water and sewer charge per metered household remains at $1.27 per day.

How do I pay a water bill in Oregon?

A bill for service of water and sewer consumed for that period shall be mailed to the account holder on the first of the following month after the meter readings are obtained. Bills may be paid in person at the office, through the Internet, by Telephone or mailed to: City of Oregon, Division of Water, 5330 Seaman Road, Oregon, OH 43616-2633.

How do I pay a bill in Florence Oregon?

Other Payment Options: Check by mail or in person at City Hall, located at 250 Hwy 101, Florence, Oregon 97439 Credit card by phone 833-896-9592 (please have your account and credit/debit card information ready). ***Effective August 1, 2014, we will no longer accept credit card payments by mail.

Does Oregon offer direct payment?

The City of Oregon, Division of Water and Wastewater Treatment, Utility Accounts now offers our customers direct payment. Direct payments are the automatic withdrawal of the Water/Wastewater bill payment from your checking or savings account. There are no checks to write or envelopes to address and mail.

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