A Guide to Paying Your Trumbull County Water and Sewer Bill

If you live in Trumbull County, you need to know how to pay your water and sewer bill to the office of the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer. This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to pay your Trumbull County water and sewer bill, including your payment options, due dates, late fees, and other important information.

Overview of Trumbull County Water and Sewer Bills

  • The Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer is in charge of providing water and sewer services to businesses and residents.

  • Bills are sent out monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly depending on your district.

  • Payment is due by the due date printed on your paper bill or in your online account

  • Late fees apply if payment is received after the due date.

  • Pay online by mail phone, auto-pay or in person at the office.

  • Your account number, found on your bill, is needed to pay.

Understanding Your Trumbull County Water and Sewer Bill

Your Trumbull County water and sewer bill provides important details like your account number, balance due, due date and mailing address for payments.

Reviewing your bill helps ensure you have all the info needed to pay on time and avoid any late fees,

Key bill sections include:

  • Account Information – Account number, account name, service address

  • Previous Balance – Any balance carried over from your last bill

  • Payments Applied – Payment amounts received and applied since the last bill

  • Current Charges – Your actual water and sewer usage charges for the current billing period

  • Total Amount Due – Total payment due including any past due balance

  • Due Date – Date full payment must be received by

  • Late Fee Info – Late payment fees if not paid by due date

Having all this bill information handy makes it easier to get your Trumbull County water and sewer bill paid accurately and on time.

Payment Options for Trumbull County Water and Sewer Bills

Trumbull County provides several convenient payment options including:

  • Online – Pay on the biller direct website or using doxo. A service fee applies.

  • Phone – Call 330-675-2475 to pay by phone. Fees may apply.

  • Mail – Send check or money order to address on bill. Allow mailing time.

  • Auto Pay – Set up recurring bank account withdrawals. No fee.

  • In Person – Pay at office or night drop box. Accepts cash, check, credit/debit.

  • Mobile App – Pay via the doxo app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Having flexible options makes it easy to pay your bill on time, even when you’re on the go.

When Trumbull County Water and Sewer Bills Are Due

Trumbull County water and sewer bills have set due dates depending on your billing cycle:

  • Monthly billing cycles are due by the 10th of each month

  • Bi-monthly billing cycles are due by the 15th of every other month

  • Quarterly billing cycles are due by the 20th of every third month

Your specific due date will be printed on your paper bill and listed in your online account.

Mark your calendar with the due date as soon as you receive your bill to help remember to pay on time.

Late payment fees apply if received after the due date so pay by the due date to avoid extra charges.

Options to Avoid Late Fees on Your Trumbull County Water and Sewer Bill

If you want to avoid getting hit with late fees on your Trumbull County water and sewer bill, here are some tips:

  • Mark your due date on a calendar with an alarm reminder

  • Enroll in auto-pay withdrawals from your bank account

  • Pay immediately when you receive the bill

  • Setup reminders in your online account wallet

  • Download the doxo app for due date notifications

  • Sign up for email or text alerts before the due date

Paying by the due date takes just a little planning. But it saves you money by avoiding costly late payment fees.

What to Do If You Cannot Pay Your Trumbull County Water and Sewer Bill

If you are struggling to pay your Trumbull County water and sewer bill, don’t panic. You have options, including:

  • Call the billing office to discuss payment plan options

  • See if you qualify for utility financial assistance programs

  • Request a payment extension before the due date

  • Setup a payment arrangement to pay increments over time

  • Apply for low-income discounts on your bill

The billing office staff understand hardships happen and will work with you on ways to eventually get your balance paid while keeping your water and sewer service active.

Confirm Your Trumbull County Water and Sewer Payment Posted Correctly

After submitting payment, always verify it was received and posted to your account accurately without issues.

You can confirm your payment posted correctly by:

  • Logging into your online account to view payment history

  • Calling the billing office and speaking with a representative

  • Reviewing your next bill to ensure proper credit

  • Enabling payment notifications in your doxo wallet

It only takes a minute to validate your payment but ensures no disruptions to your water and sewer service.

Trumbull County Water And Sewer Bill Pay

Short Term Announcements & Notifications

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) has made a requirement for all Public Water Providers to create and maintain a detailed inventory of Water Service Line material for every service address within each district. The Trumbull County Water Department has made a survey to expedite this process, which can be found by clicking HERE or by scanning the QR code below with your smartphone camera. The only information that will be shared with the OEPA will be the Water Service Line material. Other information taken on the survey will be used for filing purposes, and are not to be shared anywhere. We thank you greatly for your cooperation and help with expediting the entire process of managing this inventory.

Trumbull Co. water, sewer customers seeing increase in bills

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