How to Pay Your Sheridan Radiology Services Bill Online or In-Person

Needing medical imaging services like X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs is often an unexpected situation Once you receive care from Sheridan Radiology Services, you want an easy way to pay your bill Sheridan offers several options to check your account balance and make payments digitally or in-person based on your preferences.

Why Did I Receive a Separate Bill From Sheridan Radiology?

If you had testing like an ultrasound mammogram or other imaging at a hospital or clinic, you’ll likely get a bill from both the facility and Sheridan Radiology. This is because radiology physician services are billed separately from the facility fees.

The radiologists who read and interpret your images work for private practices like Sheridan Radiology Services. We provide staffing for imaging departments but are a separate entity from the hospital/clinic.

Both bills are legitimate for services rendered. Your health insurance carrier will make determinations about how much of each bill is covered based on your plan benefits.

What Payment Options Does Sheridan Radiology Services Offer?

For your convenience, Sheridan Radiology Services offers several ways to check your balance and submit payments:

Pay Online

  • Payment portal available 24/7 at
  • Secure login to access your Sheridan Radiology account
  • Pay by credit/debit card or electronic bank transfer
  • Create an account to view billing statements and payment history

Pay by Phone

  • Call 866-881-4351 to speak with a representative
  • Available 8am-7pm on weekdays, except major holidays
  • Make automated payments or talk to an agent
  • Pay with all major credit/debit cards

Pay by Mail

  • Send check or money order to payment address printed on statement
  • Include your account number on the check
  • Allow 7-10 business days for mail delivery

Pay In-Person

  • Take your bill to any Wells Fargo location
  • Tell the clerk you want to make an ExpressPayment to Sheridan Radiology Services
  • Pay with cash, check, or credit/debit card

What Information is Needed to Pay My Sheridan Radiology Services Bill?

Have these items ready when you are ready to pay your Sheridan Radiology Services bill to ensure quick processing:

  • Account number – Listed at the top of your statement. This links the payment to your account.

  • Date of service – The date you had your x-ray, MRI, etc. This helps the agent locate your account.

  • Full payment amount – Payment portal shows exact balance due. Good to confirm when paying by other methods.

  • Credit/debit card – For phone or online payments. Make sure card is not expired or near expiration.

  • Bank account details – To pay directly from checking or savings account.

  • Billing address – Used to verify identity. Must match billing address on file.

Providing accurate account and payment information results in faster payment processing without issues.

What are the Payment Deadlines for My Sheridan Radiology Bill?

Payment for your Sheridan Radiology Services bill is due upon receipt of the initial statement. However, you typically have a 30-day grace period before late fees apply.

To avoid late charges or collections actions, pay your balance due as soon as possible. If you cannot pay in full immediately, call Sheridan’s billing department to set up a payment plan.

Does Sheridan Radiology Offer Payment Plans?

If the balance due on your Sheridan Radiology Services statement is more than you can pay at once, you can request a payment plan.

Payment plans allow you to make smaller payments over 3-6 months typically. This splits your balance into more manageable installments.

To set up a payment plan:

  • Call 866-881-4351 to speak with a billing agent
  • Explain your financial situation and budget
  • The agent will review payment plan options for your account
  • An agreement will be created if you qualify based on eligibility

As long as you make the agreed upon payments on time each month, your account remains in good standing.

What if I’m Having Trouble Paying My Sheridan Radiology Bill?

We understand financial challenges can make it hard to pay your Sheridan Radiology Services bill, especially if you are uninsured or underinsured. If you cannot afford your bill, call the billing department right away to discuss your options:

  • Payment plans – Spread balance over several smaller payments over time.

  • Discounts – If you are uninsured, you may qualify for a discount.

  • Charity care assistance – Based on financial need, we offer financial assistance and fee waivers.

  • Government programs – Counselors can help you apply for Medicaid, disability benefits, and more if eligible.

The sooner you call, the more options we have to help avoid further collection actions. Let us know your situation so we can work on a solution together.

Can I Pay My Family Member’s Sheridan Radiology Bill?

Yes, you can pay a bill on behalf of your spouse, child, parent, or other family member. The quickest way is to call the billing department at 866-881-4351.

You will need to provide:

  • Patient’s full name and date of birth
  • Service location and date of service
  • Your relationship to the patient
  • Payment information

Once identity and relationship are verified, we can process payment on the account.

How Can I Get an Itemized Sheridan Radiology Bill?

You have a right to request an itemized statement for your Sheridan Radiology Services charges. To get an itemized bill:

  • Call billing at 866-881-4351 or submit an online request form
  • Provide the patient name, service date, and account number
  • Confirm mailing address for where the itemized statement should be sent

An itemized bill breaks down each individual charge line by line. This helps you understand what you are being billed for.

Allow 5-7 business days to receive your itemized Sheridan Radiology statement in the mail. Let us know if you have any other questions about the charges once you review it.

What is Sheridan Radiology’s Billing Dispute Process?

If you believe your Sheridan Radiology Services bill contains an error or incorrect charge, you can dispute the bill. Common billing disputes include:

  • Being billed for services you did not receive
  • Charges for a canceled appointment
  • Errors in date, amount, or billing information
  • Duplicated charges

To dispute a potentially inaccurate charge:

  • Call 866-881-4351 as soon as possible
  • Explain the discrepancy you found on your statement
  • Provide supporting documentation if available
  • A billing specialist will investigate the disputed charge

If the charge is found to be incorrect, your account will be updated and corrected right away. This billing dispute process is in place to ensure your statements reflect only services rendered and amounts owed accurately.

Does Sheridan Radiology Offer Electronic Billing Statements?

Sheridan Radiology Services provides the option to receive billing statements electronically rather than through the mail.

To go paperless:

  • Create an account on the online billing portal
  • Under “My Profile”, select the “Paperless Billing” option
  • Click “Go Paperless” to opt in
  • Verify your email address is correct

You will receive an email notification each month when your eStatement is ready to view. Logging into your account allows you to view, download, or print your Sheridan Radiology billing statement.

Going paperless allows instant access to statements and saves on postage. You can switch back to paper statements at any time through the billing portal.

Paying your medical bills on time is important, even when balancing multiple statements from different providers. Sheridan Radiology Services offers convenient online, phone, mail, and in-person payment options to suit your needs and budget. Reach out any time with questions or concerns regarding your Sheridan Radiology statement.

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